A world of magic and technology at war until mutually assured destruction forced an uneasy peace.
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 Sisterly Chat (Canon ICC)

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PostSubject: Sisterly Chat (Canon ICC)   Fri May 25, 2012 4:05 am

Niara, a name very few knew her by, was waiting in the park. It was bloody hot, a Terra forsaken summer day. Blue was dressed in some jeans with rips, tears, and stains on them. A zippered vest with tons of pockets that was blue with silver zippers. She had come straight from work and it showed in her outfit, plus she had not been about to call her sister to ask her what she should wear to meet with her sister. That seemed stupid. So Blue sat on the bench, at the meeting place waiting for Neona to arrive. There was a lot to say, and she wanted her sister to know before she told her mother.. which would be.. interesting to say the least. Blue sipped a cold coke from a clear plastic bottle and looked over at a figure approaching in the distance. Always looking nice, her sister, Blue rose and gave a manish nod towards her sister as she waited for her sister to make it to where she waited.

Neona Tiran seemed to float compared to her sister. The weather and changing temperatures never really affected her since she was bitten, and it showed in the wispy gold sun dress she wore. Shimmering gold flats adorned her feet, with tiny deep blue bows on the front. Her dress had matching bows at her shoulders and a deep blue ribbon around her waist. Her golden curls fell around her shoulders, bouncing with her every step. Upon reaching her sister, she wrapped her lithe arms around her Niara and pulled her into a hug. "It's so good to see you Niara."

Niara smiled and she hugged her sister back. Things had been tense, since Neona had run away when Nathan was killed in the war. When Neona came back they had both changed, and Blue had become much more reclusive than she had been in her younger years. Blue gave her sister a squeeze and then pulled back, things were on the mend. Slowly, at least on Blue's part as.. she was stubborn and still remembered the raw wounds of her sister's betrayal and her parents' as well. "So then, how are you today, Neona, looking great as always. You remind me of the day to my night somehow." she teased her sister as she stepped back and turned so they could walk side by side.

Neona Tiran was ever so glad that the giant canyon between them was finally starting to close. Linking her arm through her sister's, she turned with her to walk at her side. Her large blue bag hanging off her other arm. "I always did think you looked so adorable with grease on your face Sister." Neona giggled softly, reaching up to smudge the spot of Niara's nose. "How about some catching up, what have you been up to while I've been gone?"

Blue Tiran blushed, she couldn't help it. She wasn't good with personal feelings, and she wasn't very good at being happy go lucky. Except with Sol, but then that was a different kind of happiness and one that she had never known before him. Neona brushed at grease on her pale face and Blue turned away so her blushed cheeks wouldn't catch too much attention. They started to walk arm and arm as her sister asked her a question to get the ball rolling. Blue blushed a bit and chewed on her lower lip.. for a moment and then blurted out... "I went on a date." there it was out. Quickly too, ripping the band-aid off quickly and all that.

Neona Tiran arched a brow and tilted her head slightly to the side so Niara could see her face. "You went on a date? How long did it take you to make him?" Neona gave her sister a teasing smile and softly elbowed her in the ribs. "But seriously now, tell me about him." Well, wouldn't their mother just be so excited to hear that both of her girls met nice boys...Neona silently wondered just what Niara's type would be.

"Hey! Even I'm not that desperate!" but maybe she was, or would have been at some point if she had not met Sol. But she had, after he had broken into her place and tried to steal something she had worked so hard to make. "Well.. his name is Sol. Short for Solomon, and umm, he's great .. actually. We kind of met awkwardly, but then he came back another day with dinner, and then we went to the ley line races for a few days. I even took off work. And we went, and.. he's a gentleman for the most part, but.. he makes me smile and.. I don't know.. he's rugged, tough, definitely handsome and.. pretty great." Blue shrugged she wasn't sure what else to say and still leave out the fact that he was a criminal.

Neona Tiran could tell that Blue was hiding something about this date of hers, though it sounded like far more then a date. She could also tell that Blue really liked the guy, who sounded strangely familiar to a man Neona herself had met a few weeks ago. Neona rarely believed in coincidence but for now, left well enough alone. Her sister was happy, and was more then capable of taking care of herself. "It sounds like you had a fantastic time."

Blue couldn't help but flash her sister a genuine smile because it had been truly amazing. "You know, I have had a good time. What about you? You're traveling an awful lot these days, is there anyone special in a city you've visited. Surely with all your amazing clothes and style you have caught the eye of someone." she figured she had to have. If Blue, a woman that barely ever left her lab could get a date, her sister must have been on millions.

Neona Tiran chuckled softly at her sister's optimism as to Neona's dating life. It was actually quite difficult for her to find dates with her busy schedule. "Actually there is someone I met, in Bastion. I attended the Collective's Annual Benefit Ball and this adorable yet very broody Shepherd caught my attention. He can be quite sarcastic, I think you'd like him."

Blue rose her brow. "A Shepard? Really? Wow. I didn't expect that. And sarcastic too? I figured you would have some hunky stud muffin that was into clothes and waiting on you hand and foot." Which was true. That was exactly the kind of man that she thought Neona would like. Blue wanted someone more rugged, tough, hot, handsome and passionate. Thus, Sol was the perfect fit for her. She knew that if her job ever found out she would probably have to get a talkin' to but she hoped to hold that off for as long as she could. "So.. you like him huh? Shame he lives in a different city though."

Neona Tiran shrugged her shoulders slightly. "I'm constantly traveling between the cities, and I'm sure Librium could use a bit of Shepherding once and awhile. He has a pure heart, and amazingly he actually calms my inner wolf." She said this last with a bit of sadness in her voice, after Julian she wasn't sure she could ever reveal her secret again.

"He.. really? Wow...." Blue knew about her sister, her whole family did. But Blue didn't go about talking about it either, it was not something that Neona seemed to really enjoy talking about and after what Julian had done to her sister it was a complete shock all together that Neona hadn't tried to do herself in or something. "Does he.. does he know about Goldie?" it wasn't that the wolf was different than Neona, but that was what Niara had always used instead of saying 'wolf' or whatever in public she just used the nickname her sister had earned and it was safe enough to talk.

Neona Tiran shook her head to Niara's question. "I'm not sure that I ever want him to know honestly, I can hide it better then others, most can't even smell it on me because my blood hides it so well. There is a chance I could be his friend for the rest of our lives and he'd never know."

Blue stopped walking and she took her sisters hands in her own so that they were facing one another looking into one an-others eyes. "But, if you end up really caring for this guy you should tell him. I know it might hurt .. but if he really loves you, unlike that prick, then he won't care anyway. It isn't like you're evil, you aren't jacked up. You're Neona, a were, and who cares right? That just makes you way more bad ass in the end."

Neona Tiran gave her sister a soft smiled and nodded her head in understanding. "Yes, Neona, the pacifist were. They're gonna sing songs about me you know? About all the people I didn't maim." she joked, while most Were's had a modicum of sanity once they shifted, they were still ruled by the beast. Neona was different, even after she was newly bitten she'd always been able to control herself better then any were in history, to be more human then a beast had a right to be.

Blue glared at her sister. "Sure sure.. mock my caring if you will, but if he's really the right guy he won't care that you turn fluffy and could claw his happy bits to well.. bits." she gave a shrug and went on walking. She wasn't sure what her sister wanted out of life. Hell Blue hadn't been looking for a soul when Solomon broke into her lab and tried to make off with a very precious project she had just finished. Since then, things had been different and Blue found herself having more reasons to smile randomly during the day. "So have you told mom yet? You know she is ready for grand kids and stuff."

Neona Tiran turned to walk with her sister once more. "Have you told mom yet?" Neona asked her, knowing full well the answer. They both feared giving their mother any ounce of hope that she might some day get her grand babies. She was like a tiger waiting to pounce on them and pull out every juicy detail about these men they liked. "I don't think it's nearly gone far enough to tell mom. Course I might just make it the ultimate test. If Liam can survive our mother...."

Blue laughed. "Hell no! God. I went with a friend to the Librium Elven Festival and someone told her they saw me there with a guy and she wouldn't quit calling me. I had to disconnect the phone line! It was just a friend! Man.." she shook her head and sighed. "I don't know.. I think Sol and I could be.. but.. his life is kind of dangerous and I'm not sure mom and dad would approve. Especially, Dad. So I'm gonna wait a while, til I'm certain this thing is really what I'm hoping it is you know."

Neona Tiran giggled softly at her sister's outburst. Their mother was certainly a force to be reckoned with. The more Niara said about her potential boyfriend, the more Neona leaned to knowing who he was already. She'd always figured her sister would be the bad boy type. "Yeah, I think I will just bring Liam by for brunch, unannounced and see what happens."

Blue's head tilted to the side, her eyes unfocused for a moment and she was gone. Lost in her own little world for a moment as she connected with the Owl AI that she had made years ago that was still her constant companion. When she came back to herself she could only groan angrily and look over at her sister. "You'll hate me for this, but I do have to go, Neo. Work calls, I would say no but it's the big boss, asking for me." Niara gave her sister a big hug and a peck on the cheek. Showed her the pendant she wore that Neona had bought her and then she headed off at a run. Wishing that her day with her sister had been longer, but it wasn't, and she would see her sister soon, she would make a point of it.

Neona Tiran wasn't entirely surprised by her sister's abrupt departure. She returned her sister's hug, watching her run off for a moment, a soft smile curling her lips before she turned away to continue her walk in the park. It was such a beautiful day there was absolutely no reason to waste it. The wolf within her growled in contentment and seemed to absorb the heat of the sun through Neona's skin. There was almost nothing a wolf loved more then a good sunning, other then a good run but she wasn't exactly wearing the right outfit for that.
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Sisterly Chat (Canon ICC)
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