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 Taking what I want (Solomon)

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PostSubject: Taking what I want (Solomon)   Mon May 21, 2012 1:04 am

Daven had come to the city looking for any trace of Liam that he could manage but had no such luck in that department. The night sky now dominated the streets below and those denizens of the shadows came to life among the broken walkways and alleys. He found himself standing outside one of the hottest spots in town with a rather pretty young thing pawing at his button down black shirt and kissing on his neck. He however seemed bored and out of touch with what was going on around him. Flicking the cigarette he had been smoking into the street he adjusted the glasses that sat on his face because even though it was night time the lights outside the place were a bit bright and well he just looked sexy while wearing them.

That was when he first caught site of the beautiful classic car that was being driven by a rather stocky male pulling up to the place. The car was sleek and the silver reflective paint job caught everyone's attention as it made the car seemed to take on the scene of whatever was around it. It was a beautiful machine and Daven wanted it so he was going to have it. That was simply how his mind worked and he made sure to get a good look at the guy who was driving it before he headed into the club. The passenger of the car got into the drivers seat and took off which he thought was rather odd but he quickly shoved the girl pawing at him aside and headed into the club.

Watching this man mingle was beyond annoying since he had no skill in talking with others. He was all flash and no tact which was something Daven could not stand in the least. A few hours were spent just watching before he noticed the guy head for the bathroom and Daven headed in after him making sure not to catch the eye of anyone else around as he ducked in and locked the door behind him. He saw the guy standing by a urinal and he moved in to stand at the urinal next to him giving it a moment before he spoke.

"That was a pretty sweet ride you had out there I have to admit. So how about you tell me where it is the other guy took it and ill make sure your liver does not end up where your throat was."

The guy turned to face Daven but before he could speak he was up in the air by his throat and against the wall. Daven pulled two knives from his belt and stabbed one into each hand causing the guy to scream out in pain as he was now staked to the wall and hanging. Reaching up yet again Daven grabbed his chin and squeezed hard on the border of crushing it in his hand. His eyes turned blood red with orange flecks dancing along the outer edges. Daven wanted this man to understand he was not fucking around and that he wanted that car so he made the point very clear as the male hung by his hands.

"Last chance buttercup where is the damn car!"

The man responded quickly giving Daven all the information he needed to know on the location of the car and the fact that it was not his. Turned out the car belonged to a powerful criminal here in the city and this guy was his younger brother. He let him borrow it so he could look a bit more appealing to the ladies at the club but wanted it back the moment he got to the club which was why there had been a second driver. Daven got the lay out of the compound the man was staying in and was intrigued to find out that the only people working for the man were humans. The guy spent so much money on material things that he could only afford street thugs to hold down the fort.

Daven washed his hands and looked up before he exited to make sure that his hair was in place and he had not gotten any blood on his clothing. In the reflection to the right of his face the man could be seen pinned to the wall missing his lower jaw. Bits of skin cut from his body in places and a gaping hole in his chest where Daven had ripped his heart free and devoured it happily. He moved to the bathroom door and unlocked it walking out and into another man who had been waiting. "Give it about another fifteen before you walk in there my friend is really making a mess out of that bathroom."

Two hours later Daven was approaching the compound where his car was and he could see two guys standing outside the place watching for anyone who might try to enter unannounced. He cracked his neck and turned on his natural strength and speed before taking a deep breath and rushing foreword in a blur with a blade drawn. Grabbing the first guy he jammed the blade upwards through his chin and it peeked out the top of the skull. The second guy was turning with gun drawn but Daven pulled the combat knife off the body as it hung in the air and flung it across to land dead center in the mans skull. They were both down and he managed to pull it off without causing any noise which meant less of a problem for him.

Climbing the gate he got into the yard undoing the gate and opening it slowly so as to not do damage to the car when he was leaving. Picking his way along the wall and garden he was careful not to catch the attention of the patrols that walked around the compound and finally he spotted the garage which he had to hope was housing his car at that moment. Sneaking his way to the side door he tried to jiggle it open and found it to be locked which frustrated him to the point that he kicked the door in and stepped inside. The lights came on and his car was sitting right in the center of the place. He looked to the wall and grabbed the keys jumping in and starting it up.

The car roared to life and he smiled even as he caught the sound of dogs barking and people shouting as they drew closer to his location. He waited and the garage door opened as he hit the gas and sped in the direction of six guards. They managed to jump out of the way but the doberman they brought didn't and it felt like hitting a speed bump which made Daven laugh as he pictured the thought. He noticed no one was shooting at the car so he had to assume they were worried about the boss getting angry. He sped passed the gate and hung a left heading down the road rather fast. The guards followed in a few beat up shit boxes but were unable to keep up with the raw speed this beautiful classic had. Daven smiled to himself and rolled the windows down enjoying his new set of wheels.

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PostSubject: Re: Taking what I want (Solomon)   Thu May 24, 2012 8:10 am

"I need a favor." Delvin said as Solomon sat in one of the Crime Boss' lounge chair and sipped at whatever expensive liquor that happened to be in the decanter that he had poured from. It wasn't bad, whatever it was, but the words Delvin spoke always made Styx wary. Delvin's jobs had a way of taking weird twists and there was never telling how things would turn out. On top of that it had been a really strange couple of months for Solomon, not all of it bad. But with the way things were going for him now he didn't know what would happen if he took this job for Delvin. Still the thief was curious and he couldn't help but asking for the details.

"Well you see, there is this guy Wren and he is going to be getting a very special item. I don't know how he managed to pull it off, but he managed to get himself a Unicorn's horn." Solomon almost choked on his drink as he looked up at Delvin. Seriously, a Unicorn's horn was a big deal alright, worth almost ten mil on the Black Market and even more if someone had the actual abilities to make use of the special properties of the horn. Thinking for a moment, Solomon's eyes widened.

"Wait, this isn't Wren Baleen is it? How the hell did that idiot get a hold of a Unicorn's horn? He barely has enough money to pay his guys because he wastes so much on that expensive looking toys."

Delvin grinned and chuckled. "Well you see my boy, that is exactly the trouble. You see Wren wasn't suppose to get this particular item. But unfortunately for the people smuggling the horn into the city they ended up stashing it in the wrong car. I know they have been searching for almost six months for where the right car went, but of course criminals aren't usually forthcoming about all the purchases they have made. And the ones asking the questions happened to be Others so a lot were just giving them the cold shoulder. So now after some careful leg work I have a chance to pick up the horn for the relatively cheap price of hiring you. How does .5% of the street value sound? Just make sure the theft doesn't get back to me"

Solomon thought for a moment and nodded. "Fine Delvin, IF you make it 5%." Styx watched the Crime Boss wince and it looked like he was about to say no when Sol spoke up. "Like you said, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and you can't afford to have it messed up. And despite the complications your past jobs have caused me I always managed to complete them. I can see this job causing me issues from a mile away and really think about it. Five hundred thousand for a Ten Million dollar item with no strings attached is still a damn good deal."

Finally Delvin nodded and started giving Styx the details. Inside the thief was grinning, even as he absorbed the details of the assignment. It wasn't often that a big score like this came along and he was going to make the most of it. He might even have enough to get that one item he so wanted for a long time.

That Evening

This job was almost depressingly easy. Sure Wren had a tone of guys, but the common street thug is easily slipped past. And the security for the compound was similarly disappointing. All of it was obvious and easy to bypass if you knew how. So a skilled thief like Styx managed to slipp in and get to where the car should be with almost no difficulties. He was almost tempted to tell Delvin that all he needed was the .5% when he got back. Sure he had managed to get the crime boss to agree to more, but Styx wasn't in the habit of fleecing his customers. Doing so in this business usually ended up with the thief being shot.

Slipping up to the car, Solomon popped open the trunk and got to work figuring out how to open up the place where the smugglers had stashed the goods. If he left the car undamaged then no one would be the wiser and probably then no one would figure out where the horn had gone. No traces back to Solomon and therefore no traces back to Delvin. So there he was mucking about with the trunk until the motion triggered lights turned out and Solomon was forced to draw out his flashlight. It was better for the lights to stay off until he had the horn in his possession in case anyone came in.

In the silence of the garage the jiggling of the side door handle was unbelievably loud and the thief reacted on instinct. He dove into the trunk where he had just enough room to fit and pulled it down so it slammed shut just as the side door banged open. Waiting in complete silence, the thief was aware of the shouting of guards and barking dogs as the car started up. Sighing, Styx figured that something was up and he might in fact earn his 5% after all. So while the mysterious car thief gunned the engine, Styx figured out how to open up the compartment on the side of the trunk and retrieve the item he was after. He tucked it away in the space he had made in his sub-space pocket and then tried to figure out what to do next.

After a moment of thought, the thief decided that if he heard guards shouting, then this was probably not one of Wren's men. And that little bump he had felt was probably someone that hadn't moved fast enough to get out of the way of whoever stole the car. With that in mind, Styx noticed that the back seat folded down and he could get out of the trunk that way. With a shrug, Solomon hit the latch and pushed the seat forward.

The person driving was male, probably good looking to the ladies and seemed to be enjoying himself quite a bit. Well when in a situation like this the best refuge was audacity so the thief climbed out of the back, crawled into the passenger seat and looked over to the driver with a grin.

"Quite the flashy getaway you had there, though I suppose making off with something like this there are about zero ways of doing it subtlety. So did you steal it because you liked the color or did the sound of the engines do it for you? Oh and your about to run a red light with crossing traffic. Styx pointed to the front of them where their street was clear, but the traffic at the light was crossing their path so unless Daven took a few evasive maneuvers they might hit something. Solomon used that time to make sure his seat belt was fastened, safety first after all.
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PostSubject: Re: Taking what I want (Solomon)   Sun Jul 22, 2012 7:08 pm

The drive was going well and he was enjoying the feel of his new ride when someone climbed into the passenger seat and Daven snapped his head to the right in order to get a look at who it was. The guy started yapping at him and his instinct was to reach out and break his fucking neck but that was when the guy mentioned the red light and the traffic. Daven turned his eyes to the road and cut the steering wheel to a sharp left then quickly spun it to the right before he would straighten it back out once more ripping the E-brake as he did all this and the results were perfectly timed and with luck on his side it all went just fine.

The car cut around the first car and as he spun the wheel it managed to straighten out a bit with a slight slide to it and as he ripped the E-brake and spun the wheel to center the wheels his new ride spun around another car to stop on the opposite side of the road facing the direction that they had come from. Looking to the new guy as they sat there his eyebrow raised a bit and he cocked his head to the side trying to figure out where he came from and what the deal was.

"Listen I have no idea who you are but the first thing you can do is tell me exactly how the hell you ended up in my car and who it is you work for. That or this can get ugly real quick but im not looking to get blood all over this beauty." He was more confused now then he was angry and he was looking to get some answers. Looking in the rear view mirror he saw the back seat laid down and figured the guy climbed from the trunk to the front. Maybe he was being held captive or something and Davens escape caused him to wonder from the back? If that was the case however then where were the bindings of his hands and legs?

Whatever the deal was he needed to get the details from the guy before they went any further with this little joyride. Hell what if the bastard he stole the car from put this guy in the trunk as some kind of anti-theft device? No matter what it was that was going on Daven would get to the bottom of it or simply slaughter the bastard and keep it moving back to town. He cracked his neck and looked at the man in the passenger seat once more giving him his full attention and waiting for some kind of explanation.
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PostSubject: Re: Taking what I want (Solomon)   

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Taking what I want (Solomon)
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