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 My memory will linger (Taggity Daven)(COMPLETE)

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PostSubject: My memory will linger (Taggity Daven)(COMPLETE)   Thu May 17, 2012 6:23 pm

Music: Corrupt - Depeche Mode
Attire: Here

The nights grew warmer, a sign that spring was in full effect and it was a welcoming relief after so many weeks of rain. Many inhabitants of the city took advantage of these warm nights, including those fiends that haunted the night. Nicole had struck out early, making her rounds to the bars in search of new prey. She was dressed to play the part of innocence, a lovely summer dress that revealed just enough leg without screaming slut. Just enough to make her seem like any other willing young woman out for a night on the town who lost track of her girlfriends and ended up on the wrong side of town. Clutching her fourth mixed drink in hand, she pressed herself against the biggest low-life she could find on the streets. No one dared to touch her now, it was an advantageous agreement for both parties - or so it would seem. The greasy large man sat at a crowded table, happy with the darling minx at his side while his thick brow furrowed and he glared at his cards. The fiend leaned in to whisper in his ear," I think your lucks run out..." She traced her fingers around his ear with those words, her fingers moving to rub the back of his neck as the man buckled with laughter. The game had been going on for quite some time now and to be honest, Nicole was pretty well over it. She was hungry, and if this lard didn't budge soon she would have to resort to something more violent.

Her bright hazel hues flickered up from the game to scan the rowdy crowd surrounding the poker table as she took another drink of her stiff cocktail. Bets were being placed and the stakes were getting ever higher. With her aura strictly masked, Nicole had no way of sensing the true intentions of the men gathered but she was a good judge of character despite that. It was easy enough to sniff them out in the slums, all of them low-lives and thugs. Speaking of sniffing, something was amiss in the air tonight. Nicole couldn't quite put her tongue on it, but it was familiar, this taste. Like warm southern comfort, the spice thick in the air. Why did she remember it? Then it struck.

Just past the crowd gathered at the table, in the recesses of the slum bar, there appeared a face in the darkness that was all too familiar to the fiend. His lean figure turned to closely face another female who all but melted into his arms, and who wouldn't? Nicole couldn't make out much more then that before the pair disappeared behind the crowd, but she was certain of what she found. Daven's face flashed before her eyes hauntingly, that charismatic smirk of his was unforgettable. She straightened herself upright, stretching her neck in order to get a better sight on where he had gone but no sooner had he disappear with the woman did he reappear, alone. She watched as he casually adjusted his jacket, doing a quick scan over the room to be sure he had raised no alarms before marching towards the door with a look of triumph.

Nicole struggled to keep her eye on the monster when an ever eager hand slipped up the back of her skirts to grip her derrière. She exhaled, a glare dropping to the low-life at her side just as the table erupted into cheers over the game." Luck ain't got nothing to do with it pearl." The large man grinned to her at which point she put on a smile, her hand sliding around from the back of his head to tickle at his stubbly chin," Let me get you another drink to celebrate." She offered seductively, setting aside her own glass and pulling away from his side. The man would smack her bottom, causing her to jump forward as the crowd erupted into further cheers. Dogs. Her blood boiled under her skin, that fat bastard needed to die, but it would have to wait. Nicole shot back a glare at the man who was too busy boasting to notice as she slipped through the crowd.

Rather than make her way to the bar, she weaved through as if making her way to the bathroom before darting out the exit she had just watched Daven escape through. Once on the outside she scanned the darkened sidewalks in search of her target, but found little evidence he had ever been there. All except that spicy taste that still lingered in the air and she would follow it. Heading off down the street, she hurried to catch up and after rounding a few blocks she would have him in her sights again. Her pace slowed to a relaxed walk, her body thankful for the break after all of the alcohol she had consumed. The world did indeed sway for her, but she could handle it with grace. She pretended to stop and look up at a building when Daven rounded another corner, then hurried after him - Only this time when she turned the corner she would find no signs of his whereabouts. Nicole would stop," What the.." A slow sense of dread washed over her. She was no fool, she knew she had been caught trailing but just where was he now?

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PostSubject: Re: My memory will linger (Taggity Daven)(COMPLETE)   Thu May 17, 2012 6:59 pm

The smokey bar was the perfect stalking grounds for Daven and he had been coming here rather often as of late. He liked to have a few different haunting grounds but so far this one have proven the most fruitful of them all. He had managed two females and a male this evening and was in the process of picking up his third when the laughter of a nearby table had caught his attention. He looked over the group of men playing cards which was nothing special until of course he caught sight of Nicole. He could never forget that beautiful and tempting face of hers no matter how she masked it. She was the embodiment of evil and she had managed to catch his eye back in the day where he had developed a small crush on her. She had a way of commanding the attention of people without ever having to work for it.

He had seen her work so many times before and she never missed a mark she set her sights on. However he did think her to be long gone from this world which is why he was shocked to see her sitting at that table. Suddenly the pair locked eyes and he calmly spun away from her sight taking the girl with him as he did so. The bar fly stood no chance against the fiendish spider and he came back a few moments later after finishing his business in one of the back rooms. However because of the speed with which the deed was done he had left a rather large mess and needed to make a hasty exit. Pushing past the crowd after fixing his jacket he made his way out the back door and into the alley.

Turning the corner at the end of the alley he stopped and peeked back for a moment just to see if Nikki had caught sight of him leaving and was on his tail. Sure enough she was and he smirked to himself walking down the block as if everything was normal and he had not a care in the world. He never glanced back but rather used the occasional window to gauge the distance between the two of them as he debated on his next move. When she got a bit closer he ducked down an alley and using his speed he managed to make his way up an old fire escape rather quickly and he just waited.

She came around the corner and stopped as she looked for a trace of him. He waited a moment until he saw the look on her face which signaled she knew what was going on. She was always very bright and he knew Nicole would realize she was found out and now being stalked. He saw no point in drawing this out any further and he jumped from the small iron platform to land on the ground right behind her. Running a hand through his hair he waited for her to turn around before giving the sultry and brilliant woman a wink. He had to admit that he was very excited to see her again but he wasn't sure if she was chasing him down because she missed him or if revenge was on her mind. However he fully intended to find out right now.

"It has been a long time Nikki....how have you been sweetie?"
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PostSubject: Re: My memory will linger (Taggity Daven)(COMPLETE)   Thu May 17, 2012 7:46 pm

Nicole never suspected to look up for the fiendish man, but the moment he dropped down behind her she knew he had her. She turned to face him with unnatural speed, her movement a blur to any other but the man of equal caliber behind her. She cocked her head to the side," Don't you sweetie me." She quipped. No sooner had those words escaped her painted lips was she on him, her gloved hands grasping his leather jacket to yank him up against her slender frame. Face to face she sneered," You think you're so sneaky." She breathed the words heavily, her face so near her lips brushed against his. With the little devil in her clutches she couldn't help but breath in his spicy scent, drawing her closer and loosening her grip on his lapels. She was trying to convince herself that he disgusted her, but old memories kept playing through her mind instead.

Nicole had a good reason to be angry with the charming fiend, he did, after all, sell her out to the elves all those years ago. Nicole was not certain of this fact, but she had a pretty damn good hunch. "You seem surprised to see me." Although his previous statement begged to differ. Her aura flared, no longer requiring the mortal masks, and it bucked against Daven's aura, ready for a fight. "I know I was. I thought your ass was toast after the divine intervened on your previous host. I didn't think I'd get a chance to give you what you really deserved..." Her words trailed off, one of her hands slipping from his lapel to temptingly glide down his chest towards his waistline. She exuded sexuality by appearance, intoxicated by the scent of him but her flaring aura revealed her truly malicious intent. Her face tilted in order for her to get a look over his shoulder at the empty sidewalk. " They're coming. " As quickly as Nicole was upon him, she released all hold on him.

In an instant she appeared at the top of the fire escape, just a glimpse of her perfect legs before Nicole strides out of sight across the rooftop. She headed for the opposite side, ever listening for Daven's approach. She had no doubt he would follow, but in the same sense she was ready for a chase if he decided to make a run for it. Voices would echo from the street not far from them. Men's voices that shouted out directions, a search party was brewing. No doubt in response to the careless demon's actions.
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PostSubject: Re: My memory will linger (Taggity Daven)(COMPLETE)   Thu May 17, 2012 8:04 pm

So she was indeed angry with him to an extent and he couldn't blame her but if she truly knew what he did then she would have been trying to kill him from the moment she saw him. He had to assume that she was pissed for him simply vanishing on her without a word after all the years they spent hunting together. When she grabbed him to pull him in he couldn't help but feel that attraction he had for her come flooding back to him. She was just as strong and fast as he himself was and she was by all rights the only fiend he ever looked at as close to an equal of sorts. Perfectly dangerous and cunning in every sense of both words he found it hard not to want her for his own. However he had to be on his toes around her because if he slipped up she would take full advantage of the fault so his head stayed cool and collected.

He lips were so close to his that he could almost taste the flavor on those full pillows of hers. He shook the thoughts from his mind so as not to fall prey to her in the alley and smiled as she started to get a bit snippy with him. Her hand roaming over his body sent a shiver up his spine and he could feel the attraction coming off her aura as well. It was delightful to know that she wanted him as badly as he did her and he enjoyed it until it came time to explain himself that is.

"They almost got me you know that right? I can't invade bodies anymore either due to the hasty retreat from the priest. I don't think its fair that you are mad at me for saving my own neck when you would have done the same Nikki lets not kid ourselves here."

She mentioned someone was coming and darted to the top of the roof which left him sighing as she broke contact with him. The sound of the hunting party triggered his survival sense and at that moment he really wanted to just rip them all to pieces and wear the blood as a badge of honor. However following Nicole was the more important business at hand as they needed to catch up and he couldn't explain why but he was really happy to see her and wanted to spend some time with her psychotic ass. She always knew how to bring out the bloodlust in him with such vigor. She was the apple of his eye once and he felt those flames igniting within him once more. Hell what fiend wouldn't want her for his own?

Using his speed once more he climbed to the roof and followed Nicole in which ever direction it was she was taking him. He was far to busy watching her perfect ass to notice exactly where they were headed. Daven found her to be the perfect example of how a woman should look and he was going to soak in every bit of her he could get right now.
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PostSubject: Re: My memory will linger (Taggity Daven)(COMPLETE)   Thu May 17, 2012 9:01 pm

His statement made her want to laugh out loud while ripping his bawls off, but due to her hasty retreat to the roof she didn't get her chance. Instead, she offered him the opportunity to strike back but he wasn't quick enough to use that moment when Nicole had her back to him. So as he watched her ass, he wouldn't see it coming until it was too late - yet again. Turning swiftly she would smack him hard across the face, a serrated blade slicing into his flesh,"Fair? You want to talk about whats fair? I should eat you!" Her words were laced with a growl, sharp rows of shark-like teeth appearing behind those red lips." I burned because of you. And you think that what those religious hippies did to you was bad?" Nicole advanced towards him, her hazel hues trailing down his handsome figure. She was trembling, fighting the urge to kiss him because lucifer knew she wanted to, among other things. The scent of blood mingled with his spicy scent almost drove her over the edge.

She gave a sharp shake of her head,"I hate you so much." She lied right through her sharpened teeth, turning her back on him rather abruptly in order to collect herself. Every fiber in her fiendish being longed to feel him, just one more time - for old times sake. He was the only creature of equal, as far as she was concerned. The only man worth loving. It was all genetically encoded, or so she tried to tell herself as she shook it from her head. Hate you so much it hurts. You fed me to those dogs, but you're right...I would've have done the same. No trust, but I trusted you. Her thoughts streamed through her pounding aura, uninhibited because of their similar gifts. Not only her thoughts, but visions of what she would like to do to him. Visions of her clawing at his face, devouring his flesh as he fought her. They intermingled with old memories of them in each others embrace, laughter as the struggled to keep hold of each other while drenched in blood. Visions of an elf snatching her away interrupted - but the dark haired elf was a recent memory, judging by the modern hotel room the rapidly appeared in. That image led to a grand throne room, an old dwarf king and then a house with the elf standing on the doorstep.

" Gah, get out of my head!" Nicole suddenly cried, turning to run full force at him with the serrated blade aimed for his abdomen.
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PostSubject: Re: My memory will linger (Taggity Daven)(COMPLETE)   Thu May 17, 2012 9:20 pm

Daven was watching her ass when he felt his own crimson blood spill over his face and a growl managed to escape his lips as he watched her go on a tirade about what happened to her and what he did to screw her life up. He was angry as the blood spilled over his cheek and he could only think of ripping her arm off and beating her to death with it as he violated her twitching body in lust. He was a sick son of a bitch that was true but then again all fiends were. He listened to her go on about what he missed and when she breathed out the words I hate you he actually felt a twinge of pain in his chest for a moment. Something about her saying that to him actually hurt him and he could not explain why.

All of a sudden she seemed to have lost her mind and gained a bit of down syndrome as she turned away from him and started to keep to herself almost out of no where. He was going to say something but as he moved his hand a drop of blood found its way to his fingers and his anger was restored. He watched her for a moment when she suddenly turned on him and came charging in with that blade of hers aimed for his stomach. His eyes flashed a dark red with flecks of orange and the fight was on for the two fiends atop the roof.

He moved his body to the left as he leaned so the blade would hit nothing but air and his hand came up to grip her throat. Leaning in he planted a lustful and longing kiss on her lips his tongue sliding across her painted pillows and in an instant the kiss was broken. His foot came up and with full force he planted his boot in the center of her chest and sent her flying back along the roof with a growl. He was now ready to rip her to pieces as he ripped the shirt from his body and tossed it aside. His legs propelling him in a purposeful and angry walk towards her direction.

[i]"You wanted this well you fucking got it. Only one of us is walking away tonight and you won't have legs when we are done."
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PostSubject: Re: My memory will linger (Taggity Daven)(COMPLETE)   Thu May 17, 2012 10:09 pm

A startled choke escaped her when she hit nothing but air, her arm immediately jerked inward to slice at him when Daven closed the space between them and instead received a weak jab to his ribs as he claimed her lips. Like the woman in the bar, Nicole melted at the long awaited kiss. Meeting his lustful kiss with her own furious need for him, she welcomed his invasion with open arms or at least that was until he planted a foot against her chest and sent her flying. Now THAT she did not see coming.

Unable to stop herself, she flew back until she hit the small structure covering the stairwell leading down into the building. Smashing through the wall, Nicole landed on the stairs only to go rolling down a couple steps before coming to a stop against the wall on the nearest stair landing. She coughed, the wind knocked from the force of the wall but was otherwise still able to get herself back up to her feet. He left a bittersweet taste in her mouth, how dare he tempt her so? Nicole wasted no time getting up, she knew what she had on her hands and she rose up just in time to hear the demon's declaration. Nicole exhaled a steady breath," Is that so?" She demanded angrily, marching herself back up the darkened stairwell she had tumbled down. Nicole paused momentarily, just long enough to get a striking glimpse of the terrifying fiend stalking towards her across the roof. The sight of him oddly enough filled her with a childish glee of excitement and lust for more.

Kicking down the door that blocked her in, Nicole would come striding out of the small structure she had just crashed through with an air of confidence. Serrated blade still in hand she gave it a little twirl,"I've been waiting for this for far too long boy," She took a step to the side and he would no doubt see her racing towards him with preternatural speed, but the moment Nicole was within reach she dropped into a crouched position and swiped out with one her legs with aim to take his feet out from under him.
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PostSubject: Re: My memory will linger (Taggity Daven)(COMPLETE)   Thu May 17, 2012 10:33 pm

Daven watched as the door went flying and he smiled as the anticipation for the battle built up inside of him and before it could take to long she was dashing at him. The rage she had built up was etched on her face so beautifully he got weak in the knees for a moment as her striking beauty hit him once again. He hair racing backwards as she darted in those powerful and perfect legs carrying her curvy frame in his direction. He could still taste her on his tongue and the desire for more was there for sure. She came in low and he caught it at the last second and with a back flip he launched his foot foreword to aim under her chin with the desire of hitting her square in the jaw.

He landed just fine but didn't have time to register if his foot had connected or not as he was way more worried about keeping his body from gaining any new holes. Landing he pushed himself backwards away from her and kicked off the ground launching himself into the air and to the left. His body twisted as he went soaring through the air in a spin a full three hundred and sixty degrees as a pure show of skill. Landing on the edge of the building now he reached down and picked up a discarded pole from the recent construction of the roof and twirled it in front of him life a staff. He drew the heat from it chilling the pole slowly so that very slowly a thin layer of ice formed at each of the tips so when it hit the force would cause even more pain.

Looking at the woman who he had shared such great times with brought his own memories flooding back to him. One memory in particular came to mind as he watched her carefully waiting for that strike to come in at him once again.

The two stood in a small village and all around them the fires raged as buildings fell in piles of ash and the muffled screams of people in panic bled through the night sky. Blood ran in rivers along the ground and Daven had just finished hanging two young boys by the wall and set them ablaze. In the center of the town he saw Nikki fighting against a priest but a fight was something it really was not. More of a pure beating as she ripped his limbs off one by one and the blood spraying from them soaked her skin and clothes. He never stood a chance against the woman to begin with. She feasted on his flesh and seemed almost in a state of arousal as she did so. Watching her as she did this was the when Daven first understood that he was in love with her and wanted to be with her.

Things obviously did not work out what way as he stood there looking at Nicole ready to beat her to death with that metal pole he held. She likewise had that blade and the desire to watch his entrails spill out on the roof where should could feast upon the steaming pile of organs. Things like love never did seem to work out for fiends because with the nature of a fiend came the curse of never getting to truly find such an emotion and when they did it never worked out.
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PostSubject: Re: My memory will linger (Taggity Daven)(COMPLETE)   Fri May 18, 2012 10:47 pm

Nicole Djevel

Fri May 18, 2012 7:15 pm Topic: Murder Your Sweet Memory
Nicole caught sight of Daven's leap as she swung her leg out low. Biting back a curse she flopped herself onto her back with little grace and narrowly missed his foot meeting her face. She could just feel the breeze of it as it grazed by her chin at which point she struck out her free hand to attempt to catch hold of the fiend's foot while in midair. Her fingertips slapped the edge of his boot as he dived backwards, but he was long gone and continued to move with the agility that only a demon could posses. Propping herself up onto her elbows, her hazel-green hues caught sight of him just as he landed on the edge of the roof and quickly snatched up a weapon for himself.

Her chest heaved from her sudden burst of speed, and she took a moment to admire the monstrous man she had once fallen for. Again, that allure was back to smother her hatred for him. She reveled in the sight of him, a devious smile appearing upon her blushing face," Oooh," She sighed," How I have missed you." Nicole pushed herself upright further, glancing down at her indecent exposure. Her layers of skirt were hiked up far too high from her slide across the roof, showing a bit more than a peak of her lacy undergarments. Quickly she pulled herself up to stand, pulling off her jean jacket to toss to the side. She looked to Daven once more, studying his parlous position on the edge of the roof. It had to be a set up..." Ya'know, I never understood how a fiend could betray another fiend to the elves and live to tell about it?" She cocked her head to the side, lengths of auburn locks falling into her face hap-hazardously.

Nicole would slowly start her advance towards him, waiting for that answer while she gave her serrated blade another twirl. All the while her angered aura had been pounding against Daven's own aura, testing for weaknesses before it suddenly pounced. Like a blade cutting into thick rubber, her seeding ability punctured whatever defenses he may have tried to put up, after all it had been testing his shields since they first met on the streets. It may have even been made easier by the old connection they had once shared all those years ago. Perhaps he would sense it, or not, either way it was locked securely into place like a leech, tethering their minds together." You're lucky I am far far away from my amplifier." She grinned a sharp-toothed grin as she drew ever nearer. He was lucky, considering the chaos that fueled her dark gifts often spun her illusions out of control, but in the same sense it made her weaker as she struggled against the mental leash her amplifier had upon her.

Daven Nevad

Fri May 18, 2012 7:33 pm Topic: Re: Murder Your Sweet Memory
Daven smirked when she spoke of how she missed him and he would have agreed and expressed his own happiness at seeing her once again however he was past the point of talking right now. He felt her aura probing his own and he knew what was coming his way before she even launched it but the only thing he could do against it was ready his mind for what was coming. He focused on her and the fight at hand and he just got it to the point that he was purely focused on it when her assault began on his mind. He had a picture in his mind of the roof and what it looked like at that moment so that whatever she might try to alter would remain clear in his mind as to what was really in the area.

The other thing that was stuck in his mind was that image of her hiked up skirt and that sexy pose she had found herself in after his counter attack. The image was altered however to him leaping on top of her and drilling her like an oil field but hey what was besides the point. He was more worried about keeping the image of the roof in his minds eyes and keeping it from being altered by her powerful gifts. He thought her question over a moment before he responded in kind.

"I don't call it betrayal I call it survival and if you had been in my position you would have done the same and you damn well know it. If that is what this is all about then you should know that I have been haunted by that day ever since. You are the perfect mate and having to do what I did was no easy task...even for me."

With that all said and done he change his tactics on the weapon he held and pulled a match from his pocket. Lighting it he jumped the flame to the pole and spread it along the length of the improvised staff. Using his ability to draw heat he did so in the area that his hands were placed to keep the fire from doing any harm to him. When it was all said and done the metal pole was engulfed with flame and he moved off the edge of the roof and in her direction.

Nicole Djevel

Fri May 18, 2012 8:21 pm Topic: Re: Murder Your Sweet Memory
[i]"I don't call it betrayal I call it survival and if you had been in my position you would have done the same and you damn well know it. If that is what this is all about then you should know that I have been haunted by that day ever since. You are the perfect mate and having to do what I did was no easy task...even for me."

Those words shocked Nicole momentarily, causing her to stumble over her own feet and come to a stop with a look of shock. It was like a blow to the chest, knocking the breath from her but was that real? Her lovely features softened, the blade in her hand lowering to her side as her aura withdrew from its advances but the seeder remained. " You lie -- !!" She started to screech, her aura crashing back against his, but rather than abusing their connection there came shuffled steps from the broken stairwell she had previously crashed through. People were coming, no doubt summoned by the fiend herself. Nicole's words were cut off the moment he flicked the match and the small flame stretched across the metal pole he wielded. Her eyes widened, a loud CLANK echoing through the night air as she dropped her blade to the ground at her side.

Nicole's fear of fire went far beyond PTSD. It was irrational and blinding, just the sight of it filled her with terror and it was all his fault. She relived the fiery event once more, images of her screaming face, her cries for revenge raising higher than the flames that engulfed her. She tried to focus on the anger, but irrational fears have a way of slipping past even the strongest guards. Her face slumped forward, her body frozen stiff with fear even as her worst nightmare drew closer and closer. With her face bowed it would be hard to see her darkened expression, but more visibly her nails would sharpen unnaturally into crude claws at her side.

Daven Nevad

Fri May 18, 2012 8:38 pm Topic: Re: Murder Your Sweet Memory
Shook his head when she called him a liar and he wished that he could show her the truth that dripped from those words he had spoken. He felt heartbreak for the first and only time in his life when he did what he did to her. She called him a liar but she had no idea at all of the pain it had cause him. The sound of people coming up the stairs shook him from his thoughts and he spun the staff quickly in that direction. The staff served two purposes and if it was an illusion or real did not matter because he was about to take care of it. Pointing the staff at the doorway and hole in the wall he fired six fireballs from the tip of the staff setting the entrances ablaze with raging flames. The end of the impromptu staff remained lit and he stretched the flame along the staff once more to reignite it.

As he drew closer she seemed deeply shaken by the site of him and he watched her drop the blade to the ground and slink foreword out of sheer fear of the flame licking at the staff he was holding. H was hit with a pang of disgust at the sight of her in fear of the flames he wielded with little effort. She was a powerful demon whom should have jumped across that roof flames or not and tried to rip him to pieces but here she was slumped in fear. That was when he saw the claws forming on her hand and he knew that she was turning into an animal backed into a corner. However he could not capitalize on her weakness at that moment and that was when he realized the disgust he felt was with himself for knowing at that moment that he would not be able to kill her.

The emotions still ran deep within him and a sigh found its way from his lips as he stopped moving foreword and dipped the tip of the pole to the ground they were standing upon. He dragged the tip along the ground and the fire jumped to the ground igniting and forming a wall of fire between the two of them as he cracked his neck and looked at her.

"I can't do this...I can't strike you down and while im sure this will be my undoing tonight I admit that I can't kill you. No matter what happens tonight I can now admit that if only one of us was going to walk away from this it would be you. However I have no wish to die so I am going now....please forgive me when you find that ability and if it is my death that you require in repayment then I will see you down the road."

He turned his back on her and headed for the edge of the building once again and his plan was to simply leave here in that spot crippled by her fear and hopefully give him time to escape her grasp. He hated the feelings he had for her and for a fiend they were not at all natural but they had found a way to grab hold of him. He wanted to end her more then anything but he simply just could not. He dropped the pole and the flames died off the metal instantly.

Nicole Djevel

Fri May 18, 2012 9:02 pm Topic: Re: Murder Your Sweet Memory
Those fireballs did the trick quite nicely. The fire tore into the stairwell, causing Nicole to flinch back from the destruction he wielded. Three men suddenly burst forth from the flames, on fire themselves as they ran in a panic, unable to stop themselves from going into it due to Nicole's pull. The men fell to knees more than a few feet from the small blaze that was growing from the stairwell, motionless as the flames consumed them. Still Nicole held her ground, unwilling to run despite the overwhelming fear that egged her to do so. She wanted to attack, but couldn't find it in herself to make a move for him. The flames kept her frozen in place.

Even when he struck up the fire as a barrier between them, she stood stock still and absorbed his words. The fact that he couldn't follow through disgusted her, but it melted the fear that froze her in place. When he turned her face lifted to see his darkened figure etched through the flames that danced between them, watching him move to the edge of the roof. He couldn't be lying, not now when his own actions proved his worth. He really couldn't kill her, and that was when she realized she couldn't follow through with it anymore then he could. It touched her, like ice water spreading through her veins as she realized she needed him more than ever now. A sudden urgency filled her, Nicole needed to stop him. When his weapon clattered to the rooftop she could fight the urge no longer.

The flames no longer mattered, Nicole couldn't let him go. He belonged to her, despite his betrayal. She forced herself to run forward, right through the fiery barrier that he put up to divide them. The flames licked at her legs, catching hold of her flowing skirt but she didn't stop no matter how it burned. No matter the trauma of the past, she clung to old memories," Daven! " His name flowed from her lips like satin, filled with so much longing as she raced towards him. Opening her arms she ran right into him, no doubt pushing the two of them over the edge as she embrace him and held on tight.

Daven Nevad

Fri May 18, 2012 9:14 pm Topic: Re: Murder Your Sweet Memory
Walking to the edge he was ready to leap to the alley below and vanish into the night with her bloodthirsty self hunting him. This was the retribution for every evil act he had ever committed in his life and karma was indeed a bitch. He looked down to the alley below and before he could make that leap his name was called out to him and he turned around as she charged him he sighed and held his arms wide open. If she was coming in for the attack he was going to hand it to her because death would be so much better then the weakness he had found within himself. He was ready to embrace that blade of hers within his chest.

However as she closed on him he saw no blade but her arms spread wide as she closed the distance on him. She crashed into him and wrapped her arms around his body tightly as the two of them went over the edge of the building. He embraced her just as tightly as the two of them began to fall and everything seemed to move in slow motion. He pulled her face to his and his lips were soon planted firmly to her own as he kissed her with lust and passion. The air rushed past them as they fell and he broke the kiss at the last second with a smile as he crashed into the ground below.

The ground cracked around his body and bits of rock and dirt flew up around them. Lucky for Daven he still had his supernatural strength and speed on when they crashed into the ground. His body was racked with pain for a brief moment before the light faded around him and darkness took his body over. He took the brunt of the fall to ensure no harm would come to Nikki and his head had cracked against the ground knocking him out. Even in unconsciousness his arms remained firmly wrapped around her in an embrace.
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My memory will linger (Taggity Daven)(COMPLETE)
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