A world of magic and technology at war until mutually assured destruction forced an uneasy peace.
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 Daven Nevad

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PostSubject: Daven Nevad   Wed May 16, 2012 12:24 am

• Daven• • Nevad •

Name: Daven Nevad
Nickname: The cunning, The deceiver
Age: Scratching his way to the top since the dawn of time
Weight: one hundred and sixty-five pounds
Height: five foot ten

Eye color: Green but when he enacts his powers or wants to be less human they turn red and orange.
Hair color: Brown
Race: Demon/Fiend
Residence: Bastion and Librium
Nationality: Nether Realm
Affiliation: None
Occupation:Destroying lives

Face Claim: Josh Duhamel

• all in the details •

Dark clothing would cover his body at all times from blacks and crimson reds to slate greys deep blues. Never one for a colorful tone to him he keeps things as dark and down toned as he can not wanting to draw much in the way of attention when entering a room. Flawless at first sight he would seem full of youth and vigor when first looked at and his body seemed to be a piece of art. The demon prides himself on looking the best in every situation and gets rather testy when he is forced to get dirty. His eyes would be the only thing that one might be able to pick up a trace of his true nature from as they are windows to the soul after all. However in his case they are more windows to intent and held there is devious and destructive acts the likes of which only the most evil of men would attempt. Prone to dark corners and dim lit rooms he can always be found in the company of a hooker when relaxing in a bar or inn.

Think of a spider and you would have almost exactly the type of fiend Daven is. He is reserved with most not one to waste his time on the peons and morons of the world as his sights are aimed much higher indeed. However when he finds the prey he is after his whole persona changes into a rather loveable and funny guy with a magnetic personality that seems to draw the victim in. When he has them enthralled with his warm nature his fangs begin to sink in as he works on corrupting there sense of right and wrong. His true joy in the world is taking the innocent and turning them into rotten vile beings to be used as tools to destroy the world around him. Preying on the weak willed and feeble minded he takes full advantage of anyone and everyone that he finds peeks his interest even in the slightest. However from time to time he takes up the challenge of breaking the will of a cleric or church official and the swell of pride he feels for himself when he accomplishes such a feat is like a drug to him.
Superior Strength/Speed- Being a powerful demon comes with the ability of being stronger and faster then most other creatures he might come across. He is not the strongest or fastest demon there is but it is enough for him to hold his own with most other ethereal beings he might come across. The downfall to this however is that unlike most others he has the power to switch these on and off and keeping them on for extended periods of time actually drains him physically and can actually drain him to the point of being no stronger then a small child.

Silver Tongue- The ability of talking others into acts that they normally would not commit otherwise and make them think this is a great idea. He is very proficient with it and it works very well on the lesser races however Clerics have a stronger will against it as do those with a strict moral code and it is useless on other fiends as well as the Celestials. The ability takes time to work and he must start it off by using minor suggestion and working it up from there. This will also be broken if someone steps in in the middle of the conversation and using common sense points out the reasons the suggestion is a bad idea which would cause the target to gain more of a resistance to the suggested action (s)

Pyrokinesis- Daven can control fire at his whim and use it in various ways to attack or defend himself however this ability does not let him create fire which means it has to be present when he uses this ability. However the amount of fire around him determines what he can do with it. If there is only a candle in the room he can use it to ignite his fists or his blade or even someones clothing. If there is a room lit with multiple torches he could create a wave of fire or a decent fireball of some kind to use. As the flames spread he has more to work with however as they are put out the adverse happens.

Draw heat- Daven's other ability which allows him to draw heat from around him and use it in various ways. 1. Drawing heat from a room/item/person/etc. would cause it to grow colder leading to eventual ice forming however it does take time to create the ice depending on the size of the area he is drawing heat from. Making a blade icy to the touch is easier then turning a room into ice. 2. Drawing heat rapidly from the air will cause the hotter air to crash into the cold air creating wind funnels or small tornadoes to form making it appear that he has control of the wind.

Body snatch- The ability to take over someone elses body and use it as he sees fit. There is a huge problem however because this ability is one he can no longer use at the moment. In the rush to escape from Liam's body it sealed this ability off from use. Daven figured the only way to regain it is to take Liam back once more as he still holds that imprint within him and so it is an extra driving force in his need for the Priest. Should he get it back however it will be in a much weaker form and will only work on the weakest of mind or those in the most despair.

Bow/sword-Daven is a master of the bow and the blade being able to use them exceptionally well in combat as a means of fighting should he not wish to expose himself as a fiend.

Tracking- An adept tracker Daven picked up the skill of being able to hunt animals and humans in most places should the need arise for him to find one in the wilderness.

Speech craft- Using his gift for speech through the years has given Daven the skill of speaking almost like a poet which he uses more often then any other tool he has as a means to get in and out of many situations.

• the tale of a lifetime•

Forged in the sins of old from the birth of time Daven burst into the nether realm full grown and with all the ability's he has in his arsenal. For him he was born exactly as he would be for the rest of time not growing in power or strength as he aged but he was able to hone his craft through all the time he had in that realm. A harsh and unforgiving place he forged many bonds with other fiends he found to be useful at the time and when they were no longer of use to him he would dispatch of them or get others to do it for him. It was the way of things for the demonic beings and one always had to be ten steps ahead to even manage barley making it in that realm. Through out time he grew in wisdom alone as he could not rise above his station here and his lot in life was locked in place from the day he was spawned onto the wretched grounds that made up his plane.

Dealing in information and subterfuge was his main way of staying alive and he used it time and time again to cheat oblivion more then once. Recently however he was able to claw his way into the planes of man and it was something that would change him forever. Donnica Talos was a powerful witch how had a strong talent in using the dark arts for her own personal gain. She summoned Daven to the realm of Terra but had manged to write the rune's perfectly which prevented him from escaping her summoners circle. A deal was struck and the word of the fiend was given that should she need him he would come when called in exchange of course for his freedom.The grounds were fertile for sowing deceit and discord among the masses and here he could rise above his station and take over the weaker races minds to due his bidding. It was a massive playground for him to use at his whim. He spent time dabbling in all manner of things learning what he could of the races and carving a bloody path through city after town. However it was not long before he found a man that he could only describe as the perfect instrument for his goals. Liam Grey was the first body he ever took over and he found this man to be the perfect tool for striking fear and anarchy into the race of man. This holy man was one that people trusted and welcomed into their homes without question in the hopes of gaining some kind of help or blessing with there troubles.

Once he had this body he found it so much easier and pleasurable to cut people down and turn them from the faith they held on to. He also could feel the pain and anguish that Liam felt every time he committed such nefarious acts and it was all so perfect. Until the order Liam worked with got involved and nearly killed Daven in there attempt to drive him from Liam's body. Since that day Daven has hunted and tracked Liam everywhere he went in the hopes of taking that body back and finishing what he started. He would have his perfect host back...nothing and no one was going to take this tool from him. Years were spent hunting the priest and after so long he finally got fed up and decided to coax his old puppet from his studies to face the fiend. The day he originally planned to set this plot in motion however he was pulled from one of his many works of art by a familiar pull.

Daven crossed many miles and arrived in time to see the return of a woman who played a huge part in his reason for being on Terra. Donnica had vanished ten years ago and with a sudden show of power she had returned stronger then ever. Daven was both socked and pleased by her return and was all to ready to set foreword with whatever plan her wicked mind had come up with in regards to Terra. He had made a pact and given his word which meant that no matter how long had gone by he was going to be by her side when she needed him most however he had something to take care of first.

He set his plan to lure Liam from hiding into motion and before long he was greeted with the presence of the priest he once called puppet. The battle was fierce and blood was spilled on both sides with Daven holding the upper hand through most of the fight. However in the end he managed to force Liam to breaking point and in snapping him for that brief time Liam found the ability to destroy the new body that Daven had been using and forced him from his host.

Now the fiend has taken a new host and the one he has chosen is a cop which Daven plans to use to the fullest. After that hard fought battle the plan of attack would have to be thought over and he would need to be more careful in his maneuvers if he wished to recapture Liam. His newest goal however is not so much focused on the priest as it is attaining new power in a way and form that the like of Terra has never seen before...

I like long walks on the beach with a sexy female at my side.

Sex is my drug of choice.

I love cats and dogs equally

I am a moose.

Is this a Canon?:Nope

Is this your second character, and if so, who is your first?:First

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Daven Nevad
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