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 Stardust and Wishes (Liam) {Complete}

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PostSubject: Stardust and Wishes (Liam) {Complete}   Sat May 12, 2012 11:17 pm

There was a bustle to life back stage.

But it passed the silent blonde up as she sat still on the couch with her fingers shaking slightly on the violin that rested between her hands. The pink violin was one of her favorites. She had many. Each, a name, each a special memory, each a special item. For they were all something that was grand, something that made her feel alive. Seen. Heard. Noticed.

Tonight was the night, perhaps, once more that she would walk into the blazing, burning lights on stage and find herself at home among it's warm arms and acoustically magnificent architecture. Kimber's eyes were closed. Soft blonde lashes laying against her cheeks. Lips moved, a melody in her head played over and over again. She was not praciticing for what would be tonight. She was creating, ever creating what would be in the future.

Kimber Grace, you're up young lady. Break a leg.

Blue eyes opened. The zone was here, surrounding her. The young girl rose. She brushed the skirt of her dress out as she began to make her way to the stage. She was the main event. The signs and posters around Bastion city mentioned that the Musical Prodigy Kimber would be here tonight.

Had people come for her? Had they left their homes and their lives to come here to see her? Had they really come because they believed in something. The power of music, the beauty of the notes that were no longer on a page but filling the heart and the soul? Or were they here because of their boring lives, they sought instead, enrichment from a source. Any source. Or perhaps it was that some had been given tickets, some had been forced to go by excited wives or husbands, and yet others, children she was sure might have gone as a class trip perhaps.

Kimber was not so bold as to believe that a single person was here, for her.

Not even her parents.

Her heels echoed on the lovely polished hard wood floor of the stage as she made her way to the spotlight. To her left, when she stopped was a beautiful silver piano that had been made and forged with the finest of hands. To play upon it was said to have reached the pinacle. Kimber did not see that this piece of beautiful machine made the pinacle that much more reached, than the skill alone and yet still, she was eager to play on it.

But first.

Pink violin nestled in her shoulder. Skirts of her dress rustled. As she began to prep for the first of the notes everything was crystal clear. The coughs and sneezed heard around the audience, the people that were fiddling with their programs waiting for her to start. The star of the show. She could hear the heels of her high heeled shoes grinding into the wood underneath them. The hum of the air conditioning, the lighting people walking the planks above her head ready to follow her every move.

Her eyes could not see her audience, the lights were bright upon her. Hot. Settling into her skin like a warmth from within. Out there, where the people sat, was a dark black mass. A mass of no one but coughs, shuffling papers, and people saying 'excuse me' as they headed to the consession stands and toilets. Kimber took a deep breath, closed her eyes, and her hand moved.

Summer air blew through the meadow. Carrying with it a degree of scents. Filtering through the normal air was the scents of wild lavender and the soft touch of heather. The brush of the leaves on the calves of the children that played upon the meadow. Laughing as they rushed through the reeds and weeds that grew wild. Clouds spotting the blue sky of beauty. Here there was no worry, no horrible attacks on the Earth. There were no rift beasts and monsters. Only peace.

Red, yellow, and orange. Sunsets on a sunset colored world. The shimmering gold and the burnished browns captivate the entire senses. The scents of cinnamon and burning wood. The feel of ash flying high into the air on the autumn evening with a bite of a chill and a the warmth of the fire close by. Knowing that you are surrounded by those that you love. Warm food, warm drink, and the warmth of knowing that tonight is a night that will never be forgotten.

Gentle rushing of the water. Over the stones, trickling around the soft brambles and bushes that lay upon the side of the river. Soft curves and sways of the natural way that the river moved through the countryside and over the hills. Over the hills traveling as far as the eye could see and further yet. Splashing as the fish hopped and jumped and played within the water. The echo of happiness and warm, the sun shimmering and shining down on the water. Catching upon it like a diamond on the top. Shimmering gems that were hidden to the eye until nature decided to give her secrets to those that could see them.

Natures crystals. Shimmering. Clinging. Singing in the new year. Shivering as they stand high upon the branches of trees. The sunlight shimers, the drips and drops of the soft white world shimmer through the sunlight. Catching the light and shimmering like raining diamonds. Clitter and clatter as they find the leaves and ferns below. Find the rabbits and bears asleep in their hovels and those brisk winds that carry upon it the rememberance of summer months and running through the meadows of childhood homes. The crackle of feet as they descend through the white wilderness and find themselves upon the Earth below. Soon the world will sing again of all it's joys.

The year, the year has passed and with it taken many memories. Bringing with it more tidings and beauty than a soul can absorb. Here and there, taking it in strides, bringing it to the eyes of those that live upon the world so that they too may enjoy the beauty that nature has given.

The song ended and her eyes opened her head lifting up completely from the pink violin that now hung softly by her side. She waited, because next there would be the piano, next she would have another gift to give to the audience. She wondered sometimes, internally, what the people around her thought. What they heard and felt when they listened to her music. What they imagined, and what effect it had upon them. Perhaps they had not known her before, but perhaps they would know her now.
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PostSubject: Re: Stardust and Wishes (Liam) {Complete}   Tue May 15, 2012 6:08 pm

Liam was in no way a patron of the arts. He enjoyed music, but he was not the least bit musically inclined. When the church choir sang hymns Liam shut his mouth, hummed along, and listened to the people who could actually sing. He had won the tickets to the concerts opening night in a church charity raffle. Businesses and philanthropists donated items to be used as prizes, and people bought chances to be used to win the prizes they wanted. The proceeds from the auction were donated to charities that helped those in need, so Liam bought tickets with what money he had to spare, knowing it would go to a good cause. He didn't actually expect to win anything, but he did. Not one for nights out on the town he was a bit disheartened when he was told that he could not donate the tickets to be auctioned off again. The teachings of the Divine frowned upon needless waste of anything, so Liam stopped protesting and went.

The auditorium was dark, and the shuffle of countless hundreds made a quiet cacophony. Liam sat next to another member of the Acolytes who was equally as uncomfortable at a social event. Everything fell into silence when the curtain rose, and the lights came up. Liam watched the waifish blonde walk to center stage. The program had a full write up on the headline performer. He couldn't believe the story it laid out. A young woman blessed with a gift for music, and stricken with mana sickness that took sound away from her. It was a tragic story of perseverance.

The first note filled the silent hall with music and caressed the ears of everyone there and lured them deep into their own souls. The journey was different for each person. The notes were joyous and uplifting, they felt like a world without troubles or hardship. For Liam however they struck a chord deep inside him, and the melancholy reverberations spread. He had never experienced green grass on a carefree day when threat of life ending wasn't a possibility. The music made him think of the last time he came closest to feeling the sun on his face.

It was years ago when he was still a boy and his mother and father were still alive. His mother was an amazing cook. No matter how little there was, or the lack of ingredients, she somehow managed to make a delicious meal. He would stay close by and play in the kitchen while she cooked. Liam loved the smells that she made. Anywhere his mother was always smelled good, she always smelled good. The war took his father, then his mother, and left him alone in a world of darkness. An orphan in a war torn world that survived an apocalypse, Liam had to learn how to survive on his own. Just when he had found his way, he had been possessed by a fiend.

Years spent imprisoned in his own mind while something else controlled his body, destroying and murdering everything around him. Somehow he managed to survive. The Divine had spared him for some reason, and he chose to devote his life to hunting evil. It was the only way he could think of to atone for the fiend's sins.

Darkness, pain, and a war with an unseen evil that could be anywhere at any time. This was his life of service to the Divine. A path he chose because the Divine had spared is life for some reason, a reason he didn't understand. The music took him through his life and deeper into the pain he carried, until memory reminded him of something new. Thoughts turned to an evening he recently shared with a young woman.

She had followed him like some character out of a little girl's mystery novel, hoping to uncover some conspiracy, and all she got was food being given to the unfortunate. Undeterred she made the most of the evening, and somehow dragged him along kicking and screaming. Before he knew it the kicking and screaming turned into an evening stroll and pointless conversation. He even smiled. Not the mask that he wore for the benefit of the world. Somehow he had forgotten about his duty and his past, and managed to get lost in the moment. It was like the sun had walked into his life and held back the darkness for a single golden night.

The final notes lingered in the air that filled the now dead silent concert hall. Liam sat there staring at the stage astounded by the performance. There was no magic at work save for that which the girl needed to be heard, but it managed to hold him spellbound. Every note carried such life and emotion that it resonated within him stirring his own emotions. Kimber grace stood there in silence waiting for the judgment of her awestruck crowd to come. While everyone remembered themselves, and jumped to their feet to let loose thunderous applause, Liam sat there and felt a single tear streak down his cheek. The first moment of peace in so long, and it was so foreign he didn't even recognize it. It wasn't until now, made to think back upon it by this girl's music, that he realized the gift he had been given. Wiping the tear away, Liam stood up, and added his hands to the deafening thanks the crowed owed Kimber Grace. "Truly a gift," he said quietly as he saw the hand of the Divine at work in a world where everything seemed random and unconnected until it all came together.
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PostSubject: Re: Stardust and Wishes (Liam) {Complete}   Wed May 16, 2012 11:09 am

The applause.

It was moments in coming. The moments were long. Seconds ticking by. Slowly, the tic and the toc of the clock just a little further apart than one might think. Standing there. With blue eyes. On an invisible crowd. It was hard for her to understand, really, what they might be thinking. What was going through their minds. What they felt, thought, heard. She knew that music had different effects on different people. One might remember their childhood, another their wedding, and another yet the smell of their mother when she rocked them to sleep. There were many things that would effect the thoughts and feelings of those brought up by music.

And yet, not all of them were good.

The shower of applause was loud. A cacophany of sound that filtered up from the audience and towards her ears. She blushed, severely. And she gave a slight cursty before she turned towards the amazing silver piano that sat glimmering as though it was somehow made of starlight. She slid herself between the piano and the bench and sat down. She lay her violin in a stand that had been placed just to the right of the piano just for her and her fingers lay softly on the cool white keys as she took in a deep breath.

Again her eyes closed.. and this.. her last song of the evening, would be something different.

Drip.. drop...

The tinkling and sprinkling of the little drops as they fell softly upon the plants and flowers. Upon the soft ground that was now moisting with the condensation from above. The wet scent of the world infiltrated the senses. Taking with it the dry scents of the day. Instead replacing them with the thick and heady sent of the amazing world around them. Aroma of the dark soil now moistened with the gift of Terra. The soft ferns brushing against it's darkened ground as it hung heavily with the beautiful dropplets of crystaline rain.

The world was in melody. The shimmering drops were the tiny hammers that pounded upon the world allowing for the most beautiful of sounds. The world's orchestra at it's best and there was nothing more beautiful than it. The splish splash bass of the droplets in the waters upon the river that rushed with the heavy overflow because of the rain itself. The lighter softer notes of the cushioned falls of the drops hitting against the folliage that was already wet and heavy with the rain. Sliding and squirming down until it impacted nearly silently with the ground beneath.

Above in the forested tree tops was the rush of the gentle notes, the back ground. Filling in the areas where the others lacked adding a gentle soft melody that carried along through the beauty of the harder notes, and melded with the softer notes to create a world of melody.

And then.. it stopped, drips and drops...

..drip.. drop....

...and silence.

It was not as long as the one before. But it was beautiful, heart wrenching, and as she stood. Gathering her violin, she gave a slight silent bow to the crowd before the slight and waif like girl turned and began to head back towards the back stage. She was done. People knew her, knew her name now. Perhaps something good would come of it. But one could never say. One could never know. And yet, it was not about fame, for the girl. It was about.. sharing her music. About having a purpose. Turning her disability into something that could, perhaps, be beautiful.


Backstage the young blonde returned to a small room that held a couch, a mirrored table, and her bag and violin case. She stood softly in front of her violin case. Running her fingers over the violin before she returned it. Like an old friend, back to it's velvet folds and closed the case. Snapping the snaps closed. Audibly. The young girl sat on the couch. She was tired. And she was lonely. Always lonely. But even her parents had come to realize, that she would likely always be lonely. There was no one that would be able to really reach the girl. Not unless they were willing to learn a new language to do it. And most, wanted easy, most wanted it done. They wanted not to work for something that could in the end be magical.

Her hands ran over the soft pretty folds of her dress' skirt her mind still running with the music from up on stage.
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PostSubject: Re: Stardust and Wishes (Liam) {Complete}   Wed May 23, 2012 11:52 am

When the talented performer started across the stage to take her seat at the piano the applause from the audience slowly died down. People shuffled in the darkness as they retook their seats, and watched the waifish blonde with great expectations. Liam was still lost in the lingering thoughts that her first piece had stirred in his mind, but the first notes drew his attention with their slow building. They quieted the noise in his mind, and allowed his soul to feel something new. The notes she played were like raindrops soothing his ears and cleansing the world around him. In a world that had seen so much devastation, the rain was the only respite from the grit and grime it caused. In the darkness Liam looked around at the few people he could make out. Their faces looked as if they felt physical relief and she was their storm.

When the performance was over Liam stood from his seat and joined the standing ovation that the crowed gave Kimber. He turned to his companion, leaned in, and said "Do you think they will let us meet her?" he asked. To that, the broad shouldered man simply shrugged and went back to clapping. From him it was as good as written permission for Liam to do whatever he wanted. The house lights came up and the crowd started to disperse, shuffling their way down the aisles, and out the doors. Liam, however, went the opposite direction, and wove his way through the oncoming stream of people. His companion watched Liam go, and then joined the crowed so that he could return to the Temple.

The lone Shepherd found his way to the side stage stairs where he found a security guard standing in his way. A few well wishers had already been turned away, but Liam saw the look of recognition in the guard's eyes when their gazes met. Again the hand of the Divine was evident in the unfolding of events. The security guard recognized Liam from church services, and had a trusting enough heart to look the other way while Liam made his way back stage. All he asked in return was that the Shepherd didn't implicate him should he be caught and questioned back stage. Liam gave his word, and embarked on the personal adventure to meet this amazing musician so he could thank her.

There were a great many people shuffling around back stage going about their individual tasks so that the collective continued to run smoothly. The vast majority of them where so involved in their tasks that they barely spared Liam a first glance, let alone a second. Those who did saw the clothing that marked him as a Shepherd, and didn't think to question him. The clergy was trusted they had earned it from the people over centuries of service. It was the first time for Liam to be on or behind any sort of stage so he quickly lost himself in the hustle and bustle. His only saving grace was a glimpse of golden hair caught on the corner of his vision. He immediately whipped around to see Kimber Grace moving further backstage and followed her.

The trip was an eventful one because Liam had to quickly find a path around boxes, carts, and people carrying things without knocking anything over. It would have been quite comical to watch, but he made it successfully. His prize was a short corridor that was lined by closely spaced doors. He hadn't seen which one she disappeared behind, but old theatre customs were still alive luckily. One door bore a star, and on that star was the name Kimber Grace. She was the star of this concert after all. He stood there, star struck for a moment, and then nodded resolutely. He just wanted to thank her, that was all, so he reassured himself that he had no need to be nervous. Raising a hand, Liam gave the door a few raps and spoke out, "Miss Grace....?"
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PostSubject: Re: Stardust and Wishes (Liam) {Complete}   Fri Jun 01, 2012 11:15 pm

Tic.. toc...

Tick... tock....

The clock. There. Somewhere close by. Counting down the seconds. Long agonizing seconds. There were times. The young girl wondered. Wondered at a great many things. But mostly, she was curious about her life. How.. how could she be so cursed. Cursed to live a life of silence. To hear but never speak. To have music, and have it taken away. The only saving grace was that her grandmother had found the armlet. That. That had been the only thing. Saving her sanity. But no one, no one gave the musician a chance. Finding her silent, they were more amazed at her talent. But not amazed enough to befriend, only amazed enough to offer her congratulations on a job well done and leave.


Always whispering.

Talking about her in a pitiful way. The poor girl. She couldn't speak. She was lucky.. lucky she could make music. And she was. Lucky. But that wasn't what she wanted people to remember. Kimber sighed, letting her control go. For a mere moment. A sigh of relief. Silent, but there. And yet, her eyes opened. Control came back. The strain on her body there once more. She was used to it. A burden to carry forever.

A knock.

Such a simple thing, that.

She rose. Silently of course. No one really ever came to visit her. But she was interested. Who might be there. She twisted the knob. There, a man stood. For a moment, she froze. Fear filled her eyes. Men were mean. For the most part. Picking and nitpicking and saying cruel things. But then, he was dressed. Shepards robes. Her blue eyes blinked. She motioned for him to enter. Leaving the door open.

Not out of fear, but out of propriety.

Kimber was nothing, if not polite and cautious. She was probably more old school than most. She had heard the word used for her often. But when one couldn't speak you were often more likely to just.. allow yourself to fall back to the more safe ways of life. Leaving the door open meant that, should anything go wrong, which she doubted, while she couldn't scream, she could run, or someone might see. Regardless, it mattered not, as she motioned for him to sit on the couch and she sat a space away from him.

Hands in her lap. Against the beautiful fabric of the dress she wore.

She waited. For the man had come to see her. She was not sure why. But .. but she knew that he must have something to say and so.. she waited.
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PostSubject: Re: Stardust and Wishes (Liam) {Complete}   Mon Jun 04, 2012 6:23 pm

The rap of his knuckles on the door was a deafening sound that echoed through his head as he pondered what it was he was doing. This moment was so far outside his comfort zone that it was completely alien. He didn't go to concerts, he didn't enjoy crowds unless they were his congregation at Temple or some other Church business, and he didn't talk to women unless they were clergy. Neona was different. She wasn't like other women. He pushed the strange woman he had met the other night out of his mind once again. He had lost count of how many times she managed to invade his thoughts since he met her. There was another woman that required his attention now, because the door had opened and there she stood. For a moment he stood there star struck.

She was tiny compared to him, and Liam was by no stretch of the imagination a big man. Kimber Grace seemed so much larger on stage. How could this girl have such a dominating presence? It was a testament to her talent. Liam opened his mouth to speak and the afterthought came, 'can she even hear me?' Instead of making a fool of himself he spoke anyway. "Hello...." he started to say, but stopped when she turned from the door and walked inside the dressing room. He stopped and eyed her curiously. Even though she was wearing high heels, her footsteps on the hard wood floor were silent. It made him painfully aware of the noise outside the room and the stark contrast it made. He knew Acolyte Defenders who moved like ghosts through the world, but this was something else entirely. It was unnatural. The world was devoid of sound where she was concerned.

Liam was obviously being invited in so he assumed that she could hear his words, and whatever affliction kept her silent did not extend to him or his words. He stepped into the room with her and left the door open so that she would know he meant her no harm or had any immoral intentions "I'm sorry if I'm intruding. My name is Liam Grey. I was in the audience and.....I wanted to say thank you.". Kimber sat and looked up at him expectantly while he stood there in the center of the room speaking to her. There was definitely the look of understanding on her face, so his words did reach her ears, but sitting there silently as she did, Liam didn't know what else to do. Liam assumed that she wanted him to sit with her so he did.

Quickly crossing over to the couch and sitting down on the far side, there was an awkwardness to his movements that came from an unfamiliarity. Liam sat there and smiled nervously before a moment. His hands rubbed together for a moment before he looked at her sitting there expectantly. Finally he spoke. "You have a gift, Miss Grace. We live in a world where men and women wield magic, and tonight I found a true miracle of the Divine Collective in your music." There he had said it. Now that the words were out in open air he felt a bit foppish, but they had to be said. "You're music moved me. I just wanted to say thank you."
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PostSubject: Re: Stardust and Wishes (Liam) {Complete}   Tue Jun 05, 2012 10:03 pm

He appologized for intruding.

She felt as though.. she did not know.. why.. he was here. She did not feel intruded upon. The silent life was a very lonely life. At least the silent men living together in vast complexs throughout history had each other for friendship. With sign language and written notes they had been able to lead fairly normal lives without needing to speak at all. But they did not alter the world around them with the silence as she did. She would probably never know love, the touch of someone that cared for her, she would probably never know the cry of her own child.

There were so many things, the silent girl would never know, and loneliness plagued her footsteps where ever she went.

The man introduced himself. Liam, his name was. A good solid name, she liked it. He seemed friendly enough, she had no doubt he meant to cause her no harm. The fact that he told her 'thank you' shocked her. The look on her face gave that away. She looked over at him with wide blue eyes as he sat himself down on the far side of the couch. He seemed as nervous as she.

She nodded.

Most didn't know sign. She would not assume he did. But she twisted her upper body and leaned over. Grabbing up a small computer that fit nicely in her lap. She ran her hand over it. High tech of course. But when you had no one and nothing really to spend your money on she could afford something like this. The computer came to life, and it connected to the computers that were set across the room on the dressing table so that they would not be affected by her powers.

When he called her a miracle.

Her hands froze.

Hovering over the keys, as she looked up. A shimmering in her eyes gave away the tears that threatened to fall. A miracle. No one, ever, would use such a thing in the same sentence as her name. In the same topic as she was. No one. Not a single person would ever consider her a miracle. Her parents, maybe, before her silence came on. And then their loss of her loss was felt by all, when her Grandmother found a way for her music to return they were mollified but never.. never would they think her a miracle.

Her fingers typed. She did not look at him. Nor did they make a single sound. But a female voice came from the speakers across the room.

~I am pleased you enjoyed the show. It is overwhelming to know that I could touch one soul, much less many. I wish to be a positive influence in the lives of those that hear my music and yet few ever tell me if they are at the least bit moved. Your words have moved me, and I appreciate your visit.~

Kimber stopped typing.

~What... what moved you?~ the voice asked before she could stop her fingers from typing the question. Though blushing, she was more than eager to hear such an answer.
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PostSubject: Re: Stardust and Wishes (Liam) {Complete}   Thu Jun 07, 2012 4:16 pm

Liam raised an eyebrow when he saw the young woman set a portable computer upon her lap and turn it on with a simple wave of her delicate hand.  He was certainly not one for technology in any if it's forms.  The things he used in his every day life worked and that was all he needed to know.  An even larger surprise was the decidedly female electronic voice that sounded across the room from the computer speakers.  "Wha... Wow.  That's amazing. " he said through a pleasant grin that proved his words were genuine.  The tears brimming in her eyes made him begin to doubt himself. Like most men he didn't handle a woman's tears very well. 

Thankfully the words that came from the box across the room assuaged his fears, and kept him from second guessing his being there.  It was beyond him that this woman could think that her music touching him was  a rare occurrence.  "How can you think that I'm the oddity?  You can hear yourself play, right?" he asked her a bit flabbergasted.  Just like her earlier surprise, it was written all over his face.  He looked away for a moment and then back at her. "You can't see the faces of the people who listen to you , but.........." he said and suddenly his words were plunged into silence.

He wasn't thinking about what he was doing.  Liam had been around his congregation so much that he was accustomed to comforting people that knew him.  He reached out and took hold of her hand, not knowing that touching her would cause him to fall under the spell of her silence like one of her instruments.  His lips moved and no sound came out.  His eyes went wide in surprise and he let go of her hand.  He cleared his throat, and found his sound returned to him, "... oh my. " Liam suddenly had the realization of how isolated this affliction made her world.  There was no hesitation in him after he came to understanding.  Liam's hand closed the distance once more and took firm hold of hers once more.  He held it for a moment and looked into her eyes as if to say he was not afraid and he accepted as she was.  As simple a thing a thing that touch was, it could hold profound meaning. It could share strength. 

When he let go of her hand, she somehow knew that it was only so she could hear his words, and not out of fear.  "I saw the faces of the people around me. I wasn't the only one you touched.  Your music made me think about my life, all of it.  I've.... seen a lot of horrible things, and lost the people closest to me.  It hurt, but it also showed me the good in my life, and made me appreciate it.  I felt hope.  It's not all bad and things can always get better." His voice was solemn and he held her gaze as securely as he has held her hand.  
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PostSubject: Re: Stardust and Wishes (Liam) {Complete}   Sat Jun 09, 2012 10:12 am

He was amazed.

She too had been. In the beginning. When she realized that technology could give her words. If she was not sitting too close. Because, if she let her aura go, if she let it filter out of her control or something made her lose control. Then everything, would be silent. For yards and yards. The one time, that the girl in the city was fighting a rift beast. Somehow, her power had gone out of control. And there, it had silenced the entire city. All at once. Kimber had been terrified. Until she passed out. And was helped by a man. She could not even remember his face. Her vision so blurred as the black crept into her eye sight before it disappeared completely.

A chuckle. When he mentioned, her saying he was an oddity. Nodding to his question.

It was soundless. But her face lit up. for a moment. In a chuckle. Smile on her soft pink lips. White teeth showing. And then it disappeared. There was not much. For the girl to smile for. On a day to day basis. If she did not have her music. She would have nothing. She would be beyond depressed. As it was. It was hard for her to. Be able to enjoy life. Without having anyone to share it with. She was not so disillusioned to think she could find love or any sort of relationship, but she would appreciate a friend.

And then.

He touched her.

Fear filled her. Body tightened, tensed. Eyes filled with fear. He was silent. And she knew why. He was touching her hand. Common for people. Trying to get their point across. Touching. But this, this was different. Because to touch her, was to lose your voice. Until you let go. She could not control her power beyond her own body. She could keep her aura from touching others. But if they invaded her own, they were as effected as she herself was.

He let go of her hand.

A curse. A horrible curse. One that, constantly reminded her that she was not like others. She would never laugh and shop at the malls. She would never be able to sing along in the car. She would never be able to sing in the shower. Everything, every single thing she did, made not a single noise. She was constantly terrifed of being attacked. No one would hear her if she was. She could be beaten to death, and no one would ever hear a thing. So many things in the world frightened her. She tried to be strong, tried so hard, but people ridiculed her for her defectiveness. They did not want to 'catch' her sickness.

She jumped. When he went to touch her hand again. The surprise of it caught her completely off guard. No one ever touched her twice. Even her parents barely ever touched her because of the silence effect. It wasn't as if she was a mind reader, or telepath. She had no way to communicate other than sign language and her computer. She was in a world that she could not reach, in a world that, no one wanted to enter. Her eyes shifted, and looked down at his hand on her own.

The warmth. The kindness. Not something she was used to. A prolongued touch. It touched her inwardly, in ways that she rarely ever knew. She relaxed. Body softening a little bit.

It was only a few moments, but it had touched her. His hand let go gently. And her eyes shifted up to his as he went back to speaking. Saying that the faces of the people around him when she played.. that she had touched them. A slow small smile crossed her face as he said this. Her music made him remember his life. The good and the bad. Then he went silent again, and took her hand. She sat there. Enjoying touch. For a few moments. Enjoying the marvel of something that most people took for granted. It was so nice. To touch, to be touched, to not have to fear everything.

After a few moments she took her hand away. Loathe to break the hold, but she needed it to type.

~Thank you. You have touched me in a way that I cannot thank you enough for. I appreciate everything you have done for me. It has been, a blessing to meet you. There are many that think, I have a curse, or perhaps some sort of disease. Thank you, for not being afraid of me.~

She looked up from her computer, and wandered why he had come to her show. It was strange to think that someone would come to see her music. Someone from the Divine Collective.

~Can I ask what brought you to me tonight? Here and, the show?~
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Liam could clearly see the relief on her face when he took her hand again. Her pain was do evident, so real, and so unnecessary. People's fears and ignorance caused her to be a constant victim. The worse part in it, was those same people probably didn't even realize they were doing it. It felt good to hold her hand and make that connection. When Kimber took her hand back to type Liam responded by shaking his head and saying, "There is no reason to be afraid of you. They are wrong to treat you that way. People don't think about how their actions affect others. They are too caught up in being the center of their own petty little worlds. "

He was silent for a moment so that he could make certain he had not said anything to upset her further. Liam didn't have very much experience with women, so most of this encounter was off the cuff. Yes he was a Shepherd, but Acolytes were more for the task of guarding the flock, and only ministered to them in times of peace. Relieved to see that he had not made things with words he meant to comfort her, Liam turned thoughts to the question she asked him. It was only a moment before nodded to himself and turned to her to give answer. "It's good that you asked that question. "

Reaching into his cassock, Liam pulled out two slips of paper that he handed to Kimber for closer inspection. One of them was a ticket stub for the concert that bore his row letter and seat number. The smaller of the two papers was a ticket for a Church charity auction. "I like music but I've never been a patron of the arts. I won these tickets by chance. I bought into the raffle because or was for charity and didn't care about winning. When they told me I won, I tried let them give the tickets to someone else,but they said no. The Divine teaches against waste so I used the tickets. " he looked around and then at her as if he was taking the entire world in at once. "I was touched by your performance in a way I never thought possible, and now I'm here with you."

There was a moment where he fell silent and thought about the words he spoke next. It was akin to a man standing at the fork in a path, and contemplating the roads that stretched ahead so he could decide which one to take. Liam reached out and took her hand with a strength born of resolve. He found the right path and was going to bring her down it with him. Liam reluctantly let go of her hand so that his words could be heard, "Miss Grace, everything happens for a reason. The Divine Collective have plans for us, all of us. Even if their reasons for something aren't obvious, it doesn't mean that they don't exist. I won those tickets and now I'm here with you."

Liam gave her a moment to think about what he was trying to tell her. There were lines to draw, paths to follow, and events to take into consideration. He wanted to be certain that she understood him, before he brought his point full circle. "Your silence...I know it seems like a curse, but it is too unique a burden they ask you to bear. Why such silence, and why only you? There is a reason for it. One day the reason will come to pass and you will understand."
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He was right. Of course he was. There was no reason for judgement. Especially merely because she could not speak. But even in this world. Her intense connection to mana, frightened most. There were quite a few. That had heard of Mana Sickness. Though it was not actually a sickness. That was what, a lot of people, called it. Kimber did not see it as an illness. One could not catch it. It did not come and go. There was no cure. Poeple were working to find one, but she doubted it would be something she would ever experience in her life time. Sometimes, she wondered what her voice would sound like. What it would be like to sing along to the radio. To sing in the shower. To be able to tell someone she loved them.

None of those would ever be possible.

He explained the tickets. The charity raffle. The drawing. And how he had won. He told her that he wanted to give the tickets back. But that wasn't possible, and so instead of wasting them, he decided to use them. Which had brought him here. He once more explained he was touched by her performance. Bringing a slight smile to her lips. It was good to hear. Often, people did not wish to talk to her. She tended to hear compliments from posts on internet and things like that.

His hand came to hers a moment.

She blushed. But relaxed. It was nice. She could take pleasure in such things where others could not. Touch was something taken for granted when it concerned most people. She needed it. Craved it. And yet she rarely recieved it because of her problems. So the touch of a perfect stranger, albeit one that had a name now, was refreshing. He believed it was fate. He was meant to be here. Her eyes shifted. Looking over at him. She did not understand what he meant. She understood that he felt that it was his purpose to be here. But she was not sure what that purpose was. What was he to do, to say, to be?

He believed that her silence was not a curse. Luckily, she had never really thought of it as a curse. Merely, an obsticle. One that she could not triumph over. Hopeless, that it was. She was certain it was not a curse. But there were times, times that she wished she could speak for herself.

~Do you think so? That my life was put forth, so that I may touch the lives of others. I am blessed of course, to be able to play my music stiill thanks to my Grandmother's quick and thoughtful thinking. However, I sometimes wish, I could really connect with people. Perhaps you will be my first. How did you become a Shepard?~
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"Of course I do.  I'm a Shepherd.  We aren't supposed to lie.  I can't speak for everyone, but I try to practice what I preach."  Liam was not the type to make jokes or play on puns, but anything was possible and sometimes it happened on its owned.  He actually gave a small chuckle when he realized what he said.  It was nice, just sitting here talking to her like this.  He couldn't imagine that things would hae turned out this way.  She was very nice, and certainly in need of someone to listen to her.  Everyone had something they needed to say, even the silent.  Especially those who weren't silenced by choice. He could sit there and listen to her for hours because she was so genuinely nice, and her problems were more than selfish wants that the world failed to give in to.  

That role of listener came to an end before he realized it.  Liam felt his world stop for the span of a heart beat, and that frozen moment lasted too long for comfort.  Such a nice girl, such a good spirit.  Of course sh would ask about him.  She didn't mean anything by it.  How could she have known what dark days put him on this path.  Liam looked away from her eyes, and aimed his gaze at the floor.  His hands clasped one another loosely, and began to rub.  It was clear that what she asked made him nervous.  "I practice what I preach even if I don't like what I have to say."  His voice bore the weight of a heavy soul.  It was like someone dropped a boulder into the room to break the silence, and it did not bounce.  His eyes went back to her, some of the light in them gone, "I became a Shepherd because I didn't die."

"The world is a very large place, full of good and bad..... some of that bad is evil."  He looked away from her as if ashamed that he had to tell her such a thing, but he wasn't telling her some happy lie or cryptic half truth.  This man believed in the power of the truth for better or worse.  "I was a teenager during the Enlightenment.  My mother and father had died during the war and I was on my own for years.  I survived the war and the cataclysm, but the the same thing that ended the fighting unleashed something just as bad."  He met her gaze with reason now.  She had to see that he was telling the truth about what he said next, because it was too easy to dismiss.  "The things from the Holy books, the dark beasts, they are real and, the Enlightenment gave them a way in.."

"I was one of the first people possessed by the wave it unleashed.  One of the first possessed, but not one of the first to be saved.  I spent years as a prisoner in my own body.  I was forced to see everything the beast did.  I couldn't look away, and neither did it, because it knew I could see.  He would look and the mirror and talk to me after he......." Liam stopped himself mid sentence.  He didn't want to go into detail about the blood that stained his hands.  "IT did very bad things.   It was smarter than others like it.  It was careful not to get caught, and trapped me for years.  I prayed that it would make a mistake, that it would get caught, or someone would get lucky and kill it, and me with it.  I didn't want to live with the things that I'd seen."

Talking about this took a lot out of Liam.  It drained his spirits because the was cursed with carrying the burden of the memories.  When he spoke of the dark times, he was forced to relive them through his mind's eye.  A seemingly endless procession of blood stained moments, and he was in every one of them. "On day the Divine answered my prayers.  Acolytes of the Church had picked up his trail, an started hunting him.  They'd learned how to expel the fiends to save their human hosts, but sometimes the monster is to strong to be forced out, and they still have to kill the host.  The one inside me had grown that strong.  They couldn't exorcise him so I had to die for the greater good, so it would die with me.  I was fine with that.....I wanted to die." 

Liam raised a hand to his chest and rubbed the spot over his heart.  Kimber couldn't see it, but there was a hung scar beneath his clothes, marring his skin.  He had scars and tattoos all over his body, but they faded from sight when this one was in view.  This was a mortal wound that by some miracle of the Divine, he survived when he shouldn't have.   "They stabbed be in the heart, so it was a quick merciful death.  The binding spells weren't perfect, and the fiend was able to escape my body.  The Acolyte's aim wasn't perfect either.  One of my ribs deflected the blade, and he didn't destroy my heart. "

"I laid there, gaping hole in my chest, coughing up blood because my lungs were filled with it, and the only thing I could think about was that i was dying and not taking that monster with me. I was so angry.  At the Shepherd, at the Divine Collective, at the monster that got to live.....  I didn't want to die for nothing."  Liam wasn't aware of it but his hands were clenched into fists so tight, that the blood was pushed out of them entirely.  White knuckles trembled with strain as he remembered the anger and hatred he felt in that moment.  "All the time that I spent possessed.... I never felt more forsaken than I did at that moment. "  He sat back and looked up at the ceiling for a moment and exhaled a deep breath.  He wasn't an emotional man, he wasn't going to break down crying, but this wasn't something that he willingly let out.  

"I didn't die.  The Divine spared me from dying from nothing.  The Shepherds were able to keep me alive if only barely.  I was in a hospital for months.  Surgeries to repair the damage, physical therapy to teach me how to move again, and constant pain to keep me company.  It gave me a lot of time to think.  I was alive and every time I closed my eyes I saw the things it did..... the things I did.   The Shepherds said that I wasn't responsible for them, but it was always my hands I saw.... my face looking back at me in every reflection." Liam looked at her and his eyes looked the same, but they were different somehow.  The light had mostly disappeared from them, but not completely.  "I was too weak to fight him, and stop him.  I joined the Church and became a Shepherd so I could make amends for all the evil I let happen.  I became a Cleric so I could hunt that monster and every one like it down.  I'm not weak anymore. "
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Kimber was entranced.

The story. The tale. The heroic legacy of a man. One that had been young. Impressionable. And in the wrong place at the right time. Perhaps at least. The way she saw it. Perhaps it was fate. If there was such a thing. Destiny? For were they not sisters. Walking hand in hand. Touching, effecting, changing. Little things, big things, things that were noticed, things that were overlooked. The constant hands filtering through the strands of time. The silvery ripples, it was most definatly, a mystery to never be solved.

And yet.

She listened.

The Shepherd told her his tale. Not a tale of the Divine. Not a calling bigger than his own. Not a self-less gift of himself to that of the Divine. No, but instead, the horror. The horror of being completely taken over. The entity in his body. Controlling, murdering, killing, and maiming. The evil that touched his should. Outpoured from his body. Creating waves of chaos, pain, and horror in it's wake.

That was the story of the Shepherd.

He had kept vigil. In his body. Waiting. In time, he knew, hoped, prayed, that salvation was to find him. And it did. But things were not as easy as it seemed. The demon had vacated the skin husk that it had entered. Leaving behind this man, within his own skin again. And yet, death rose to claim him. To call him home, after all the horrors, after all of the torture of seeing his hands complete crimes only heard in news stories and books.. death called his name.

A matter of fate. A matter of destiny. Or was it a matter of luck.

The blade did not find the flesh it sought. The heart, still beat within his chest. The Divine had spared him though. Not dead, they healed him. But the beast was still on the lose. Probably, easily, taking on the body of another. Hiding in plain sight. Killing, and torturing, once more. In a body that was no longer of the Shepherd that was beside her. But instead, borrowing the flesh and life of another.


He remembers the horrors. Remembers the insanity. Remembers that he was not strong enough to fight. Joining the Divine was his way, he would become strong, stronger than ever. He was on a mission to find the demon. Bring him down. Revenge for all that he had lost.

Kimber was no healer.

She wished, that she were. Wished that she could lay her hand upon his soul and uplift it somehow. But she could not. Still, she was not powerless. The young girl. Blonde. So fragile. Shifted up. Legs swinging underneath her. Moved slightly and she hugged him. Plunging them both into utter silence. She hugged him gently. Her hand. Laying on the nape of his neck. Her other arm. Wrapped across his back. She was so slight. So fragile. Inwardly, she was strong. A tiny little sparrow. So weak seeming on the outside. But with determination. With strong will. She would fly.

The hug, probably a little longer than it needed to be. Lasted a few minutes. Before she pulled back. Looking up at him. With those blue eyes of hers. Giving him a slight and soft smile.

~No one is too weak. You are not as weak as you think. Inside, you will find all the strength you desire and more. Strength is not found in the desire for revenge and vengence. Strength is found in ones loved, and touched. Lives of those around you that believe in you and your cause. These are where the strength in you lay. Strength is not a matter of a man who is strong on the outside, it is, instead, the heart, determination, and the belief inside.~

Her fingers flew, once more, noise-lessly over the keyboard to her computer. Her eyes never leaving his. The voice across the room telling him what she was saying. He needed to know.

~In your eyes. In your heart. In your soul. I see the strength. You will not lose the battle which you are destined to seek.~
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Liam didn't know or understand why, but he lay both his past and his soul bare before this young slip of a woman. The Church was in the practice of hearing the confessions of the members of its congregation even if it gave up the act of absolving sins. They chose a route of guidance and counseling those who confessed so that they could change their ways, and live in the Light. Shepherd Grey was one listened and guided but he rarely opened up to others. He sought guidance in prayer and searching for the hand of the Divine as it played out before him. Here he was confessing to a woman he just met.

He was not prepared for what came next. Liam still felt the weight of what the demon did pressing upon his conscience, but he turned to the owner of the thoughts behind the computerized voice and saw no accusation in her eyes. Instead he found acceptance. It was the first time that he spoke to anyone other than members of the Clergy about his possession. He didn't shy away from the embrace that she gave him. He welcomed it. The physical contact brought him a world of solace and security. Even the silence gave him a sense of peace. The world was drowned out by deafening silence, and with one sense gone he was free to focus on others. He began comforting her and now she was comforting him. The Divine truly did have a plan.

There was no shaking the feeling. Liam was still stunned when she let go of him, and went back to typing. The world had sound once more, and it was filled with even more words that sought to give him comfort. "Thank you..... Thank you for your kind words." he finally brought himself to say. His hands wrung around one another as if trying to massage the feeling back into them. It was a difficult subject for him, one that he couldn't bury or ignore. Eyes closed and thoughts turned towards pushing the subject as far back into the recesses of his mind.

"I've never told that to anyone outside of the Clergy. Honestly I don't know why I even told you. I guess... there's something to getting things off of your chest. " Looking about the room a bit uncomfortably after his confession, he caught sight of a clock, and refused to believe what time it was. He turned his eyes to the simple time piece he wore on his wrist, and checked the validity of what the other clock showed. Eyes widened and he scrubbed his hand through his hair quickly. "I've got to go. I have someone waiting for me outside. " he said in a bit of a rush as he stood up and smoothed his pants and cassock down. "I'm sorry to have taken up so much of your time Miss Grace."

He smiled through his embarrassment and extended his hand to Kimber in a polite farewell. He truly did enjoy his time with her, however short it was. Her view of the world was refreshing. It was also quite a site to see someone who had such an amazing talent, and still remained humble despite it. "You've been so nice, let me repay your kindness. If you ever have any free time while you're in Bastion please come to the Grand Temple. I will show you around. It is a wonderful place.... I think you would enjoy the acoustics." He had heard the choir director complementing the sound quality of the architecture time and time again, so it came to mind when he was telling the musician about the Temple. "Just tell them Liam Grey invited you. They will find me." With that invitation extended, Liam exited the room to allow her to resume what she was doing before he interrupted.
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She was honored.

That he told her, when he had told no one else. Though, it was common. People said things, to women who could not speak, that they would not say to others. Yes, she had different ways of communicating. It was not that. But she supposed. People felt safe. Safe in the fact that she was a good listener. That she could not interupt. Perhaps she herself, was like.. a clergy-man. Someone that could listen. No matter what. Someone that would understand. Someone that, could take your words. Instead of judging, give hope.

Perhaps then, that was her true calling.

But perhaps not.

She never knew. How could anyone know. Living your life day in and day out. You only knew. That doing what felt right, was good. Doing what was right, was grand. And that, was the kind of thing to drive a person. Doing good, to give hope, to help others do good. So that they would inturn help another. It was a beautiful cycle. If the right person could start it.

He looked at the clock. And she knew. Knew it was time for him to go before he said it. The eyes. The way they widened. The stiffness in his body. The way, his chest heaved. All the non-verbal signals. So she was unsurprised when he appologized for taking her time. And explained to her, that it was time for him to go.

Extending to her, an invitation to visit the Grand Temple. Her own eyes widened at that. She wondered of the wonders within, and decided she would pay that visit. Even if, just to check on Shephard Grey. He deserved to be cared for. Kimber found a soft spot for him all ready. She would check on him. When she could. Perhaps then, they could become friends. It was a dream of hers. To have a friend. Someone she could talk to. Enjoy the company of. She had given up dreams of love.. romance.. companionship a long time ago.

But a friend, a friend would be a miracle in of itself.

She rose, and walked beside him to the door. Giving his hand a gentle squeeze. A silent goodbye. She had no words. Of course. But she would see him soon. In the weeks to come. She had travels. But soon, she would be back in Bastion. She would visit. She would check on her Shephard. Kimber silently watched him go. Wishing he could have stayed. But it was time for her to go too. To gather her things. Return to her lonely apartment. To sit in the silence. To.. be Kimber Grace, once more.
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Stardust and Wishes (Liam) {Complete}
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