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 A Road Paved with Good Intentions. (OPEN)

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PostSubject: A Road Paved with Good Intentions. (OPEN)   Sat May 12, 2012 9:58 pm

The smell was thick. Every present was the scent of rain. Coming off the concrete with the wet smell mixing with oil, grease, and other refuse that had been left upon the roadways of the city. The girl was hunched over. Against the rain. Her oddly pink rain coat was punctuated by a pitter patter melody of the rain drops slamming into the nylon fabric. Keeping her underclothing dry but offering little protection against the cold.

Once more, the weather men had been wrong. Scattered storms was not this deluge that seemed to fall down on the city. Coating and drenching everything. The silver shimmering of the glass on the buildins reflecting in the night time street lights that shone here and there offering pockets of safety and light for those wary souls that traveled the road alone.

Kimber was one such person. Her ride, the one that had been commissioned for her had never shown after her gig. She had been on the complete other side of the city performing for some sort of organization. She could not even remember the name of it, but it paid the bills and the silent girl didn't have the easiest time doing that. There were times, times that she was certain the only way to have a life was to join one of the academies. There she would at least have peers that would be forced to take the time to get to know the small girl that seemed so shy she could be labeled as disabled. Kimber enjoyed her freedom and the joy of travel.

But it took energy.

The sound was loud. And the fire was near instant. Despite the rain, the fire from two cars colliding was bright and bold. Kimber stood there for a moment, watching, shocked and unsure of exactly what she should do. At her side, the white violin case hung. However, she had to do something. Kimber began to walk, towards the site. perhaps there was something she could do. Get someone out. To safety, to help, just out of more harms way. But a hand gripped her upper arm and pulled her back onto the side walk. She looked up to see the police offer looking down at her. Rain pouring off the bill of his hat. The young Kimber looked up at him with her large blue eyes.

Sorry Miss, best you not go in there. Could be bad. Never know. Best go in somewhere, I'll find you for questioning after.

In somewhere? Kimber's eyes looked around. She was not in the best part of town. She supposed that some called it 'seedy' but still, as a witness to a accident she wasn't supposed to just leave though her body ached for her bed and a good night's sleep. There was a neon sign. Bright against the rain. Pink and yellow. Inviting those that would be looking, for a underground oasis. She walked towards it.

The sounds of laughter and horrible music reached her ears. Spine tingling as she stepped down the steps, the horrible music grating upon her nerves making the hair on the her arms stand up. The door was propped open slightly with a wooden peg and she pulled the heavy door open with some force and then stepped in.

Everyone seemed to notice the pink clad girl all at once. The slight girl with her long pale fingers pushed the hood of her raincoat off her head letting her long waist lenght blonde hair fall out and around her. Blue eyes took everything in. Her ears picked up the sublest of movements. Her eyes picked up the men and women there. Each with alcohol in hand. Sitting at tables that were probably soaked in all sorts of alcohol. The music playing from a radio behind the bar but loud enough that everyone could hear. But silence. A quick check of her aura she was sure it was not her that had caused it. At least not her condition.

Taking a deep breath. A blush as pink as her coat on her cheeks. She made her way to the bar and sat up next to a red headed woman that was giving the evil eye to a man across the room. History perhaps? But it was not Kimbers business, she was only here for a little while. The sooner she got out the better. She wanted no trouble and definatly didn't belong in a place like this. Not like she was too good for them, nothing of the sort. Instead, it was more that if anything happened, if trouble came her way she had no way of defending herself. Perhaps there were still good souls in here.

Reaching into the pocket of her coat she withdrew a small memo pad and a little pen and opened the memo pad. On a crisp piece of paper she wrote down what she wanted and then tore out the paper. Folding it she slid it across the bar to the bartender. The woman was lovely, dark hair and intense eyes. Slight wrinkles around the eyes from years of laughter. That was a kind of beauty that was sometimes still hard to find these days. The woman picked up the note and her brow rose before she went and got the girl a glass, filling it with chilled water she handed it to the small pale girl and went back to work. Getting the crowd going again and not concentrating so much on the girl that was so out of place. But at the great time they were having here together.
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PostSubject: Re: A Road Paved with Good Intentions. (OPEN)   Mon Jul 09, 2012 1:47 am


"Ralphie!" Iris' crisp voice rang out as she picked up the nearest empty bottle and chucked it at him. She made sure to watch her strength so it wouldn't actually hurt him. The big man caught it in mid air and arched a brow at her. "You're lucky you're cute lass, get on stage." Iris wrinkled her nose at him and then bounced up on stage. Her stilletto heeled black boots clicked merrily as she made her way to the microphone. The audience began to clap loudly to her arrival and the band began to play something loud and a bit on the gritty side. Just the way she liked it.

Hey did you know you're making eyes with a murderer?
Hey did you know you're swapping lies with a dirty girl?
In order for me to play your nurse,
Your gonna have to tell me where it hurt.

Course there weren't many people would know how much truth hid behind her words. Her bright blue jacket was left open to reveal her black shirt with matching lace. Everyone seemed to be getting into the song, with some even getting up to dance around.

Come on and give it to me
Dare you to give it to me
Give it your best shot
My love is black and blue

Come on and give it to me
Dare you to give it to me
Give it your best shot
Give me your best shot

The song was dark, but Iris liked it that way. She may have looked like a happy and bright ray of sunshine, but that exterior was hiding a dark and wicked core capable of unspeakable acts of violence without batting an eyelash. Her childlike voice had been transformed into that of an adult, and rather sensual, woman. This was the real Iris, no act, none of her crazy leaking through. This was how she should have been if her life had taken it's proper course...if the war hadn't completely screwed her out of everything she had been meant to do.

Once the song ended, she descended from the stage, high fiving everyone as she made her way to the bar. "Shelley! I need some shots!" The bartender snorted and muttered something about wasting booze but she poured Iris her requested shots of whiskey mixed with tequila. Iris' dark hair bounced around her shoulders as she leaned up against the bar. She made a striking contrast the pretty in pink blonde she stood next to. The blonde who smelled utterly delicious.
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PostSubject: Re: A Road Paved with Good Intentions. (OPEN)   Thu Jul 12, 2012 3:10 pm


Dark hair. Slight body.

The girl. She took the stage. But she was no girl. Despite her looks. The eyes. If one were to look into them. Then they would see. This was no girl. Standing there. The stage lights shone upon her. It was not the best of stages. But it had something. It was nice enough, for a place like this. Her voice. Dark and sultry. Kimber was not as surprised as some of the patrons. It was no surprise the woman was older than she seemed. Kimber knew not, how old exactly. But her essence was old. It was a feeling. A tone. Something that told her this.

When the song ended. Kimber was included in the many giving a round of applause. Kimbers fingers itched. She felt like getting up there. Doing her thing. But she was not sure she could pull off something like that. She was not sexy. Not sultry. Not.. anything but Kimber. A girl that had gotten lost in the silence a long time ago. Those blue eyes watched the woman. As she got down, and headed to the bar. Asking for a drink.

The water in front of Kimber, softly gave, a ring on the bar. Condensation leaking down the wet cold glass. Her finger moved. Creating designs on the glass. Her eyes staying to herself. She was instructed to wait here. For how long. She didn't know. What would she do. Her violin case rested. Gently against the bar. Beside her feet. Where it was probably. The safest.

Every so often. Her eyes would stray. Stray to the woman. The one that was downing shots. Kimber wished she could have some sort of.. confidence like that. Men overlooked her. Women were mean. The only people that liked her were if she was playing music. And children. Kimber couldn't remember, the last time she had someone she considered a friend. But even still. Kimber knew. This was her life. This was just, how it was. She had accepted it a long time ago.

"Little Miss, would you like something stronger than water?" the bartender asked.

Kimber shook her head silently. Took a sip of her water. And put it back down. Shrinking a little further into herself.
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PostSubject: Re: A Road Paved with Good Intentions. (OPEN)   Thu Jul 12, 2012 7:29 pm

Iris chose this bar when she was admissibly bored and the Clan had nothing for her to work on. Mel was off doing The Divine knew what tonight, and Iris was simply biding her time until Mel showed up and they could go wreak some havoc on this boring town. Once her shots were set before her, Iris downed them one at a time. While the liquid would give her absolutely no nutrition, the burn did feel good. She still enjoyed the tastes of mortal food, but her Vampiric body needed something altogether different to keep her scientifically dead body moving. Glancing sideways at the girl in pink for a moment, Iris noted how the girl seemed completely out of place and uncomfortable. And she smelled so delicious. It was a good thing Iris had already eaten tonight or the bar would be getting a show they hadn't been counting on.

Due to her specific powers of Negation, the magic that made Iris a Vampire and kept her sentient, also forced her to consume magic in order to fuel the fires, lest she risk burning out and truly becoming a dead body. As such, humans with abilities like Kimber smelled especially sweet to her, and would sustain her for far longer then a normal human. Leaning forward, she motioned for Shelley to come close and then whispered something in her ear. Shelley nodded and moved off to begin making some sort of drink that was the perfect color of pink to match Kimber's adorable dress. Once finished, Iris took the drink from Shelley and turned to face Kimber.

"You seem the fruity type, why don't you try this? On me of course." Iris gave Kimber a warm smile, her dark eyes observing the girl should she reach out to take the drink. If she sipped it, the undeniable flavors of strawberry and watermelon would burst on her tongue, along with a soft, gentle warmth that would travel down her throat and all the way down to her belly if she swallowed. "I'm Iris, can you really play that?" Iris asked of Kimber, motioning to the instrument she kept so close to her. She understood why, musical instruments could be hard to come by. Iris knew how to play the piano, but she really only did so for the Clan during gatherings since Pianos were so rare around town.
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PostSubject: Re: A Road Paved with Good Intentions. (OPEN)   Fri Jul 13, 2012 10:24 pm

The drink was pink.

Like her color. It was what she wore the most. The thing she felt most drawn too. Most comfortable in. It was the color, she felt, that best represented her. She had ordered nothing. Unsure of exactly, why, there was suddenly a brightly colored drink in front of her. Sitting proudly beside her glass of water. The girl beside her. That woman, was lovely. And there she was, buying Kimber a drink. Apparently, it was fruity and seemed as though it would be a drink right up her alley.

Kimber's brow rose.

She nodded softly and pulled the drink closer to her. Kimber was not one for drinking. Especially not alcoholic beverages. She thought, perhaps, she had about two, in her entire life. She sipped. Letting it gently flow onto her tongue. STaying there. She tasted it. Strawberries. Watermelon. A hint of raspberry. It was good. She could still feel and taste the tinge of alcohol that was in the background, but it was not heavy. The woman had chosen well.

She nodded again to the woman. To thank her.

Kimber looked down at the violin case in question. Back up to the girl. She nods again. It was true. Kimber was a music prodigy. Though most didn't know her by face. There were quite a few people, who didn't know, but they had heard her music. On the radio. CD's. On speakers played in different public areas. But it mattered not. She did it for the love of her music. Not for the love of the popularity.

Her name was Iris.


Kimber smiled and reached into her pocket, on the inside of her sweater and she pulled out a small memo pad. It was covered in stickers. Rainbows, unicorns, and all kinds of random child like stickers. Random drawings. She opened it to the first page. And showed it to the woman. There lay her name. Kimber. She pointed to the page. Then herself. To make sure the point had come across. A pen and the pad lay on the bar now. Incase there was further conversation to be had.
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PostSubject: Re: A Road Paved with Good Intentions. (OPEN)   Thu Aug 02, 2012 1:35 am

Iris watched Kimber taste the drink she'd chosen for her, carefully analyzing her reaction to see if she liked it. Something about this woman made Iris begin to think. They way she moved, the way she acted...there was something off about this girl, something different. She didn't speak..was that a choice or because she couldn't?

That answer came when Kimber pulled out the expertly decorated memo pad and showed Iris her name. Of course Iris immediately understood what she was trying to say, she often had to use such methods to get her point across to the adults and boring people she sometimes had to interact with. "Kimber...that's beautiful. I can tell that you're...special. Is it your power that keeps you from talking? Or did something happen to you?" Blunt...that was Iris..blunt like a child.

"I would love to hear you play, I bet you play beautifully. No one as pretty as you could do anything ugly." Iris proclaimed, reaching forward to taste the drink she'd bought for Kimber herself. She rolled it around on her tongue a moment before nodding her appreciation of her own idea. As a vampire, every sense was heightened, sight, touch, smell..even taste. It would be hard to explain to someone who wasn't a Vampire. Though the humans who liked to drink Vampire blood to get high got a taste of what it could be like. It wasn't the same, but it did increase almost everything about them, including their ability to heal, their strength, even their agility. A human who could jump rope before tasting Vampire blood would find he could jump rope as if he'd been born to it, though anything complicated like double dutch would still be hard for him.

Absently she wondered where Mel was, her job for the Clan should have been done by now.
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PostSubject: Re: A Road Paved with Good Intentions. (OPEN)   Thu Aug 02, 2012 8:25 am

Kimber smiled.

How could she not. The woman was nice. Blunt but nice. Taking another sip of the drink, the woman asked her about her silence. Kimber's brow rose. Listening as she posed her question. Kimber didn't mind blunt. What she hated. Was the people that talked around the topic. Or ignored it all together. Trying to make some sort of butchered way of communicating seem completely normal. So, she was not offended, at all in the way that Iris spoke.

Kimber held up one finger.

So that the woman would know. For sure. The the first option was the right one. She was silent because of her power. Or rather, less than power, her defect. Her body was a mana pool. A mana sponge. Whatever you wished to call it.

Kimber's eyes looked down at her violin case. Then back up at Iris. She nodded. She never minded playing. Raising, she put her drink down, and leaned down. Gathering up the case. She opened it. The pink velvet carressed one of her many violins. Picking it up, she headed up to the stage. People were curious all ready. Afterall, it wasn't often you saw a girl with a violin in the bar.

She adjusted the microphone. So that it would capture the best sounds. Closed her eyes. And began.

Her eyes opened after just afew notes. These people were not here for classical. These people were here for a good time. So, she took a chance. And, did something much more upbeat, with a bit of excitment to it.

The music was one of birthdays. Of happiness. The warm breeze on a summer day, and the laughter of children laughing. Footsteps in the meadow grass. The swirl of large dresses on the night air. Running, skipping, laughing.

It was of the carnival. With the bright lights and colors. The merry-go-rounds and carnival rides. High in the air. It was the cool autumn night. The smell of cotton candy and the excitment of new love, new adventures, and a time to remember.

The song ended, and Kimber stood there, awaiting her judgement.
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PostSubject: Re: A Road Paved with Good Intentions. (OPEN)   Sat Aug 04, 2012 12:20 pm

"Always so messy… easier just not to clean, but no, Iris says…" Mel mumbled to herself, stepping out from the building and into the rain. The blood was all over her, but the downpour began washing it from her immediately, pink rivulets traveling down her pale skin to the concrete of the alley before no doubt making their way to a drain somewhere. She looked back down, watching it go, and felt a minor twinge of regret. It seemed like such a waste. But no, she supposed she’d had her fill. Always the creature inside her was hungry, though – nothing she could really do about that.

She lost track of just how long she stood there, looking up to the heavily clouded sky, watching the occasional flash of lightning as it lit the shapes of the clouds from within, before the man walked up to her.

“Miss…? Are you al- oh my god…”

Melantha paused, looking down, and glanced over to the man with unfocused eyes, as though she didn’t really see him, looking toward him more than right at him. She’d left the door open – and the scene inside, well, really wasn’t for the eyes of a soft, city human. He turned to her then, a sort of compassion in her eyes, thinking he understood why she stood so still as though in shock… at least until he saw her eyes.

Finally they snapped into focus on his, her blank expression slowly shifting into something softer, but the smile was purely predatory – especially when her fangs peeked out from between her lips. "You weren’t sup-posed to see-ee tha-aat." she said lightly, her tone turning almost singsong, before she stepped toward him. She was a beautiful creature, her movements all had an almost mesmerizing, languid grace to them, but the man had caught the flash of the monster behind her eyes. He was smart enough to know what it had meant, even without the fangs, and he started to run.

He didn’t get far.

It wasn’t long after that when Mel paused on the street just outside the bar, eyes slightly wide as she looked at the twisted wreckage of the two cars that had collided, mesmerized by the patterns of the broken metal and plastic. She had been walking, but she stopped as she watched, head tilted slightly to one side. For some reason, she was fascinated, and she began to walk toward the mess, clearly lost by her expression, until one of the officers stepped over and put his hand on her shoulder.

Break it!

She started, just for a moment, but made no such move. Instead her eyes softened again, and she looked trustingly up at the officer, who told her to move along and let them work. She gave him a smile and nodded – she’d already eaten far too much for one night, now. And so, acting the damaged little angel, she moved back onto the sidewalk and into the bar. She knew this place, though it took a moment to click, and she stepped through the door with a smile on her lips.

The girl was absolutely soaked by the rain, it never having occurred to her for a moment to bring or steal an umbrella, and the white blouse she had been wearing was still streaked with paint – by this time at least it looked like a light color of dye rather than the blood it was, and not even the policeman had batted an eye at it. Of course, he might have had a small bit of additional trouble looking past the way her soaked shirt and jeans clung to her, though nothing untoward showed though – the outline of her bra of course, but there was nothing to be done about that. Her long hair was a fairly normal shade of brown for a human at the moment, and hung in dripping clumps down around her shoulders and to her back – yet at least the small smile she wore kept her from looking like anything other than some moron who had wandered out into the rain. She’d managed to put on at least something of a mask – no one else would be seeing what that man had in her eyes tonight, so long as she remained unprovoked.

It was another moment before she caught sight of Iris, and slipped through the crowd at a considerable pace before pulling her into a hug from behind. "Iris!" she cried, gleeful – and ignoring how wet she must be getting her best and only friend - "I’m doo-oone"

((First Mel-post! Woo!))
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PostSubject: Re: A Road Paved with Good Intentions. (OPEN)   Sun Aug 05, 2012 3:45 am

So her power made it so she couldn't talk...did that mean she couldn't make sound at all? No cries, no grunts? Even most mutes could at least make sounds if not words. Before Iris could reach out and touch the girl, using her own power to negate Kimber's and truly find out, Kimber got up and moved off to the stage.

Iris' dark eyes lingered on her violin, admiring it's lines and curves. As a connoisseur of music, Iris had an eye for things that would make good sound, and that violin was one of the finest instruments Iris had ever seen. The old piano back at the Clan Catacombs was beautiful, but it was ancient and her violin held the beauty of newness. Also, she needed to re-tune that piano it was starting to sound like a dying bullfrog....she needed to remind Robbie to keep his stupid fingers off it, the boy could play the flute like the pied piper but get him near anything with keys and he was worthless.

If even one person tried to stop Kimber, Iris would be there in the blink of an eye to make sure she was allowed to play. Of course, everyone in this bar knew Iris and had seen the two of them talking before Kimber made her way to the stage so she didn't need to worry about it. Kimber ascended to the microphone unhindered and Iris leaned back on the bar to enjoy herself. She knew this was going to be beautiful. As Kimber was unable to speak, it would stand to reason that her body and mind would compensate.

And Iris was rewarded with exactly what she was hoping for, while the human ears would only pick up the loudest parts of the song, Iris could hear every movement of Kimber's fingers, every slide of the bow across the strings and it was magnificent. It made her think of the happy times she had during her broken childhood, before the world turned inside out and Iris lost everything she'd once held dear.

Closing her eyes, Iris could almost see her 12th birthday, it was the one where Mouse had managed to scrounge up a Mana mutated rat, three times as big as a normal rat and twice as vicious...and just as delicious as the best cooked chicken. They'd even managed to find a candle to stick in it so Iris could blow it out. Isabella was there beside her, laughing at the jokes of the Mouse catching a Rat. It wasn't what you'd call normal...but it was what she had and she cherished those memories.

Suddenly the smell of blood assaulted her nose and Iris barely had time to open her eyes before Mel's cold wet arms embraced her. Her best friend's voice lingered in her ear and Iris turned her now green eyes on her. "You couldn't have changed your clothes first? Now I'm hungry." Iris pouted to her friend, though she couldn't stay mad at her and quickly embraced her. She then settled back in to listen to the end of Kimber's song. Thankfully, Iris had eaten already this night, so her hunger was easily managed, and it helped that the blood on Mel's clothes was mostly washed away. The smell was faint, if it'd been any stronger and this bar might not have any patrons left.

As Kimber pulled her bow across the violin strings for the last time, Iris brought her hands together in the beginning of the applause. After a moment everyone else joined in, so moved by the music that they'd nearly forgotten where they were. A few pieces of money fell onto the stage, though she doubted Kimber needed them, none the less, she had earned them.
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PostSubject: Re: A Road Paved with Good Intentions. (OPEN)   Mon Aug 06, 2012 10:52 pm

The song, she was certain, was lovely.

It was something upbeat. Good feelings of childhood. Love. Romance. Of things that make most smile. This was what she played. The scents of summer, the visions of spring. The warm red noses of winter. And the warmth of fall. Beautiful. Everything, was just right. Bringing out the memories of those in the room. Reminding them of the good times. The good things.

When she finished, it was sudden. almost a wake up call. To most people. She waited. Taking a deep breath. And moments later. Clapping. First from the woman at the bar. And then, coming from everywhere. Within the bar. She gave a smile. A professional bow. Money. Thrown onto the stage. She gave a smile. It would be an insult not to pick it up. It was their way of appreciation. She picked up the money. Bowed again.

At the bar. She put the money she had been given. Into the tip jar. She didn't need it. But the bartender and his people might. A little extra would at the very least. Make them happier in the end of the night. She slid up on the barstool. Took a small sip of her drink.

Looked over. The woman from before, was talking to another. Both outrageously beautiful. Even Kimber herself, could not fail to notice. She looked at the woman, and then at the newcomer. The one that was wet, gave a nod to both, and returned to her drink. They were friends. Kimber's novelty was gone. She was on her own once more. She wondered, how long, she would need to wait on the police officer.
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PostSubject: Re: A Road Paved with Good Intentions. (OPEN)   Mon Aug 13, 2012 9:15 pm

"You are always hungry." Mel pointed out, complaining and matching Iris with a pout of her own, then she bit her lip a bit, looking toward the ground. "And I did not have any clothes to change in to. The only others were even worse." Which, of course, meant that she had changed her clothes… and then ruined her spare clothes, too. It wasn’t the first time she’d done that. Mel usually managed to get herself into more trouble just when things seemed to have been calmed down. She had that kind of luck.

As the music started, Mel blinked and looked up a moment, sliding calmly into the seat next to Iris, seemingly entranced by the music. She stared with rapt attention while the human played, and Iris might have noticed the faintly dangerous look in Melantha’s eyes. She had seen the girl playing. She liked the music… perhaps a little too much. Mel’s senses were dangerously twisted that way. If she liked one thing about someone, she could easily develop a sort of fixation. And, for her, that almost inevitably led to wondering about the taste of the blood – if it would match the taste of the music.

When the applause began, Mel joined in, though she still seemed in a bit of a trance as she watched the lovely mute human. Once she came over, seeming to want to separate herself from the others, Mel slid gracefully off the stool where she had been, moving over and placing her hand gently on Kimber’s side. "Why do you sit here… did you not make friends with my Iris?" she asked, her voice soft, purring almost.

Iris would no doubt realize what was happening… though it was up to her if she stopped it or not. If she didn’t, it was likely that no one in the bar would be able to.
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PostSubject: Re: A Road Paved with Good Intentions. (OPEN)   Sun Aug 19, 2012 4:20 pm

Iris giggled softly at Mel's note that she was always hungry, she laughed because it was true. She snorted when Mel announced that she'd managed to ruin her change of clothes too, which always did irk Iris seeing as the crazy baby vampire loved clothes almost as much as she loved herself. Melantha was the type of Vampire the humans feared, unpredictable, bloodthirsty, and without control. Iris was like her companions conscience. Always reminding Mel what was appropriate and when to maim. She understood Mel in ways most of the clan never did, they feared she would bring them too much exposure but Iris knew better. The Clan was Mel's family, and they protected each other.

Still, she noted the familiar glint in Mel's eyes as she watched Kimber and knew she'd have to find something else to distract her. When Mel moved over to Kimber, Iris quickly followed her. She practically pushed her way in between the two of them, easily pulling Mel's hand away from Kimber and staring directly into Mel's eyes. It was a challenge, and a warning. In vampire terms Iris was claiming Kimber, stating that Kimber was hers to prey on and she didn't feel like sharing. Sure, Mel had every right to contest it but Iris had a secret weapon. If Mel backed down, then Iris would turn back to Kimber and smile, placing a hand gently on Kimber's and giving it a slight squeeze of reassurance.

Her hunger still burned in the back of her throat, made a tad worse by the fact that Mel smelled like blood and Kimber smelled like food but she did her best to ignore it. "Kimber, I'd like you to meet my best friend, Melantha. Mel, this is Kimber." She introduced the two, not realizing that Iris' touch would neutralize Kimber's silent aura entirely. If for some reason she tried to make sound, she would find that she actually did make sound. Though whether or not she would even try after so long of not even bothering was a bit of a toss up.
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PostSubject: Re: A Road Paved with Good Intentions. (OPEN)   Thu Sep 06, 2012 9:43 am

Kimber jumped.

How could she not. She was unused to being touched by anyone. Especially, women. Not to mention, the look in the woman's eyes as she .. spoke.

Kimber instantly confused. Her eyes darted down to the hands that touched her waist. Yet, the woman could speak. Perhaps she was immune to Kimber's power? Perhaps she had the ability to decide when and if she was altered by such a power. Kimber had no idea how that had all happened, but she was shocked to say the least. She meant no harm, in ignoring the two women. They were friends, she was not, it seemed better. She would only get in the way.

So she shook her head. She meant no harm.

Iris, the one that she had already met, came inbetween her and the one that was touching her. Pushing her hands off of Kimber, and the amazing spectacle of non-silence was gone. Her eyes shifted to Iris as she seemed to stare her friend down. Perhaps they were not friends? Perhaps they were more? Perhaps they were something different all together. Kimber could not put her finger on it, but it was obvious there was history.

Kimber was dreaming. This she was certain. It had to be a dream. Even the accident. For, the next thing she knew. Iris took her hand. Spoke. Shocking Kimber so much that she was struggling to actually pay attention to what was said. There it was again. Someone touching her. Not being silenced. Her eyes were wide. Showing her surprise. Her hand, the one Iris was not holding. Touched the woman.

Was she real?

Her hand felt real. She poked at it a couple times. Tilting her head to the side. Trying to understand what was going on. Never before, had anyone touched her and not been instantly silenced. Eyes full of wonder looked back up at both women in utter shock of what was unfolding here.

Surely, this was a dream.
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PostSubject: Re: A Road Paved with Good Intentions. (OPEN)   Sun Sep 09, 2012 7:38 pm

Mel, of course, wasn't aware of Kimber's power. She had been touching Iris at the time, if lightly, and it had canceled out the silence that would have come down over her otherwise. Mel was as ignorant of magic as she was of most technology however, and so she missed the meaning of the brief shudder that ran through her entirely, thinking it just part of her interest in the musician girl.

She would have been interested in how confused the girl seemed, but Iris' actions got to her instead, and she looked back over to her friend. Mel didn't look to her in any sort of challenge, meekly allowing Iris to take her hand off the girl, and Mel's irises shifted slowly to a violet hue as she shrank actively back from her friend's stern look. Iris had not been overly harsh with her, but the fact that she had been stern at all had hit Melantha hard, and she lowered both her hands, wringing them lightly as she looked down to the ground.

"I am sorry..." she muttered quietly. Just like that, the muderess who had killed more than a dozen people and drank perhaps a third of that number was reduced to an awkward looking girl fearing retribution from someone she respected, and she barely looked at Kimber as Iris introduced them. "Hello, Kimber." she said, her voice toneless, eyes meeting Kimber for just a moment before she looked away again, leaning against the bar as she waited to see what else would happen.

She even flinched just a little at Kimber's touch, worried that Iris might yell at her again. Apparently, despite the fact that most of the coven even regarded Mel as a highly dangerous rogue, Iris at least needed to do very little to drive her away. A single harsh look was all it took, this time at least. Perhaps the vampiress was simply feeling sensitive, as much as Iris seemed fond of this newcomer. Not yet jealous... though that could come.
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PostSubject: Re: A Road Paved with Good Intentions. (OPEN)   Tue Sep 18, 2012 12:39 am

Iris had some idea that her power would neutralize Kimber's, just like it did when she touched Mel. She just didn't understand that Kimber wouldn't instantly get this and try to speak as it had been so long since she'd spoken last it was like she'd forgotten how. If it had been anyone else interrupting Mel in such a fashion Mel probably wouldn't have hesitated to rip them apart despite the very public scene. Iris and Mel had an odd relationship, it was hard to tell who was the older sister, especially since Iris could barely compare to Mel in age.

Iris reached out and took Mel's hand, giving it a reassuring squeeze before she turned to Kimber. "Kimber, I have a special ability too. When I touch people with powers, I can turn them off. That's how I can touch you and still talk. From the look on your face I assume that's why you're so confused and why you keep poking my hand." Iris might have been a psychopath but there was a fine line between genius and madness. Iris tended to walk that line, taking random nosedives off the fence into madness. It didn't mean she was stupid. She could put the pieces together better then most.

"That also means that while I'm touching you, you could probably speak too. Why don't you try it." Iris gave Kimber's hand a squeeze as well. "I want to be your friend Kimber, and I hope that maybe you'd like to be our friend too." Iris knew that offering to be friends with Mel was probably bringing more danger into their lives then they would ever want, but Iris was confident that she could balance that out. Kimber was a fantastic musician...and she had a power, which instantly put her on the top of the list if the Blood Rose ever wanted to induct a new member in the future. Kimber could be an asset and Iris wanted to see just how big an asset.
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PostSubject: Re: A Road Paved with Good Intentions. (OPEN)   Fri Sep 21, 2012 8:57 am

Kimber's eyes shifted.

The girl had said her name, and Kimber gave her a small weak smile. She didn't know what to think of these too. So different. So very different than anyone that she had ever met. They seemed so confident for being so young. Perhaps it was one of those many situations where they were much younger looking than their age. She knew not though. Kimber had never met such people. She did not easily jump to conclusions either. But thus far, they seemed mostly kind, though the one who had only recently arrived, had with her an air of danger.

Kimber's eyes shifted to Iris, who began to explain something. Kimber's face went completely slack in shock. She had not been able to talk.. since she was four. Four years old the silence had completely taken her voice. By six, no music, until her Grandmother had found someone that could enchant the armlet she still wore daily to allow the mana to be broken only for music.

Allowing Kimber to have her one passion.

When she began to explain that Kimber too would be able to speak because of Iris' nulling capabilities, Kimber's eyes turned into large wide blue saucers. To speak! Oh to speak. She couldn't even imagine how to start. For so long. She had been silent. Iris mentioned wanting to be Kimber's friend, and the girl blushed. She bit her lower lip. Almost afraid to start speaking.

What if her voice, was horrible?

What if after years and years.. decades of not being used, it was rough and ugly like she had heard some people say.

Kimber's mouth worked. But, she was so used to not making any noise, the first sound she made sounded more like a 'Huh" than anything else. But even that, was enough to surprise her. Her hands clasped, with a gasp, over her lips as she looked at the both of them in absolute surprise. Tears stung her pretty blue eyes, shocked, there had been a sound. She knew of course, this was partially, a dream come true.

"I..." she tried again, working each word out a little more than most might. But the sound of her voice was as melodic as her violin. Soft, lilting, and sweet, it was gentle like a melody of it's own. "wish, .. as well... to be friends, with you both." she worked out gently her eyes widening at every word, certain, the next word, would consume her back to silence again. The last time she had a real conversation was with one of the few people she had met that understood sign language, her primary mode of communciation.

"Oh.. oh thank you!" she launched up wrapped her arms around Iris without thinking about it any further. Iris had given her a gift she never thought she would recieve.
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PostSubject: Re: A Road Paved with Good Intentions. (OPEN)   Sun Sep 30, 2012 2:21 pm

Mel's almost despondent eyes looked up as Iris gave her hand a squeeze, and for a moment smiled softly. The tension melted away - quick as Mel could be to slip into anger or depression she was equally quick to get return to 'normal', or at least what passed for normal for her. That, of course, was no sort of normal at all.

She stayed close by Iris for the rest of the time, unnaturally still as she considered what was going on. Truthfully she didn't understand much of what they were talking about - Iris made people's powers stop working, but she hadn't been in any way aware of what Kimber's power is, or even that she'd had one, thanks to the effect of Iris' power on her. So, by and large, she would keep quiet and listen. Mel might at one part have been a smart lady. Certainly she seemed to have an exceptional understanding of medicines and human anatomy (neither of which had been used for actual healing in several years) but her knowledge of nearly everything else had atrophied badly during her time in isolation.

Once, Iris had tried to give her a cell phone. Mel still couldn't remember what had happened to some of the pieces.

Mel giggled a little at Kimber's eyes when Iris tried to explain the situation, unable to help herself at such a look of innocent surprise, considering how rare it was for Mel herself to see anything of the sort. The words made her giggle a bit again, though at least it was one of mostly genuine amusement then the rather insane sound that she had a habit of emitting instead. "Iris has a girl-friend.." she purred, eyes sparkling a deep violet now, though when they had actively changed would be hard to tell. They shifted with her emotions, as sometimes did the color of her hair, but they weren't terribly consistent.

At one time, red might have meant anger, at another, hunger, or jealousy... it depended a little on her tastes at the time perhaps, though she didn't have any conscious control of it. Perhaps some part of her did, but it was like so much else of her: broken. "I will be friends, too if you want... just... do not touch unless Iris is here. she said, her voice softening with the last few words, and she touched Kimber's cheek once - though she did take special care that her other hand was still on Iris as she did so.

If she was going to be friends with this person, she couldn't go making her sick, after all.
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A Road Paved with Good Intentions. (OPEN)
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