A world of magic and technology at war until mutually assured destruction forced an uneasy peace.
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 Just a Quiet Drink... (Private) [COMPLETE]

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PostSubject: Just a Quiet Drink... (Private) [COMPLETE]   Sat May 12, 2012 12:00 am

It had been raining for two days straight. If the wetness of the weather itself weren’t bad enough, the constant pitter-patter of raindrops on rooftops, windows, streets, and even her own head were enough to nearly drive a girl insane. Needless to say, the decent beer selection wasn’t the only reason Sabre had picked this speakeasy for dinner. The front door of the bar was on the street, but it was down a small flight of stairs. The bar itself was underneath some other building – a bank perhaps. She’d never really looked to be honest.

The other patrons of the bar seemed to be in just as dismal a mood as she was this evening. They were all probably in as much of a slump from this depressing weather as she was. No one spoke above a whisper it seemed, which irked her a bit. Even the pair two tables over were barely audible to her overly-sensitive ears. Thankfully, she could hear the bartender, a dark-haired human beauty by the name of Mack, from all the way across the bar. And from the sound of her voice, at least someone in the bar seemed in a good mood. Perhaps she’d finally fired that good-for-nothing barback.

The next time Mack looked in her direction, Sabre nodded to her empty beer glass. Without looking to see if Mack had caught her meaning, she hunkered forward in her chair a bit, leaning both elbows on the table in front of her and closing her eyes. It had been a long, grueling day at work – too many movements to analyze, and not enough time. But there was never really enough time. With a slight growl under her breath, Sabre sat back up straight just in time to flash a small smile at Mack as she dropped off the new beer and snagged the empty dishes.

Leaning back, she eased her chair onto solely the back two legs and took another quick skim around the room. The regular old drunk was stationed on his normal stool at the bar, mumbling into his beer as per usual. A pair of young, human males was playing darts in the opposite corner from Sabre. Judging by their similar attire and amicable nature toward each other, she pegged them as co-workers, fresh off the job in some ritzy corporate office. Two tables to her right, a couple sat together on one side of the table and seemed to be all together lost in each other’s companionship. The sexual vibes emanating off of them were almost too much to stomach, even for the half-succubus that she was.

Wrinkling her freckled nose slightly, Sabre looked toward the last patron, sitting alone at a table in the middle of the room. His feet were planted firmly on the ground, legs spread apart beneath the table, and his arms were crossed across his chest. He was attractive enough for a human, she supposed, but the arrogance just in his posture was enough to put a bad taste in Sabre’s mouth. Taking a quiet sip of her beer, Sabre’s crimson orbs narrowed slightly as she tried to piece him together. Mud-spattered boots, black turtleneck shirt and cargo pants, and a small duffel bag at his feet… Really, he could be anything, anybody.

Instinctively, Sabre’s right hand flitted to the .45 at her right thigh to make sure it was there. She sensed a slight scoff coming from one of the swords sheathed at her hips, but paid no mind to the egotistical weapon’s disdain. Times had changed since she had bonded to the pair of scimitars, and so had her methods of fighting. Sometimes close-quarter combat wasn’t the easiest to get to, and a bullet through the head worked just as easily at dispatching enemies as a slice to the throat.

With a quiet sigh, Sabre mentally shrugged off the wounded pride of her blades and grabbed her beer again. They’d get over it. For now, though, she just wanted a quiet drink.

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PostSubject: Re: Just a Quiet Drink... (Private) [COMPLETE]   Sun May 13, 2012 4:33 pm

Kale pushed through the door, stepping into the bar and letting his eyes sweep over the place for a moment. He’d been here before, he knew where the exits were already, but you didn’t learn where the exits were in a place and then stop checking. He had to look for things like new obstructions… who was between him and a given exit, etc. Always important tactical information. For instance, the drunk man in the center of the room could be a particularly messy meeting, if he felt like making himself one… then again, Kale had a few ways to make himself a serious pain in the ass. He had come unarmed, leather jacket over white shirt and jeans, not exactly looking like the commander he was, though it wouldn’t be a leap to make him as a soldier – he looked the part of the veteran almost as though taken from a textbook. There was a hardened look in his eyes that was hard to miss, if you knew what to look for.

As for what Kale was looking for, at this point, it was the redhead at the bar, suspiciously well-armed for a casual drink, but then Sabre had always been hard to separate from her weapons. Kale lifted a hand in greeting, and started to cross to her, though the man at the middle of the room stood, blocking his path. "You’re the old man who threw my friend out of here last Thursday." he said, and Kale looked up at him, considering for a moment. The man was about four inches taller than him and probably had fifty pounds, which was fairly impressive actually – Kale was not a small man.

Kale was also, however, an exceptionally experienced fighter. The man moved to give him a shove, and the Marine simply stopped being in the path of his hands. Kale slid back almost without effort, grabbed the man by the wrist and in a single motion was throwing him over his shoulders. The man crashed into the floor with a noise that silenced the whole bar, and Kale stepped into him, planting one black combat boot on his throat, the other on his shoulder, while he pulled the arm back and locked it behind the man’s own shoulder blade. "For being an asshole. You want to be an asshole, you can go out the way he did."

The man’s size should have given him an edge, but when he struggled, a very faint light shone through Kale’s skin near his hands, lines of golden light signaling that he really wasn’t all that normal after all… the man gave up then and nodded numbly, at which Kale pushed himself back up and stepped away. "Relax. Have a drink. It’s after five." he said, tone dry, and he left the man to pick himself back up as he strode over to Sabre’s table. The bartender had left him a scotch on the edge of the bar, which Kale took before he quite made it to Sabre, and sank into the seat next to her.

"Nice place, good people. Where everybody knows your name, and so on and so forth." he said, voice almost dripping with sarcasm, before he lifted the glass to his lips and took a draw. "Been a while."
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PostSubject: Re: Just a Quiet Drink... (Private) [COMPLETE]   Sun May 13, 2012 8:40 pm

Footsteps echoed down the outside stairwell, bringing Sabre’s crimson orbs away from the arrogant man in the middle of the room and towards the door. The figure who stepped through into the room was familiar and caused a bit of a commotion to erupt inside of her. Her fingers tingled with the anticipation that generally corresponded with the urge to pull a weapon, while a swarm of butterflies burst forth from their cocoons. She quickly hid the turmoil inside of her by grabbing up her beer and taking another sip. To her slight relief however, the Marine didn’t head straight towards her table, nor did it seem he’d even had time to really look in her direction. Blocking his path was the man dressed in all black whom she’d previously been intrigued by.

The right half of Sabre’s upper lip twitched up in a smirk as the young man began to accost Kale. “Ignorant bastard,” she murmured into her beer, taking another swig. It didn’t take Kale long to showcase his elite hand-to-hand combat skills against this punk… only to then release him. With a soft shake of her head that sent her fiery curls bouncing about her shoulders, she leaned back into her chair, keeping all four legs firmly planted on the ground this time while he made his way to her.

“Shouldn’t have done that,” she started, ignoring his obvious Cheers reference. “You let him walk out of this bar with more than his life, he’ll be back. And he’ll want more than to just rough you up. Just sayin’…”

Looking Kale up and down, Sabre’s eyes took in every detail of his body, noting especially that he had come unarmed. Granted, she knew for a fact just how dangerous he was even without weapons, but she took some relief in the fact that she at least had hers within easy reach.

“Indeed. What’s it been now? Six months? A year? I know you’ve been busy, but still… you never called.” Her bottom lip stuck out in a small pout, her eyelashes batting ever so subtly. The façade was a hard one to keep up, however, and the grin that crossed her lips reached up into her eyes, which glowed with amusement over at him. “So, what can I do ya for, Captain?”
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PostSubject: Re: Just a Quiet Drink... (Private) [COMPLETE]   Tue May 22, 2012 8:06 pm

While Kale moved over and seated himself, the big man he had literally stepped on for challenging him pushed himself up to his feet, growling darkly, but he avoided Kale from that point on. There wasn’t much else he could do at that point – the way Kale had taken him down, he was at least smart enough to realize that anything else he tried wasn’t going to do any better. For whatever else he was, he had been drunk and annoyed, but he wasn’t completely stupid. Kale would give him at least that much credit.

Kale shook his head at her comment, giving a shrug. "He’ll have to get in line." was his only response – there were PLENTY of people that wanted his ass on a platter, and he wasn’t going to serve it up to anyone if he had a say in it. Thankfully, as the woman with the crimson eyes was more than aware, Kale could be a truly frustrating individual when you intended to kill him. A certain stubborn quality that had served him very well in the war – otherwise, he’d have been dead long ago.

He lifted his drink and took another sip, his eyes moving back to hers and watching her pout for a second. His responding expression was contrite in a way – she had been kidding, but… "Seven, actually. Sorry about that. Things kept coming up. Would have come and found you sooner." he said, giving a light shrug.

Now what did he say? The soldier reached a hand up, rubbing for a moment at the back of his neck, and he took a breath before looking back over to Sabre. "Hm… just catching up at the moment. Recovering somewhat… off hunting more rogue science experiments from the war. Turning out to be a rough job of late." And it wasn’t over yet… but he wasn’t going to get into THAT in public.
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PostSubject: Re: Just a Quiet Drink... (Private) [COMPLETE]   Tue May 22, 2012 10:49 pm

Sabre paid no mind to the man whom Kale had recently made a fool out of. She hadn’t made an enemy out of him, after all. Whatever happened – or didn’t happen – was in Kale’s capable hands. A light smirk played on Sabre’s lips at his comment about getting in line. It seemed not too long ago, she’d been the first in that line, itching to drive her swords into the man she now called, well… as close to friend as she’d allow.

“He can have my spot if he wants,” she chuckled, taking a sip of her dark ale. Eyes glittering with amusement, she sent a wink in her companion’s direction as he took a sip of his own beer. The look faded quickly as put an exact number on how many months it had been since they’d spoken. A slight frown took its place, but she took a large gulp of her porter to hide the weak emotion.

“Seven…” she murmured thoughtfully. Somewhere in her brain, she knew exactly how long it had been, even down to the day. But she also knew his reasons for not calling had been legitimate. Working in Logistics and Analytics alongside the Terran Guard had its perks – keeping tabs on a person of interest, even one as classified as Kale, was child’s play for her. “So I’ve noticed,” she replied, looking him up and down once again.

Up close, she could see the weariness in him clear as day now. To anyone who didn’t know him, he still seemed just as capable as any man his size - even more so, if they did in fact know him. To her, though, he seemed not quite at his peak. Her upper lip curled into a slight smile as the memories flooded back to her. In his prime, during the war, she had had her hands full keeping up with this one. Even just after the war, he’d kept her busy day and night.

Mentally shaking herself back to the present, she allowed a more pleasant smile to grace her lips. “Still, it sounds enticing,” she purred. Her fingers drummed across the surface of the table once, the easiest way for her to let her excitement escape physically while she was still sitting at the bar.
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PostSubject: Re: Just a Quiet Drink... (Private) [COMPLETE]   Wed May 23, 2012 12:06 am

Kale thought about her first words for a moment, then he laughed, nodding and giving her a faint smile. It was a rare thing from Kale – he wasn’t the sort that smiled much, and you could count on two fingers the people he actually smiled at – but Sabre had earned her share. "I suppose you aren’t exactly planning on using it, are you? Probably a good thing. You’re close to the top of the list." That was probably true, in fact – she was probably the oldest one of his enemies still alive. He hadn’t killed them all, but war was war. People died, friends, enemies… whether you had anything to do with it or not.

Since then, what exactly HAD become of the two of them? It had been not long after the war that they’d met up, no longer enemies, and shared their first properly friendly drink – not the first drink they’d shared, but the first one where they hadn’t spent all that time waiting for a chance to kill one another. After the war, the tension had remained somehow… they just had ended up working it out in a very different way. It wouldn’t be the only time. In the past few years their meetings had been infrequent, however… lives getting in the way, though perhaps there had been something else there. You could only keep something like that going for so long before it became just too hard to dismiss. Still, he’d found himself… unhappy with the length of time it had been since he saw her last.

Not something an old soldier was comfortable with admitting.

Kale’s weariness was almost more mental than physical, however. Because of his… peculiarity, it had never been clear how his aging would work. His appearance marked him as something similar to his age, but he’d been gray prematurely to start with… and his strength, speed, and agility had not suffered in the least. Yet despite this, something still made things seem harder than they once had been… perhaps he was just growing tired in his head. He’d been at war his whole life. Not an easy thing to reconcile with the peace… of course, there was always something else to fight. Working for the Guard had proved that.

He came back to the present at the same time she did, looking back up to her eyes and taking another drink, before he set it down and lifted a brow just slightly. "Enticing, huh…? Well. Won’t disagree. Getting tired, behind your desk?"
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PostSubject: Re: Just a Quiet Drink... (Private) [COMPLETE]   Wed May 23, 2012 1:02 am

“Oh please, sweetie… I’ve been top of your list for years, and you know it,” Sabre retaliated, her right boot kicking out to nudge his gently. A hint of amused defiance filled her face, daring him to deny it. She’d spent over a decade earning that spot in the war and she’d be damned (again) if he tried to take it from her.

Even after the fighting had stopped, the tension between these two sworn enemies had been palpable. Run-ins within the city had become more and more frequent – and more and more awkward. The tension seemed to finally dissipate after a certain encounter left them both less than their best in the mental state arena. The thought of that awkward night brought a twisted smile to her lips. Their encounters since had lessened in awkwardness… in the beginning.

She’d never admit it, but being here with him sitting across from her was very nearly too much awkward for her to handle. It had been too long since they’d last seen each other, and she didn’t like the fact that she’d actually missed him. He’d never know about her discomfort, of course, so she at least took comfort in that fact.

When he finished speaking, she found his eyes and nodded in answer to his question. “As if you didn’t know that already,” she replied, taking a swig of her beer. “Don’t get me wrong – I love my job and all of the perks it entails… but there’s something about being stuck behind a desk all day that just drives me crazy.”

During the war, she’d been on the front lines of nearly every battle she’d been in. Almost two hundred years of violence and purpose had been taken away from her with the swish of a pen. She still had a purpose now, of course, but keeping the peace was not exactly the fiend inside of her’s idea of a good time. And as much as she loved her inner demon, it could be a bit difficult to keep the balance at times. With a sigh, she leaned forward in her seat, leaning both elbows on the table between she and Kale to prop herself up.
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PostSubject: Re: Just a Quiet Drink... (Private) [COMPLETE]   Wed May 23, 2012 8:39 pm

Kale snorted quietly at her reply, turning to look back to those blood red eyes and incline his head slightly. "Alright, fine then. You can keep them at the back." he allowed, taking the last drink of his scotch, then setting it down and lifting a hand to signal to the barkeep that he needed another. Kale only had so many opportunities to drink, after all. When he did, he tended not to do it halfway. He had the beer as well, so he went back to that for a time.

"I’m… glad to see you again. Things have been entirely too… dull." he finally said, not quite looking at her as he did. It was a quiet thing… difficult. Just the sort of thing he had to try and make an effort about. Even if it was a bit minimal on that particular account. It was short of the ‘I missed you’ he’d thought about, but it was something.

His only response to her comment about his knowing was a faint smile and a sidelong wink, before he took the second glass of scotch from the waitress and sipped at it. "Well, you’re good at it. But there are other people who could be, I imagine. Perhaps it’s time you made a change." he offered, giving a light shrug as he did. Perhaps the old soldier had something in mind – but then again, he never liked to come out with anything too quickly.

For some time he had been almost as bad as she was. Trying to come down off his own twenty years of war had been almost impossible, and it was only being able to step on the fires the Guard had him putting out that had kept him in check. When he’d met Sabre again, they had been in the same boat… part of what they had bonded over, after all. Some days, he was still surprised that they hadn’t killed one another, or at least tried, if just for old times’ sake.
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PostSubject: Re: Just a Quiet Drink... (Private) [COMPLETE]   Wed May 23, 2012 11:48 pm

A smug smile filled Sabre’s lips as Kale accepted her owning the Number 1 position on his list. She watched him finish off his scotch and nodded approvingly. If she knew him – and she did – tonight was going to be interesting. Not one to let a comrade drink alone, Sabre snagged the waitress’ attention when Kale ordered another scotch. A tall amaretto on the rocks should get her to about where he’d be by the end of his second scotch. She’d already had a beer and a half, after all.

His next comment caught her a bit off guard. The words seemed odd; seemed wrong. Or perhaps that was just the fluttering in her stomach as she waited for him to finish his sentence. Nodding in agreement, she took a sip of her beer to wet her lips while the waitress was busy getting their drinks. ”Understatement of the year, right there,” she concurred.

To be honest, dull wasn’t even the half of it. Aside from the excitement reading reports on Kale’s group brought her, there wasn’t much going on. Sure, there were anti-human groups clawing out of the woodworks here, or anti-Other groups popping up there, but nothing terribly out of the norm. Life had become normal, boring. Even her after-hour activities had taken a slump.

As the waitress dropped off their drinks, Sabre pulled the liqueur towards her and moved the beer aside some. Holding it out, she waited for Kale to clink glasses with her in a silent cheers to the night. Pulling her arm back, she took a lengthy sip of the alcohol, letting the sweet liquid slide down her throat while Kale spoke again.

“I suppose, but they’d be hard-pressed to do better than me,” she answered with a wink. Tilting her to the side some, she leaned back into her seat and looked straight into Kale’s hazel orbs, trying to determine exactly what he was trying to say without actually saying it. ”…but I might be willing to let someone else try, if another position were to open up in the field,” she finished, still trying to decipher his words. Kale was not one for coming straight out to say something, she knew… mostly because neither was she.

The two of them were quite easily the most bull-headedly subtle people when it came to conversing. How their talks ever got past the first few moments of common courtesy was mind-boggling. It was even more intriguing to know that they still conversed at all, of course. Sabre’s disdain for humans was not something she hid, although she somehow managed to keep her rage in check, especially around Kale, who’d played a big role in getting her to calm down. Despite his being a human himself, she didn’t quite consider him one of the sheep anymore. His abilities set him apart from the others, and that made him alright in her book.
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PostSubject: Re: Just a Quiet Drink... (Private) [COMPLETE]   Sun May 27, 2012 11:54 pm

"Mhm" was his agreement to what she said, and he waited more or less silently after that while the waitress went to get the next round, though he wasn’t sure what else to say – again. For one reason or another, he just couldn’t seem to easily figure out what it was he was trying to get at… or, at least, he couldn’t figure out how he wanted to go there. Ugh… he wasn’t meant for this kind of problem.

He picked his glass up when it had been delivered, and he held his glass up to knock gently against Sabre’s, giving her a gentle smile as he did. Not many people got that… it still felt wrong on his face sometimes. He looked back away, taking a sip of his scotch and then settling back in again. Kale stayed mostly quiet again, nodding in agreement to what she said – it seemed like he was trying to gather and make sense of what it was he wanted to say, too.

She sort of hit the nail on the head at that point, so he took a slow breath and looked back over to her. "You’re aware that we had casualties on our last outing. I need people to fill the gaps. One of them was a team leader. I can’t think of anyone better, frankly you should have gotten the position some time ago, but I had a certain argument with the brass, and you were doing well at your current position, it just fell through. Regardless, I’d very much like to have you close by-" he broke off at that, realizing what he’d said, and he coughed, taking a pull of his drink, then spoke again.

"I could use you. It’s your call. You’d probably still spend a fair amount of time on analysis, but on a higher level. Mission planning. That sort of thing." Kale spent the rest of his sentence speaking short syllables, keeping tightly reined in. He usually did NOT let things slip that way. Hell, he wasn’t even sure where he had been going with that. This whole affair was getting twisted – he hadn’t had nearly enough to drink to slip up like that.
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PostSubject: Re: Just a Quiet Drink... (Private) [COMPLETE]   Mon May 28, 2012 4:34 am

Kale’s smile as their glasses connected caught her off-guard. One eyebrow rose as she crossed one leg over the other underneath the table. Sabre sipped her amaretto slowly while she watched Kale, before replacing the glass on the table. He seemed a bit odd tonight. He was always quiet, but tonight he seemed a bit more so than usual.

When he began to speak again, she brought her drink back up to her lips so that she could sip while he explained the situation. The right half of her lips rose in a knowing smirk. Just the idea of him getting in trouble with the brass amused her. He, who was always so by-the-book (although technically, the book didn’t apply to him and his)… She tried to imagine what the argument had been about, but couldn’t even fathom it. The event had never shown up on any of her radars. Perhaps she’d ask him about it later, when he wasn’t busy complimenting her.

The smirk on her lips disappeared when he stopped mid-sentence and coughed. She had half a mind to make him finish what he was saying, but thought better of it. He seemed to be in a very conflicted place mentally right now. She was, too, if she was honest with herself, so she decided to play it safe and just let things be for the time being. Her face hardened into a more serious expression as she considered his offer. A team leader? Well, at least she had a few leadership roles on her resume already.

Her eyes fell to stare at the ice floating laps around inside of her glass. “Well,” she began, taking one last sip of her amaretto, “I could use a change of pace, and a slight change of scenery,” she admitted. Lifting her gaze back to the man across from her, she nodded. “Okay, you’ve got me hooked. What’s the whole story? I just don’t want to have to move – all my stuffs here, ya know.” Her signature wink traveled across the table towards Kale as a soft smile finally returned to her lips.
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PostSubject: Re: Just a Quiet Drink... (Private) [COMPLETE]   Tue May 29, 2012 10:19 pm

Kale had trouble enough with the brass for one reason or another, though it was something he kept quiet as much as he could. His arguments with them were not of the usual sort… they usually regarded him fighting for the people under his command, or defending his own choice of a superior maneuver over that ordered. He did what was right, every time he could, for the people under him. Superior officers didn’t always care for that, but it was one of those things he was willing to tell them to go shove up their asses. Thankfully his record of successes meant he could get away with a certain amount of that, for now.

Eventually, they would likely tire of him, but he would worry about that later. If that happened he would have a comfortable military pension… and he’d likely still find some way to stay in what fight there was. The old soldier simply didn’t know any other way to live.

As for his own little verbal hiccup, he knew she’d caught it, and there wasn’t much else he knew to say. He knew what he meant to say… he just didn’t know how to say it, or if he should say it. Their… relationship, if you could call it that, had survived long enough, and changing the way things had worked was simply not how he operated, as a rule. And yet… how long could that go on?

She did at least seem interested in his offer of a job with his own team. It would mean seeing her more… that would be something of a start. He smiled back to her, finding his own wry grin again as well, and he chuckled quietly at her wink, reaching up to take another sip of his drink. "Fairly simple, really. Based out of the same area, no need to move. You’re familiar with the organization of my teams. I’d like to have you lead one of them. We’ll figure out which one later, more privately, but you do have to agree before I can get into the more classified details, you understand."

He tossed back the rest of his scotch after that. Was he drinking too fast tonight? It was starting to feel like it. He just didn’t drink very often.
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PostSubject: Re: Just a Quiet Drink... (Private) [COMPLETE]   Wed May 30, 2012 11:40 pm

Sabre looked down at her glass when Kale smiled at her again. They were beginning things tonight on a rather friendly note. Her teeth worried at her bottom lip as she listened to what he said about the job opportunity, but her mind was still trying to figure out this sudden change of pace. Neither of them let even a hint of a genuine smile out until at least the third round. A quiet chuckle left her lips at the notion that she wouldn’t have to move. She knew he lived near enough, so had assumed the same would apply to her if she took the job.

Ceasing the chewing, she brought her drink up to her lips and took a long pull of the sweet liquid. From the corner of her eye, she noticed Kale had finished his own drink. Hers was nearing the bottom, but she didn’t think it was best to hurry things. She wanted to be clear-headed enough to discuss the job proposition… and figure out what was causing this odd tension between them tonight.

“I am,” she concurred, in regards to the organization of his teams. Even before the war was over, his teams had been of quite an interest to her. She really didn’t want to just say ‘yes’ outright, without knowing the full details of the job. The look she sent Kale begged him for a moment of silent contemplation.

If she didn’t accept his offer, she’d be stable at her current job, and would still be able to keep tabs on him when she needed. If she did accept, however, she’d have a much easier time keeping tabs on him. And she’d be in the field, so wouldn’t have to suffer being so inactive anymore. And she’d be with him more.

Wait… When had that become a pro versus a con?

Finishing her alcohol with one large swig, she let the glass thunk lightly back onto the table and nodded over to Kale. “Alright… Curiosity killed the cat, and all that jazz,” she cooed. “Do I need to sign something, or is a handshake good enough for my acceptance of your offer?”

Her eyes moved from their empty glasses, to the waitress, silently asking if he was ready for the next round.
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PostSubject: Re: Just a Quiet Drink... (Private) [COMPLETE]   Thu May 31, 2012 11:21 pm

Friendly note. Yep. They didn’t always go that way. Sometimes they started out with yelling, sometimes just with drinking too much… funny that the nights usually ended the same way. He’d never figured that out.

But he was making an effort. Maybe it had been seeing his old friend and his family… not that he was looking for a family or anything, hell no, but it HAD made him realize just how old he was getting. How much time he might not have, enhanced metabolism or no. For all he or anyone else knew, he’d die early rather than living longer, even if his physical condition was still tip top. There was a sobering thought if there ever was one. Kale had never thought it would be acceptable, even for a split second, to die of old age. That just wasn’t something someone like him did. He didn’t see a way he even could until recently. How had things gotten so… comfortable?

He nodded a bit at her agreement to the knowledge, as if that had been a question. But when she finally accepted, he set his own empty glass down and offered his hand. "I’m old fashioned. Handshake it is." he said, a bit more gruffly, as if he was trying to regain some of the usual persona he’d already cost himself the way he’d been acting. Hell if he knew what to do with any of it if not that.

When she silently queried about the next round, he simply nodded. It seemed more appropriate than saying ‘oh, for the love of god yes’, after all. "I’ll introduce you around in a few days once you’ve had time to look things over. Some of them will be familiar with you, but then you won’t be the only one on the team who used to try and kill someone on the team, and I’m not the only one either. But that’s always been the interesting thing about the Guard. Funny that it’s actually worked so well… I think it’s because of that, rather than in spite of it."

He hadn’t meant it as such… but that could have been a fairly apt descriptor for the two of them, too. Not that he’d meant anything by it.
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PostSubject: Re: Just a Quiet Drink... (Private) [COMPLETE]   Fri Jun 01, 2012 1:10 am

Crimson eyes flitted away from Kale and their table, towards the waitress, silently calling for the woman’s attention. When she had it, Sabre held up a hand, her index finger and thumb in the traditional gesture for ‘small’. As she moved her gaze back towards her companion, her mind pondered over the idea of actually trying to settle down with this man. The succubus inside of her snorted at the prospect, and even her Ustamayrien self somewhat sneered at the idea. She’d outlive him by far – what was the point of getting too attached to something that would die long before her?

Despite the objections, some other part of her seemed to enjoy the possibility of settling down. Perhaps it was just her ovaries. She was in the prime of her life, after all, and despite not having grown up around her own kind, she figured most females of her race had at least given birth to one hellion by the time they were Sabre’s own age. With a mental grunt, she pushed all of those nonsense thoughts aside and nodded to Kale.

His voice had seemed to work its way back into his normal near growl, she noticed. Her arm reached out, elegant fingers grasping Kale’s own war-hardened digits. Something inside of her stirred at the contact, memories of their previous encounters flying through her brain a mile a minute. The right side of her mouth quirked up into a half smile.

Her head bobbed up and down in a slow, continuous nod as he spoke about what would come next. Yes, she knew all of the members of his team, if not by personal experience with/against them from the war, then at least by the little name and picture she saw on her computer screen at work while digging into his business. She was positive that her first few weeks would be awkward, to say the least. All of the teams were of mixed races, and there was bound to be a human or two on her team whom she’d tried to kill. She’d cross that bridge when she got to it, however.

What he said about the Guard working out was true, though. Despite the obvious tension of having humans and Others fighting together would bring on, things ran fairly smoothly. That tension is what had spurred she and Kale’s current “relationship”, so honestly, she couldn’t say she was surprised. As the waitress arrived with their new drinks, she said as much out loud.

”True, true... Not gonna lie, though – I didn’t think this Guard thing would ever pan out when it first got started. Letting go of grudges isn’t exactly a strong suit of mine, as you know. But that’s all in the past…” she drawled. Getting back to the notion of her meeting the rest of the team in the coming days, she nodded again. ”Sounds like a plan. I look forward to meeting the team.”

Lifting her single glass of freshly poured amaretto, she held it out towards Kale. ”To the beginning of a new adventure.. together,” she toasted, pausing briefly before the last word to signify its importance in the matter. Perhaps it was the alcohol beginning to get to her, but the smile on her face actually reached up into her eyes for once.
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PostSubject: Re: Just a Quiet Drink... (Private) [COMPLETE]   Wed Jun 13, 2012 9:29 pm

Of course, Kale was no psychic, he was unaware of Sabre’s thoughts, even if they (very) roughly paralleled his own, and he had mostly done a good job of putting aside his own potentially destructive thoughts before they got him in any more trouble than they already had. Though it would have been… interesting, had he known. Even he would have a hard time predicting his ultimate reaction to something like that.

He closed his hand around hers, smiling for a moment, and shook her hand before finally and almost reluctantly letting her go, settling back in his chair. His own order to the waitress was rather larger – but the, so was he, and no one could ever say Kale couldn’t hold his own when it came to the drinking. Hard to beat an old soldier at something like that after all.

What she said about the Guard made him laugh, and he shrugged a little, considering for another moment before he spoke. "Considering what you and I went through in the war, I can’t blame you for that. But then, everyone gets tired of it at some point. You could argue I never quite stopped fighting… but back during the war, I couldn’t very well come and sit in a bar like this. It’s more punctuated now. The stakes can be high, but there is a relief of pressure in between. And to be frank, it’s easier to know what the right thing to do is… especially when you aren’t shooting someone based solely on their appearance, or the sharpness of their ears – or lack thereof, depending."

He looked to her, his smile turning somewhat wry, but when she offered her toast, he lifted his glass and clinked it lightly against hers, his look turning a great deal more genuine as he smiled. "Together it is then…" he agreed, nodding once slowly, then taking a sip and setting his glass down. For once, the ‘what are you doing’ part of his brain decided to shut up. Good – he was getting sick of it anyway.
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PostSubject: Re: Just a Quiet Drink... (Private) [COMPLETE]   Sun Jun 17, 2012 10:40 pm

Kale’s laugh nearly caught her off guard. From what she could tell, it was genuine, too. What in the hell were they doing tonight? She was contemplating reproduction, and he was being… pleasant. It was almost difficult for her to remember why she’d wanted to kill this man so badly 10 years ago.

Wait, was that…? No, it couldn’t have been. Sabre’s eyes watched Kale from over the rim of her glass as they each took a sip of their fresh drinks. Had that really been a sense of reluctance she’d detected from him as their handshake ended? She’d had half a mind to keep his hand in her own, but the alcohol hadn’t kicked in to that point yet. She’d find out about his hesitation later, when they shook hands again.

As she smirked at her own euphemism, Kale laughed. One eyebrow rose and the smirk slowly morphed into a sly grin. They’d been through quite a bit during the war, it was true. And perhaps after nearly 200 years of fighting, she had gotten somewhat tired of it… but now that she’d had a taste of the monotony that came from years of non-violence, she could definitely use some action.

“Tired? Oh, I could never get tired of chasing you. I have grown rather fond of our bar visits, though, so perhaps it’s a good thing the real violence between us stopped,” she chuckled, with a wink.

Setting her glass down on the table, Sabre slid it around in a circle, watching the ice tinkle against the sides. As she looked back up to Kale, she let go of the glass, allowing the ice to settle back to silence.

“So, have you informed any of the others about my soon-to-be involvement?” she asked, her fingers beginning to trace shapes in the perspiration left on the table from her drinks. She wasn't particularly worried, but she still thought it'd be better if they had some warning before she showed up.
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PostSubject: Re: Just a Quiet Drink... (Private) [COMPLETE]   Tue Jul 10, 2012 9:20 pm

Kale gave her a look and lifted a brow at what she said. "Well, well… so have I. So I suppose there will always be a bit of a chace. But no, I haven’t talked to anyone else about it. I make my own calls about the team – oversight largely only comes into play when there’s a failure. You know how that goes."

He shrugged lightly – people were always happy enough while things went well, but the Guard had made something of a rule of it. Their people were expected to be the best, and that being kept in mind, they preferred to make it hard to become part of the organization over having to watch their people too closely. The expectation was that once you were within the Guard, you had earned enough trust to look after your own affairs. Oh, sure, there were enough people who liked to micromanage, but considering who was leading the Guard, such people didn’t make it far.

All in all… it was a good place to work for an old soldier who still happened to specialize in black operations.

"They’ll find out. It’s not a security issue, considering you have had clearance just about from the start. I’ll keep things taken care of." He gave her a look that said she should know better, but it was underlined with a faint smile, and he glanced away afterward, cheeks just a touch warm. He drowned the feeling with his drink, and left it at that for a few moments. The night was still building momentum… it was going somewhere it had gone before, but he had a feeling there might be a little more momentum behind it from this point on than there had in the past… and he still wasn’t sure what to make of it. If there was anything else he could make of it.
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PostSubject: Re: Just a Quiet Drink... (Private) [COMPLETE]   Wed Jul 25, 2012 1:11 am

So had he?... Sabre’s hand lifted her drink up to her lips and she tilted the glass back, holding the straw to one side with a practiced finger. Her eyes fluttered closed as she let the cold liquid slide down her throat. She’d hoped it would help cool the blush that had crept onto her cheeks, but something told her that wasn’t going to work considering the drink was alcoholic. Two gulps and it was gone. When she placed the glass back on the table, her cheeks were a light pink, but she hoped he’d assume it was from the drink.

“A bit of a chase is a good thing, I’d say,” she grinned. She could feel the alcohol slow beginning to work its magic, warming her chest. Her face sobered at Kale’s next words and she nodded her understanding. She’d watched the ins and outs of his team for years now, though she’d never really seen him interact with his men in person.

She nodded again at his last statement. “True,” she responded. She’d had clearance for quite some time now – thanks to him, of course. Leaning back in her seat, she grabbed up the beer she’d left unfinished and took a sip from it. She’d wait for him to finish his drink before she ordered the next round.

While she waited, her eyes drank in the sight of him. Something about him was different tonight. He seemed almost more attractive than usual. Perhaps it was the downcast glances, or maybe the hidden smiles. It almost felt like they were two young lovers on their first date. The awkwardness was palpable, but so, too, was the chemistry. A slight grin formed on her lips as she finished the beer and set it down.

“So now that business has been taken care of… What kind of plans have you got for the rest of this dreary night?” she purred, her hands drifting up to cross across her chest as she leaned back in the booth again.
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PostSubject: Re: Just a Quiet Drink... (Private) [COMPLETE]   Fri Aug 03, 2012 8:54 pm

Kale laughed after the first thing she said, almost leaning over the table, though the audible part of his laugh left him fairly quickly. He’d spent too long being quiet to make a great deal of noise even during leisure time. "A bit of a chase… yes, and ours lasted what, ten years?" he asked, lifting a brow slightly, then he finished the last of his drink, setting the empty glass aside and considering.

"To tell you the truth, believe it or not, I hadn’t thought too far beyond that. I think I intended to handle this business, and then stalk off, maintaining a detached, professional demeanor, and perhaps a bit of a buzz. So I’m batting one for two." He was quiet again, for a few moments, considering again, and then scowled.

"This is stupid."

His words were abrupt, and he pushed his chair aside almost angrily, turning on Sabre and stepping closer, before he pulled her up to her feet as well and up closer to him, and kissed her. It had been going there all night, he’d been an observer of people for too long not to know that, but here he’d just been screwing around like some kind of idiot, and…

Kale LOATHED being indecisive. So, here he was.

He kissed her hard, it wasn’t the first time after all, but it wasn’t without a certain gentleness… and there was feeling in it. ‘Ah, screw it’ could sometimes be a handy feeling.
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PostSubject: Re: Just a Quiet Drink... (Private) [COMPLETE]   Mon Aug 06, 2012 10:32 pm

Sabre grinned as Kale opened up and let out a genuine laugh. Before she knew what was happening, she joined him in his mirth, letting her head fall back as she laughed. “Ten years?” she chuckled, leaning her head back down to think. “Yeah, that sounds about right.”

Her head tilted to the side some as he admitted having not thought ahead. That wasn’t like him. To be fair, though, she hadn’t given too much thought to the near future either. She didn’t have work in the morning, so if things didn’t pan out like they usually did, she would wander for a bit in search of something else to take up her time before morning. There was a new bookstore not too far away, if she wasn't mistaken.

“Well, you are rather good at maintaining that practiced demeanor of yours,” she purred, smirking some. She was about to ask what was stupid, but he moved quickly. The speed wasn’t what surprised her, but the action itself caught her off guard. She hadn’t expected to do this until a few more drinks had been consumed. As their lips met, a spark lit up inside of her. Elegant fingers grasped the collar of his shirt, pulling herself closer to him in response to his gruff approach. After ten years of fighting, and more than a few entertaining nights, the fact that she liked things a bit rough would be no surprise to Kale... but that was only one of the many reasons they seemed so compatible in this department.

Her body tingled, already anticipating what would come later. Humans she generally drained dry when she wasn’t being good, but he was a different breed altogether, and could withstand her… hunger. That was another reason she so thoroughly enjoyed these nights. After a few moments, she opened her eyes, staring up into his with her glowing, crimson orbs. Pulling back a bit, she grinned. “You’re not very good at baseball, are you?” she chuckled, pulling him back down into another kiss.
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PostSubject: Re: Just a Quiet Drink... (Private) [COMPLETE]   Wed Aug 08, 2012 7:11 pm

Kale finally let her down a little, lifting a brow. "You don’t know much about baseball. A five hundred batting average is almost unheard of. And I didn’t think you’d be particularly interested in baseball tonight. Or ever, for that matter, but tonight in particular…" He trailed off a bit, leaving the rest unsaid, though his smile was rather less reserved than normal. Not that she needed to see that. By this point, he’d finally gone and made his intentions clear. Beating around the bush for too long was just getting stupid.

"That being said. Baseball was never my specialty." he added, kissing her again and ignoring the man creeping up behind him… the same one he’d struck down from his path earlier in the night. Almost slowly Kale pulled back, glancing for just a moment to Sabre’s eyes, just as the man lifted a heavy, mostly filled bottle – and Kale wheeled on him in an instant. His impact was open-palmed, almost casual, but delivered with utterly crushing force into the man’s solar plexus. He gasped, breath practically exploding out of his lungs, and collapsed gasping some six feet away. Kale stretched his hand a moment, opening and closing it twice as though against some stiffness, then he turned back and offered it to Sabre.

"You know… I have a sneaking suspicion that we might find more entertainment elsewhere. In fact… I think I can fairly well guarantee it."

((sorry this is so short!))
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PostSubject: Re: Just a Quiet Drink... (Private) [COMPLETE]   Sat Aug 11, 2012 2:34 am

A small pout filled Sabre’s lips when they parted from Kale’s. She opened her eyes and looked up as his voice echoed down to her. The pout disappeared and she flashed a grin up to him in response to his snarky, matter-of-fact comment.

“I may not know much about baseball, but in my book, one for two is still half a failure. Tonight, though… I think I rather like the look of failure on you.” One hand finally released the collar of his shirt, and she smoothed the fabric out some before letting the hand slide up through his hair to rest on the back of his head. Her eyes never left Kale’s, but a throaty chuckle escaped her lips as she spied the familiar shape of the man who’d accosted her companion upon his arrival. She knew Kale would see him in her eyes, if not sense his presence, so she didn’t fight it when he pulled her down into another kiss.

She very nearly kept hold of him, refusing to let him break the kiss, but her instincts screamed to let him go and face the lurking danger. Despite her slight disappointment of not being able to continue kissing him, her eyes gleamed when Kale looked to her before his attack. This brought a whole new kind of smile to her face. When Kale turned back to her, the victor after a single, half-hearted punch, the succubus inside of her was quite evident. Her eyes glowed up at him, her smile more amused – almost feral. She took the hand he offered, using it to spin herself into him, so that his arm was around her.

“And I have a sneaking suspicion that you might be right… C’mon. What do you say I show you something new, hmm?”

Pulling a wad of bills out from the front of her shirt, Sabre dropped them onto the table. It was more than enough for their drinks, but she was more intent on something else at the moment. She’d never had anyone over to her own apartment before, but tonight she’d finally made up her mind to make an exception with him. With a mischievous grin plastered to her lips, she intertwined her fingers with his and pulled him towards the stairs, up into the rain, and out onto the street towards her flat.
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Just a Quiet Drink... (Private) [COMPLETE]
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