A world of magic and technology at war until mutually assured destruction forced an uneasy peace.
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 Umbra Corporation: Expanded Write-up

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PostSubject: Umbra Corporation: Expanded Write-up   Tue May 08, 2012 12:43 pm

I talked to Azule a while back about expanding the write up for Umbra since I started creating NPC's and such for the company when I started writing with Vince, so here it is. It is largely unchanged, only added to. If anything still needs to be changed just say the word.


Hidden in the shadows of each society, Umbra delights in the jobs that civilized people would never do. But someone has to do it. Most of what they do is not strictly legal. The current peace treaties restrict Omni Corporation from producing new lycanthropes, but Umbra has continued the research. They sell this information to Omni but send Paladin the weapons with which to kill the new creations. Umbra reveled in working on both sides of the fence without the other learning what was going on.

Information is their primary goods. Corporate spies are dispatched around the world. Whatever data is collected gets reviewed by analysts. The juicy bits get sent back as blackmail. If the company refuses to pay, Umbra opens up an underground auction house to sell the trade secrets. They even carried out contracts with the Children of Terra just to collect more power. The Court of Shadow loaned out several of their best spies to train their new human counterparts on how to infiltrate the Other governments. Nothing Umbra did would be traced back to the Court of Shadow, and a beautiful friendship was formed.

It is still business as usual for Umbra, even after ten years of peace. There are always secrets to discover and someone willing to pay even more for them. Many members do still have ‘day’ jobs. Contacts come in out like mailmen (many of which actually are) with new assignments. The job gets done, they get paid, and then they wait for the next job. Someone has to be delegating these tasks, but no one cares who that person is.

Umbra has two distinct sides to it, and each side is run by a triumvirate who together make up the Council, or Umbra's Board of Directors to the corporate world. Each member of the council is known only by their titles, which are all times of the day. The council never meets together in public, preferring to talk via video chats with each other.

The first side, larger by far than the other, is the researchers and analysts. Umbra dabbles in everything in numerous private labs that can't be traced back to the corporation itself. Analysts keep track of the influx of contacts and information as well as keep in contact with the enforcers. The science side of Umbra is led by Doctors Morning, Noon, and Night.

The other, smaller side of Umbra is the enforcers. These are for all intents and purposes Umbra's field agents. They do everything from protection of contacts to hunting down rift beasts for the scientists to study to assassinating parties who may damage the corporation. The enforcers often find themselves on the wrong side of the law doing their jobs and if any of them are ever caught they are deemed expendable by the company. The enforcers will often hire mercenaries to bolster their numbers when teams are needed for a mission, but most enforcers work singly or in pairs most of the time. Enforcers are recently being given analysts as 'handlers' as well. The handlers can be contacted while the enforcer is on a mission as a middle man for information pertaining to the job or to request assets, such as vehicles or backup. Each handler is responsible for a specific enforcer, so over time the enforcer and the handler will learn each other's quirks and habits and be able to work together seamlessly. The enforcers are led by Mister Dark, Mistress Eve, and Master Dawn.
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PostSubject: Re: Umbra Corporation: Expanded Write-up   Thu May 10, 2012 12:47 am

I, Azule, approve. Just too lazy to log into my mod account. That and Knight already knows I ok'ed it.
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Umbra Corporation: Expanded Write-up
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