A world of magic and technology at war until mutually assured destruction forced an uneasy peace.
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 Phoenix Academy of Magic

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PostSubject: Phoenix Academy of Magic   Sun Mar 04, 2012 10:20 am

Phoenix Academy of Magic


Founded: 1860 B.C. (Before Conflagration)

Council Members:

Fel-ia Yeman
Sky-e Harper
Jae-sun Ellia
Riv-yr Parks
Lil-ee Parson

History of the School:

The Others have been in touch with Terra and her magic from the beginning, never forgetting or fearing the power of the mana that Terra provided for them. It is normally their tradition to for the practice of magic to be passed down through family lines, parents teaching their children. As their skill knowledge with skill and magic grew, The Others established a school to standardize their system of learning and preserve their knowledge for future generations.

The school was named after the Phoenix, a rare beast that is believed immortal because it will always rise from its own ashes. The choice was to symbolize that with knowledge properly preserved, it can never be taken from the world. The first school was located deep in the Hidden Elven Grove, and the elves were made its stewards. Nestled safely beneath the branches of the Grove, countless generations learned the ways of their people, and added their own discoveries to the collective knowledge. It was an ideal existence between Terra and her Children, a time of peace.

Like so many other things, that idealism was destroyed when the bombs were dropped in 1945. While the Courts of Light and Shadow deliberated on what course of action to take in the aftermath of a sanctuaries destruction, the Phoenix stewards were charged with a task by the Shadow Court Emperor. That task was to provide the Children of Terra with the means to protect themselves. The greatest mages of the Phoenix Academy applied their skills to developing and refining combat magic. For the first time in its history the Phoenix Academy had stepped away from the path of peaceful harmony.

When War was declared, the Grove became a Military Academy and the Phoenix stewards taught their new magics to any who had the will to wield them. For two over two hundred years the Phoenix Academy trained some of the deadliest mages to ever walk Terra. The Enlightenment ended to that illustrious tradition. The Hidden Grove was torn asunder, and the Academy's Stewards did everything in their power to save what knowledge they could. They survived the cataclysm and sought to find a new home to safeguard and rebuild generations of knowledge.

With the help of the dwarves, the Phoenix Academy created a new stronghold by burrowing deep into a mountain. Its solid stone became the halls and foundation of a new School. After a decade the Phoenix Stewards have reclaimed thier old charge of passing on knowledge and the truth of the Children's connection to Terra. Included in that knowledge is are the secrets of combat magic. It is their intent to see that their people survive to learn the knowledge that they safeguard, and use it to restore Terra to her former glory.
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Phoenix Academy of Magic
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