A world of magic and technology at war until mutually assured destruction forced an uneasy peace.
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 Annabel Rose

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PostSubject: Annabel Rose    Fri May 04, 2012 2:22 am

• Annabel • Rose •

Name: Annabel Rose
Nickname: Anna - Rose - Experiment 626.
Age: 19
Weight: 105lbs
Height: 5'4"

Eye color: Icy Blue
Hair color: Blonde, shoulder length and straight.
Race: Human - Celestial Vessel.
Residence: Bastion. Librium. Wastelands.
Nationality: Created in a lab.
Affiliation: The Church of the Divine Collective
Occupation: Child of the Divine Collective, soon to be employed as a publicity stunt / Experiment.

Face Claim: Imogen Poots

• all in the details •

Anna is extremely lithe and agile in appearance. With unmarred creamy white complexion and glistening blond locks, she has all the looks of an angel wrapped into a pint-sized package. Her compact size and sweet features give her the appearance of a child, but staring out from her angelic face is a creature wise beyond her years. Not to mention she speaks with such self importance that it is hard to overlook the little woman.

Anna is just coming to terms with her Celestial being, and has yet to embrace the power that is hers now. She struggles with understanding her abilities and how to use them, a subject that is extremely embarrassing because she was raised to be believe she was special.

As nieve as she appears, Anna has lived an extremely sheltered life and has no understandings of the true way of the world. Despite her sheltered upbringing, she is outspoken and extremely opinionative. She is wise beyond her years, due in part to her Celestial being, but she has always possessed a lot of common sense. Anna may be simple minded, but she is not stupid. She is curious, by nature, and eager to embrace new concepts.

Calm, most of the time. Anna really doesn't get mad unless she needs too, and she looks at the best in things and life. Her calmness sets her differently then others though. She could be facing death and be very calm about it. She is intelligent and very observant. Due to her empathic nature she is a very caring and understanding individual. Kind of like a puppy - You speak in a nice tone and she will more than likely want to follow although she can sense your true intentions, she is curious.

Celestials generally employ physical forms (called "vessels") on earth. The earthly vessel does gain some supernatural abilities from their celestial inhabitants. The most obvious abilities:
    Never suffer from fatigue
    Don't require food or water
    Immune to corporeal disease (but not chemical drugs or poisons)
    Immune to extremes of temperature

Empathic by Celestial Nature
    Anna can psychically tune in to the emotional experience of a person, place or animal. She has not quite perfected this new ability, therefore she can listen, but not reply empathically. Her ability also entitles her to influencing peoples emotions, often with the use of pheromones, but she has yet to realize nor put this skill to good use.

    She is extremely in tune with Terra, whom she refers to as her 'mother'. This most commonly occurs when she predicts the weather to come or a natural disaster. It is more likely that she is drawing empathically from nature, but she has been brainwashed by the divine to believe it to be her 'mother'.

    Her Celestial ability also came with the gift of healing, although minor and extremely draining for the host. She can not heal internal damage, poisoning, nor can she bring people back from the dead. Her skills are more adept with healing minor wounds, and is not effective or fast enough to solve life-threatening wounds. She can heal burns, cuts, and stab wounds. Her healing consists of a glowing warm light that emanates from her hands which can last up to five minutes before she is drained and will need to rest. 5hr cooling period. Often more than one session is required when healing a patient, depending on the severity of the wound.

    Anna's healing is far more superior when preformed on herself. In order to heal herself she is required to go into a deep slumber, and depending on the severity of the wound it can range from hours to weeks if need be. The more sever the wound the longer she sleeps. The limitations listed above apply to her as well, the only difference is she can heal herself [and only herself] of gunshot wounds and internal damage. She cannot bring herself back from the dead, what's dead is dead.

Basic Survival Skills.
Simple hand to hand combat.
Highly skilled in the art of Poison and Alchemy.

• the tale of a lifetime•

Anna was bred and born for the church of the Divine as a vessel. She was conceived in lab, grown in a divine mother, and born into the protective arms of the Church. Raised in a secret community deep in the broken peaks of the wastelands, she was protected from the hardships of humanity. From the moment she could remember, Anna knew she was special. She would be constantly reminded for the rest of her days that she was born to be one with the angels. She was a child of Terra and destined to be the agent of one of the Divine Collective.

The Divine community made out a simple living off of the land, but required regular shipments from the church of the Divine in order to survive the harsh mountainous environment. It was a small community made of five purist 'families'. Each 'family' was made up of two protectors, or what most people would know as a mother and a father. Both Protectors guarded five Divine Children, or Vessels, and all of those children were designed in a lab for the single purpose of possessing a Celestial being.

With no outside interaction or even the knowledge that a world existed outside this simple life, Anna grew extremely close with her Divine brothers and sisters. She was the oldest of the group, and from an early age stepped up to the plate to help raise her younger siblings. Anna would do the bulk of the cooking for her family and the village, and became quite the chef. She had an eager mind and studious student of the Divine Collective. She gave regular sermons and was an active member of the community.

Life was as simple as it could get, up until she reached adulthood. Out of the blue the five eldest children of the community were gathered. The Shepard of their community explained nothing, only that they were not to speak and only to follow. He promised if they were faithful and true to the Collective they would find their answers soon enough. The confused group was led to the highest peak and than abandoned there.

At first, they banded together and held on to the hope that their pure belief will see them through but as days turned into weeks all hell would break lose. Part of the group would leave in search of home, but not before a huge debate on the matter. No matter how adamantly Anna had preached the others would not listen. Only Anna and Joseph remained steadfast. They would wait. Come rain, sleet, or snow; Hunger, thirst, or pain, they would wait to find the supposed truth that was promised to them.

And find it, they did.

One week turned into two, and before they knew it a month had gone by. Their meager rations were long gone, and the surrounding mountain peak provided them with no shelter and no hope for nourishment. When it seemed all hope was lost Anna led her friend in prayer, begging for mercy and a sign from above. It was in the silence after their prayer that the sky opened up from above and graced them with their presence. The event had blinded them, and they wouldn't have a clue what hit them until they awoke in the safety of the village.

Anna had indeed found the answers she was promised, and after recovering from the ordeal she went back to life as normal. She is slowly discovering her new connection with her Celestial being, wasting hours talking to her angelic nature as they learn from one another and adapt to being one. More recently there has been talk of leaving the safety of their home for the great Temple to meet the Grand Sheperd himself. Anna has already received a letter from the great man, and looks forward to seeing the grand Temples of Bastion.

Her abilities will evolve with time, use, and understanding.

Further Abilities
    Shielding - A forcefield type shield that can block mental attacks, as well as fire and frost attacks. It cannot stop a physical attack. It also requires intense concentration, any distractions or stress can weaken the shield.

    Grounding - Partly of influence, this ability is transfered via touch to the host's attacker. It temporarily drains the attacker of his/her Mana or energy, which ever should prove more threatening. She disperses it into the ground, often creating a golden ring in the earth. Anna must release the drained mana or energy immediately, and cannot use or hold onto it. It basically transfers from her into the ground. It is an instantaneous attack that stuns her opponent, but only temporarily. Temporarily, as in however long it takes for her enemy to regenerate their mana or energy.

    Grounding can also be used to dispel any lingering mana or energy attacks, i.e. electrical, fire engulfing her, etc. It will stop but ONE attack, completely neutralizing it. It takes 24hrs for her to regain her grounding abilities.

    Etincelante - A minor ability, the caster can create a ball of light that burns off much like a sparkler would. It can be used for light, to start fires, and even lobbed at an enemy. It is employed as a form of distraction, once viewed by an opponent they can not seem to look away until the gold infused sparks have died. 5-10minutes max. Unlimited.

    Negrus - Often brought on by emotional distress or anger, this ability emits a high pressure shock wave. It is an instantaneous attack that can grow up to 12 meters in diameter [i.e. the size of a city bus] and is extremely destructive to those around her. She can not shield anyone but herself from its destruction. Side effects; It completely drains her and she will lose consciousness the moment the shock wave has passed. 24hr cooling period.

Is this a Canon?: Nope.

Is this your second character, and if so, who is your first?: The polar opposite, Nicole.

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Annabel Rose
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