A world of magic and technology at war until mutually assured destruction forced an uneasy peace.
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 Angelo des Veren

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PostSubject: Angelo des Veren   Thu May 03, 2012 8:25 pm

• Angelo • James • des Veren •

Name: Angelo James des Veren (in official capacity), Renor Alti'uin
Nickname: Angelface, Black Wings, AJ
Age: 23
Weight: 145 lb
Height: 6' 2""

Eye color: Blue-gray
Hair color: Blonde
Race: Half Human, Half Avian
Residence: Librium
Affiliation: Terran Guards
Occupation:Field Agent

Face Claim: Mathias Lauridsen

• all in the details •

Angelo stands tall and lean at six feet, two inches tall, and often wears a three piece suit and overcoat he bought using his wages as a field agent when out and about. His wings are coal black near his shoulders, though they progressively get lighter as you near the edges, where they terminate in white tipped feathers. They are quite large, with a span of just over sixteen feet, and allow him to glide fairly easily. His hair is kept short, but remains unkempt due to his preferred method of transportation-- the air. There remains a faint scar across his left cheekbone from a knife fight during his younger years. His eyes are a light blue, though in direct sunlight they appear to be a luminous, brilliant gray color.

Generally, Angelo is a dapper individual with a dry sense of humor and a cool, practical view of things. He was once a hotheaded, impetuous youth, overly sensitive to any comments made about his winged heritage by any humans, particularly purists. This almost always resulted in a fistfight, and for a time, he was perfectly content to stuff a knuckle sandwich down the throats of anyone that insulted his half Avian heritage. After a particularly bad knife fight, during which his attacker wound up with a blade sticking through his shoulder, and Angelo with a few bad slashes, he put some serious thought into the direction his life was taking. From that point on, AJ matured, and his better traits began to shine through. He has a natural adroitness with words, the capacity for flexible diplomacy, and a seasoned, pragmatic take on things.

Abilities: Enduring Flame
He has one elemental power that developed during his teen years-- the ability to generate high heat plumes of flame from his body. The flames can vary in both length and intensity, and are a bright gold in color. These can be directed as a stream of fire akin to a flamethrower; as a ball of concentrated blue flame; or issued from the leading and trailing edge of his wings to produce additional (potentially vectored) thrust during flight. He is difficult to burn when using his flames, but is not entirely impervious. In addition, producing the flames requires a heavy input of mana, resulting in a limited use for most combat applications. Flight time is also limited to around two hours before fatigue begins to set in and the process of generating the flame becomes one of diminishing return on airspeed. Primary weaknesses are found in the concentration required to maintain a constant flame, as well as in the fact that having to counter incoming fire attacks poses a burn rate of mana equal to double what it would take to simply generate his flames. There is also a cooldown period between the heavier bursts of flame-- anywhere between one to five minutes. If he attempts to violate this, the flames can and do burn him. This applies to flight uses as well, which can cause serious harm to his wings. He also can't use it when submerged in water, as the process would backfire and burn him. He is extremely limited in his ability to generate fire at night, since he is partially dependent on sunlight for power in the first place.

Flight: He's a skilled flier despite his half Avian, half human heritage, and the ability to boost his airspeed to a higher level provides a welcome option to perform hit and run attacks with either blade or flames... or a well placed hand grenade.

Hand to hand combat: As far as going mano a mano, AJ is well versed in several forms of close quarters battle. Numerous fistfights, bar brawls, and unfair street battles during his childhood allowed him to develop an unconventional, but effective style of combat using the environment and his agility to gain an advantage over most opponents and end the engagement swiftly. When combined with his ability to project cones of flaming mana from his body, Angelo can deliver a punishing one-two-third (degree) burn combination.

Swordman: He's a decent swordsman, though his area of knowledge is solely with his curved longsword, and he has yet to learn how to use any other large bladed weapons. He is skilled with a knife, though that is more a consequence of his youth than formal instruction.

Marskman: He is a passable shot with a handgun, though most of his introduction to human firearms has been informal and infrequent, and thus, he avoids them for the most part.

• the tale of a lifetime•

Angelo John des Veren, born Renor Alti'uin, began his life in the relatively quiet woods of Elyria. His father, a retired soldier, made a quiet living as a hunter and woodsman. His mother, an Avian woman with the poor luck to fall in love with a human, made her living as a courier of messages between the cities. Things were good, as good as they could be, until the day Angelo was born. His mother died during childbirth, leaving his father to care for a newborn baby with Avian traits. Thus began the life of AJ.

His childhood was rough, insomuch that the other kids he grew up with constantly bullied him, pushing him to the point where he sought to resolve conflicts not with his words but with his fists. His better traits remained hidden between a raging temper, a sharp tongue, and a brash demeanor, at least until the knife-fight that changed his life. It was a grudge match between a local kid that despised anyone not purely human and himself. The fight began with shoving, then escalated to the trading of heady blows, and culminated in that kid drawing a knife and trying to stab AJ in the chest. However, Angelo would have nothing of it, and ripped the weapon from his hand, reflexively stabbing the boy to disable him.

After coming close to death, and nearly seeing it caused by the sheer zenophobic hatred of those around him, Angelo decided to try to change it. As soon as he was able, he joined the Terran Guard. The experiences of losing his mother, seeing his father mocked and shamed in public for having a half breed son, and the torment suffered at the hands of purists and their progeny gave him a genuine desire to seek a permanent, lasting solution to the conflict between the two warring worlds.

(A place to write anything that didn’t quite fit in the above sections. Phobias, criminal records, anything you feel the staff should know or that you want to keep track of and have written down.)

Is this a Canon?: Nope

Is this your second character, and if so, who is your first?:First

Last edited by Angelo des Veren on Thu May 03, 2012 10:04 pm; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : Refining the character as per suggestions.)
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Angelo des Veren
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