A world of magic and technology at war until mutually assured destruction forced an uneasy peace.
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 Checkered Flags (Blue)

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PostSubject: Re: Checkered Flags (Blue)   Tue May 22, 2012 12:03 am

You think.. the Grace thing was about me? Why? Because I was with you? I think you're misguided there. Do girls really care about that crap? I don't, I mean I don't see a girl with a guy and think... I want to be better than her.

He told her that he had met the guys that they had been hanging out with in various ways. Almost killing him, to almost stabbing him, to almost throwing him off the roof. Her brows rose higher with each one not really sure how you went from nearly killing someone to being buddies with one that you would go with and travel to watch races with. But then he brought up the fact that she had totally had like fifty guns on him when he had broken into her lab and she laughed. She couldn't help it, he was right, she had been completely ready to end his life over her prototype.

To be fair you were hired to take my finished device. I was not a happy camper, and should you break in again, with ill intent, it would be far worse. You have taught me many things.

Inside their tent, she watched his face as he mentioned the two people that had not tried to kill him before they got to know one another. Delvin and... but when his face fell, so did her heart. Because, he was always Sol. The guy that was quick to smile and give her a teasing. But, this was different. His smile came back almost instantly but... she had seen it fall and knew there was an old wound there.

One she was not going to pick at.

He would tell her in time.

She sat down on the floor of their tent where they had a fold out table that had been pulled out of a pack and she put her food on top of it and opened the container grinning from ear to ear. Nothing better than spicey food. She put two beers on the top, and put the rest of their drinks in the cooler that they had put in the corner of their tent. She was actually looking forward to tonight, sleeping side by side again. She had enjoyed it so much at his place, and on the roof when they had fallen asleep watching the stars when he brought her dinner.

Oh.. hold on.

Blue's eyes seemed to glaze over as she tilted her head to the side. She was working on a special project and she had just gotten some sort of delivery of supplies that she had been waiting on. She was using her mind to connect to Albert, who was connecting to her liason while she was gone to allow her to take the delivery and do what needed to be done. She wasn't eating, for all intents and purposes she was staring off into space for a moment and then she blinked and was back to her normal self.

Okay, sorry, about that something came in at the lab and I needed to give some directions. So anyway, when are we supposed to head home? Is it tomorrow? Do we ride home on the bus? Oh! Is there anything else we're doing while here? I mean, is there a party or something you want to go to or anything? I don't want to hold you back. I'm not really sure what's normal here.
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PostSubject: Re: Checkered Flags (Blue)   Thu May 24, 2012 8:11 am

Styx gave Blue a grin. "Blue, you are one of the most beautiful girls I have seen and that is probably true of most people. And there are people from both genders that will try to measure themselves up against another person when they perceive someone that might have something they don't. And unfortunately one of the best ways to do that in this case was for Grace to try and steal your guy so to speak." And it wasn't just humans that did that sort of thing, though Solomon hadn't seen as obvious of behavior from Others. They tended to be better at subtlety then most humans.

He laughed when she mentioned how breaking into her lab again might have unfortunate consequences and quickly turned so they were facing each other. One hand holding the inventor tightly against his body while the other gently held her chin as he stared into her eyes, their lips a hair breath from touching. "Oh, I doubt I'll ever have ill intent when breaking into your lab. But how about devious and maybe less then honorable ones." He teased softly with his lips barely brushing hers as he spoke. His breath hot against her face as their bodies pressed against one another.

He was glad when she didn't mention anything about his slipping and almost bringing up... that name. He wasn't ready to share that part of him and what she had meant at this time. Not even Delvin knew the full extent of what had been going on there, though he knew that Styx had tried to go strait at that time. If there was one thing to be said about Delvin, he was a true friend. He had stuck by the thief through thick and thin, had been there since Solomon had started on his criminal path in fact and was one of only a few that he could trust completely.

As they sat down, Blue asked him to hold on for a second and he did. She seemed to focus somewhere out into space and the thief got a mischievous grin. He quickly stripped off his shirt, leaving himself bare up to the waist and moved to Blue's side. He carefully waited until his companion was back in reality before snaking an arm around her waist and pulling her into his lap. He listened to what had caused the distraction while leaning in to nibble at her neck. When it came time to answer he grinned softly and moved up to nibble on Blue's ear as he whispered.

"Tomorrow, there are going to be more races and at the end there is going to be a big party where everyone here is going to get a chance to cut loose and go wild. It will go on all night with bands playing, drinks and with general wild debauchery all around. Then in the afternoon of the third day, because almost no one will be up in the morning except those that stayed up all night, the buses will come and we'll all head back to the city." While he whispered and nibbled, Styx's hands were gently exploring the curves of Blue's body. He slipped a hand under the shirt she had thrown on over the Bikini top to gently rub her silken skin. He then took one hand away from Blue and reached down for one of the plastic utensils that had come with their meal. Carefully he brought up the bite, still nibbling on Blue's ear and with a hand gently massaging her body and held it up for her to take if she wanted. And if any got on her shirt, well he would casually suggest she take off her top while she ate so she didn’t get her clothing dirty, all the while continuing his careful attention to her body.
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PostSubject: Re: Checkered Flags (Blue)   Thu May 24, 2012 11:29 am

Blue couldn't help but grin.

Her heart was beating so fast as he held her, right outside the tent, up against him. Letting his breath rush against her lips while he told her that he wouldn't be entering her lab with ill intent. But he might not have the most honorable intentions in mind. The blush the crossed her cheeks was quite dark. But she gave a little grin, and ran her hand down his chest slowly as he pulled away and then headed into the tent.

Blue wasn't quite sure how long she was going to last before she jumped him. He seemed into it as much as she was. But she wasn't sure if it should be a special thing or if they should just let passion take them away. Blue had never done this kind of thing before, so she was really uncertain exactly what she wanted or how to do it .. properly.

Inside, she zoned out to take care of some business. Glad that Sol didn't get angry at her. She knew that she was supposed to be off. But as lead inventor for New Dawn it was a bit hard to be that. When she came back to herself she found that she was no longer in the same position she had been in before. A man with his arm around her sat underneath her. She had been moved and not even known. But that was the breaks, when she was going long distance with her powers, she had to make sure that she concentrated on it completely.

He was nibbling on her neck. Causing her to intake a shuddered breath and her eyes to slide closed. It felt so good. His hands were exploring underneath her shirt and she found her body more than willing to lean back into him finding him shirtless which was much to her liking of course. He handed her the fork so that she could eat, but the thing was.. she couldn't have even if she wanted to. Which suddenly she didn't. Her ears were extremely sensitive and when he began to nibble on them she was lost to the pleasure of such a thing. Her fingers tossed the fork back on the table and her arms reached up behind her to pull him closer to her.

Not. Hungry. she managed to get out. She didn't care about the party tomorrow, or more races, they were staying for that she was sure. But right now, she didn't even care that they would have reheat their food later. Right now all she wanted was to kiss him. She pulled her ear out of his range, her body shuddering with pleasure all ready as she turned and began to kiss him. Hard and passionatly as she twisted her body so that she was pushing him down on the floor while at the same time straddling his body with her legs. Her hair fell in a dark curtain around them while they kissed hungrily. This was like earlier, but better, and Blue found herself in utter heaven. She had never expected to be wanted, and she hoped that 'if' they did anything here and now he would be the kind of guy that stuck around. If he ran, she knew already she would be heartbroken and angry. But he didn't strike her as the type. He could have tried that already, and hadn't.
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PostSubject: Re: Checkered Flags (Blue)   Sat May 26, 2012 9:14 am

Styx could feel Blue responding to his touch and couldn’t help the grin that played across his face as he continued to nibble on her ear. To feel the girl that was so often reserved in her manner loose herself in excitement and passion thrilled the thief. And when Blue pinned him to the floor while kissing him back he chuckled against her lips as his arms wrapped around her. For several moments that seemed to last for an eternity he lay there locked in the embrace and the kiss that seemed to set fire to his blood and his desire.

As the heat of their passion grew, Solomon let his hands drift down to the hem of Blue’s shirt. Gathering it up, he pulled it up quickly to minimize the amount of time they had to break in their kiss before it was out of the way. But before it was fully off he twisted it to trap Blue’s arms above her head. With a quick twist, the thief reversed their positions so he was the one on top now. His grin turned mischievous as he leaned down to whisper in Blue’s ear.

”Let me take the lead for a bit, I promise you’ll enjoy it.” Once more he nibbled on her ear softly as he spoke, one hand holding onto the shirt that trapped her arms and the other gently running along her side. He would hold her there gently, but firm enough to prevent her escape as he started kissing the side of her neck. He kept up his attention until he heard his captive moan as loud as he thought he could entice before allowing himself to work lower.

In this manner he continued down the length of Blue’s body, never letting the inventor free as he caressed her skin with his lips. His eventual destination was probably obvious now, though he still wouldn’t allow his captive the freedom to respond unless she called for him to stop for some reason. Styx also didn’t allow himself to be rushed, always making sure to tease the most he could out of each stop he made down Blue’s curves. And when his lips reached their destination he did his level best to bring forth a pleasure filled scream from his lovely Mistress of Machines.
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PostSubject: Re: Checkered Flags (Blue)   

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Checkered Flags (Blue)
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