A world of magic and technology at war until mutually assured destruction forced an uneasy peace.
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 Svetlana Nikolia Kozlovski

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PostSubject: Svetlana Nikolia Kozlovski   Mon Apr 30, 2012 4:16 pm

• svetlana • nikolia • kozlovski •

Name: Svetlana Nikolia Kozlovski
Nickname: Lana
Age: 30
Weight: 125lbs (human); 350lbs (werewolf)
Height: 5ft 7in (human); 6ft 12in (werewolf)

Eye color: Green (human); Amber (werewolf)
Hair color: Red (human & werewolf)
Race: Werewolf
Residence: No place particular...
Nationality: Russian
Affiliation: Umbra
Occupation: Mercenary

Face Claim: Scarlett Johansson

• all in the details •


Tall with a muscular/curvaceous physique, Lana maintains her toned womanly shape by exercising at least once a day, everyday. Her red hair hangs in waves/curls to the middle of her back and is sometimes kept pulled away from her face in a high ponytail. Green eyes, rimmed with fluttering lashes generally see very little enhancement, but usually only in the form of eyeliner and mascara (she hates makeup). Creamy soft skin, which tans seldom is covered mostly in black fatigues and/or leathers. Militia-style boots preferred over heels or flats and her accessories consist of an array of weapons tucked into holsters and pockets.

When she shifts, her body transforms into a monster that stands near 7ft tall and weights 350lbs. Creamy flesh replaced by a thick pelt of red fur that covers her from the tips of her pointed ears down to her tail and hind legs. Her green eyes morph into a shimmering golden-yellow hue that flash in certain lighting. Adorning each finger and toe are 3in curved claws; their point deadly sharp and tough as steel can cut through flesh like warm butter (she has yet come upon a person or object her claws could not cut through). Her teeth, which are each now sporting their own deadly point are just as tough as her claws.


Lana is a seemingly emotionless woman. She is more rational than others of her kin and has worked hard to control her inner beast. She is very rarely prone to fits of rage, though certain situations can bring one out of her. Her personal life is kept very distant from her professional one and her secrets remain just that, hers. The only exception to her rule of remaining so distant are children; there is a certain weakness within her rough exterior that makes Lana's protective instincts kick into overdrive.


Strength: Due to her heritage as a Werewolf, Lana in her human form has the ability to lift up to 1000lbs. This number doubles (2000lbs) when she is in her Werewolf form. She can perform from a deadlift. Overexerting herself leads to broken bones, torn ligaments and pulled muscles.

Speed: In her human form, Lana (while running) can reach speeds up to 40mph. However she doesn't generally push herself that hard since her stamina can only last for 10 minutes max. As a Werewolf, she can reach speeds up to 60mph and can last up to 30 minutes. Having to run great distances does have short-term effects on her muscles and lungs; making it more painful during her transition as well as breathing.

Senses: Night vision, heightened sense of smell as well as hearing.


Gymnast; Ballerina; Espionage; Shooting

• the tale of a lifetime•


Chernobyl wasn’t as much of a disaster as everyone thought. The old nuclear plant near Prypiat, which was under the direct jurisdiction of Moscow, was converted into a training facility where children as young as 3 years of age were brought. Svetlana was one of the first groups of children to arrive. Adopted by the Russian government when she was 4 from an orphanage in Saint Petersburg, Lana was moved across to the Ukraine where she was inducted into service for the Soviet Union.

Each child brought to the facility had something unique about their heritage that would later be used to the Soviet’s advantage. Lana, being a blood born werewolf and unaware of such things at so early an age did not fully understand the implications of everything she was being taught. Besides that of a regular education were she learned the basics of math, history, science, literature, she was also instructed in hand-to-hand combat, weapons, tracking and espionage.

At 9 years of age, Lana had her first taste of power. Puberty struck early in the young girl and unlocked her pre-transition abilities starting first with her sight; night vision and heat vision, then moving on to heighten her olfactory sense as well as her hearing. Her strength and speed wouldn’t manifest until she was 13, when she made her first transformation into a werewolf. The experience was painful and lasted for a full 24 hours the first time and because she was such a young werewolf, she was placed in solitary confinement for the safety of the other kids.

As she got older Lana learned how to control the animal that raged inside her body. She found that exercising daily helped to keep the beast at bay for the most part. Still she had to learn how to reign in on her own temper. Even the slightest flare up would send her into a fit of rage, with the end result being the removal of one or more bodies from the facility. It wasn’t until her late teen years that Lana finally had full control over her animalistic side.

Present day, Terra…

Svetlana Kozlovski, mercenary for the Umbra Corporation. If there is a job to be done, she isn’t the first to call but she’s always somewhere at the top of the list. Her specialties lie outside of Intel and more within the lines of extinction. She couldn’t care less about the information that Umbra sought to exploit. Only to exterminate those she was contracted to kill. Not a thought more nor a bullet less.

Her earlier years in Chernobyl shaped Lana into the woman she is today. Not without feeling, but better able to choose who was worthy of her trust.


Colt 1911 Super .38 Auto; Titanium (x2)
Benelli MR1 Carbine .223 Rem
Alexander Arms Gas Piston AAR15 Rifle 6.5
Armalite AR-50 .50 B.M.G.
Bushmaster Carbon 15 .223/5.56 NATO
Benelli M4 Tactical 12 Gauge

Is this a Canon?: No

Is this your second character, and if so, who is your first?: First character

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PostSubject: Re: Svetlana Nikolia Kozlovski   

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Svetlana Nikolia Kozlovski
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