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 The Flip Side (Solomon)(COMPLETE)

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PostSubject: The Flip Side (Solomon)(COMPLETE)   Sat Apr 28, 2012 11:06 am

The challenge had been laid.

He could not have made it more appetizing if he had given her his address and the key to his front door. She had waited days though. Not only because she didn't want to show up the day after he had shown up at her place. But also because he was a strange one. He hadn't gone straight hom. She was certain that he had small places around the city where he didn't necessarily live but places where he was able to squat for a little while, catch a few z's or something. But, she knew that eventually he was going to have to go home. Shower (it had been a few days), change (it had been a few days), and probably just take a load off.

He was on the move.

And so was Blue.

She was tracking him, but she was quite a ways behind him. Almost a quarter of a mile, the furthest she could get her devices to work that were in her pocket and not be seen. It wouldn't do any good if he could figure out that she was following him. But she could see him while he could not see her. She was watching him walk through the city through the various security cameras that were mounted around the city for varioud businesses. Even some of the cheap places had some.

That worked rather well until he entered the slums.

There were very few cameras in there. Very few businesses. Mostly, the shacks and old apartment buildings that were built all over the slums were not the kind that she could easily use. She sped up causing a traffic crossing malfunction that would keep him in place for a few minutes. The joys of being a technopath. When she was a couple blocks away she let the signal go, and she ducked into an alcove. now it was trailing him herself, but she still couldn't be seen.

Follow then connect

She whispered this to Albert who took off into the sky and flew slowly behind Solomon up high like a bird, or.. owl rather. Her mind tapped into Al as she walked with her half-gloved hands in the pockets of her coat. The heels of her boots pounded slightly against the pavement. Her hair was down. He would just take it down anyway but it was behaving itself today. Slight blue and black curls fell down her shoulders and her back to her waist in glistening silk.

Albert alighted on a building across the street from the building that Solomon had entered, Blue paused, and waited. Watching the scene that was playing in her mind. Solomon entered a code. That was easy. But then he pulled out a set of old school keys. Her brow rose. Good thing Al could pick locks, otherwise she would have to knock on the door and then that would be no fun at all. She waited until Solomon had entered his place and then she continued walking. Her eyes checking everywhere. She was armed, always was, when she was out in public, but the thing was, depending on what kind of trouble she got into, it might not be enough.

Solomon's home wasn't very impressive but then he lived in the slums nothing was. The electronic lock she by passed without much more than a thought. So simple as it was. She called Albert down to her silently and she told him what to do. She held the little device in front of the door and Albert inserted the lock picks that he had built into one of his legs. It was a few moments of silent maneuvering and then the lock clicked softly open. Blue grinned.

Home she ordered Albert as she entered the room and sent the little owl off back to the lab.

Blue stepped silently into the apartment. Her blue green eyes were taking everything in. The futon, the stack of books, the old recliner. It was very sparse, very normal, and it was kind of boring. Though not everyone's home could be a giant warehouse filled with crap. Silently she closed the door and reset the locks. She walked on her tip toes since she was in heeled boots, and steadied the satchel at her side so it wouldn't make noise as she walked into the apartment and saw him laying under the kitchen. She smiled. So unassuming here in his home. Like she had been when he broke into her place. Blue leaned against the kitchen counter and watched him for a moment.

I could probably fix that you know. If you would just shove over. she said finally with a chuckle. Watching him jump up and probably grab the gun that was easily in reach was going to be funny. She couldn't help it. It was nice to finally surprise HIM. Her outfit was an actual put together outfit and not the norm that he saw her in when working and slaving away in her lab with no one to impress but the parts.


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PostSubject: Re: The Flip Side (Solomon)(COMPLETE)   Sat Apr 28, 2012 11:59 am

It had been a long few days for Solomon. After he had left Blue back at her lab he had gotten a call from Delvin. What should have been a fast and simple job took a lot more time then he would have liked, but with some fast thinking and a bit of luck he had managed to get the item that the client had wanted. Even better he hadn't been shot at once the whole job. It was nice when things worked out like you planned. And even better, the pay he had gotten for the job made sure that he had enough credits to get all the stuff Blue would need when they went to the races. So before he headed for home he stopped by a camping store where he could get together some of the supplies.

After getting enough that he could comfortably carry by himself, the thief headed off to his apartment. And almost the whole way he felt like he was being watched. It wasn't anything he saw or heard, it was just the prickling on the back of his neck of someone paying him more attention then he was use too when there wasn't a reason for it. He tried moving through the city, taking a bit of an unusual route, but the feeling never gave up. {Maybe I'm just getting paranoid.} He thought to himself. Even if he felt like someone was watching him, he didn't feel the usual sense of danger that came when someone was feeling particularly hostile to him. It was probably just the sense that one of Delvin's jobs hadn't turned completely FUBAR.

He got into the slums and the feeling didn't go away. He pushed it to the back of his mind, but just to be safe he took the long way back to his apartment. He got held up briefly by a misbehaving crossing light on one of the busier roads, but things always were breaking in the slums so that was nothing new. When he finally got home he got his door open and stepped inside. The feeling vanished and he smiled, it would be good to relax for a bit and maybe get some reading done. Placing Blue's camping gear in the corner where it would be out of the way and put the ticket he had picked up for her down on the table. His was already stashed away along with his gear in the closet so all he had to do was grab his pack and go when the day came.

He was going to cook himself something to eat when he looked over at the small white board he had put up to remind him of different tasks he needed to do around the apartment. He cursed softly to himself when he noted that he still had to fix the leaking pipe beneath the sink before he could use it. He had already grabbed the supplies before he had gone to Blue's so it was a simple enough matter. Picking up the parts and his little tool box, the thief got to work on some basic home maintenance.

Stripping off his jacket, shirt, and holster for his gun, Styx climbed under his sink and started working on the pipe. After only a few minutes a voice caught him by surprise and he jerked up by reflex, banging his head into the pipe beneath the sink and causing him to let out a few choice curses. By that time his brain finally caught up to the fact he knew that voice and it was someone he hadn't expected to see so soon. Carefully, he pushed himself out from under the sink to see a smug looking Blue. He laughed as he rubbed the throbbing spot on his head. His fingers felt a little wet and when he took them away he noticed a small amount of blood from where his scalp caught the edge of the exposed pipe. A small cut, nothing to worry about.

"You know there was a reason I waited till after you were out from under the car before I spoke up last time." He said with a chuckle as he dabbed at his cut with his hand.. "But you got me good with that one my dear. I must bow to your superior stalking skills. Was it your eyes I felt on me the entire trip home?"

He looked up at Blue, then back under the sink. "And I think I can take care of this small little task. Give me five minutes and I can get some water on for coffee. Anywhere you would like to relax is fine. After all, if you went through the trouble of finding me, then the least I can do is play the proper host." He grinned from where he sat, waiting for Blue's response.
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PostSubject: Re: The Flip Side (Solomon)(COMPLETE)   Sat Apr 28, 2012 12:17 pm

Blue winced as his head impacted the pipe. That had obviously not been the thing she was hoping to do but she felt like it probably wouldn't be that bad. He slid out from under the sink with a bit of blood on his forehead. Obviously, he had hit a sharp part of the pipe. She almost bent down to wipe the blood away but he was already talking and he seemed eager to finish his job under the sink.

Well in hindsight I didn't think about you bashing your head into the pipe

Blue took her satchel off and placed it on the counter. She had brought them some dinner. But unlike his fancy elven fare she had decided to go with classics. Two pizzas. One filled with veggies and the other covered in meats. She set them on the table, thanks to Jack her bag could easily hold them. She put them on the counter and pulled out some sodas, water, and some wine, just in case. It was elven wine. Strong, guaranteed to get you loose and happy.

She put all this up on the counter while he slid back under the sink to work. When it was all up there, she unzipped the jacket covering her pink and lace shirt and slid it off her body and folded it over his dining chair as she walked around. He was working, so she was snooping.

Yes, Al and I were following you from the traffic crossing light here. I sent him home though, I don't need him now that I'm in.

She noticed the neat pile of camping gear that was in the corner, and on the table, was two tickets to the races. She grinned. She couldn't wait to go, it would be nice to get away. She had not even told her sister about Solomon. She doubted her Uncle, Father, or her family would be happy if she admitted to being into a criminal. But on the other hand, when had Blue ever been about doing anything that was normal. She sat down on the recliner and leaned back picking up the first book on the pile.

Flipping through it, she crossed one leg over the other and looked at the pictures, diagrams, and the text, not reading just skimming and looking was all. When he seemed finished with the sink she came back into the kitchen having replaced the book and grabbed a towel off the counter. As he pulled himself out she had the damp towel in hand and swiped it gently against the cut on his head.

It's the least I can do. Hopefully, it won't goose egg too bad. Sorry about startling you, but I was eager to prove that I could not only hunt you down, but I could also get in. You are not the easiest man to track, but your phone number helped, as well as well.. I can't tell you all my secrets now can I? she chuckled and stood up letting him do the same. I know it isn't an delicious elven dish, but I brought dinner incase you were hungry, and wine. Of course, elven wine, you will never go back to that watery human stuff ever again.
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PostSubject: Re: The Flip Side (Solomon)(COMPLETE)   Sat Apr 28, 2012 4:00 pm

Chuckling again, Solomon waved his hands. "No worries, I've had worse during the course of my job. I'll survive I'm sure."

Solomon watched as Blue started to pull dinner out of her satchel. He smiled for a bit, then ducked back under the sink. The quicker he got the work done the quicker he could get back to his guest. Besides it really was a simple fix, just a simple replacement really. As he worked Blue told him that she had followed him with her toy owl. Well maybe not 'toy', thing seemed pretty handy at times. "Guess I shouldn't be to surprised that the lead inventor would be able to find me so quickly." He grinned under the sink as he mirrored the words she told him on their last meeting. "You sure are trying to spend a lot of time with me, tracking me down to my home."

After a few more minutes of work Styx was doing the last bit of tightening and it was time to test his handiwork. As he crawled out from under the sink and Blue was there with a damp towel. He looked up as she dabbed the towel against his cut. He chuckled as she told him that he wasn't easy to find, but that she had her ways. That much was obvious as she was standing right there, but it wasn't that bad. Maybe he'd find out some of those secrets at a later date. He stood when she let him up and gave her a grin as she told him that she brought dinner. He stepped forward and wrapped his arms around her.

"Thanks, it looks great." He gave Blue a light kiss and stepped back. Moving around and grabbed a couple of stools, he then paused and looked at himself. "I should probably get cleaned up before I eat. Give me a moment and I'll be right with you." He moved over to his closet and grabbed some clean cloths. And if Blue looked there was a stash of the gear that Styx sometimes needed when he went out on a job or did some of his more dangerous assignments. There was also the sword that he had gotten on that one job, or more precisely it had latched onto him and hadn't let go of him.

After grabbing his clothing he headed to the bathroom to change, throwing his shirt into the hamper as he went. "So does your boss know your taking a little time away from your lab?" Styx asked as he nudged the door closed till just a crack was left so He could hear Blue's response. As he spoke he grabbed a wash cloth and starting wiping off some of the grime from being under the sink.
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PostSubject: Re: The Flip Side (Solomon)(COMPLETE)   Sat Apr 28, 2012 4:46 pm

Blue couldn't help but grin when he threw her own words back at her. It took someone that was interested in her to talk to her in her own words. When he was done she was glad because she didn't want to feel like she was an interlopper in his place. She was surprised when he wrapped his arms around her and gave her a quick kiss. She was almost upset that it wasn't a better longer kiss but then she wasn't really sure where they stood. Friends, more than friends, whatever they were, she was still very much glad that he was taking the time to get to know her. She was blessed in that regard.

She followed him as he opened a closet where there was more than just clothing stashed and pulled out some of his clothes. he told her he would be right back and she found herself leaning against the wall while he told went into the bathroom. She was tempted to peak, but she didn't. Even though he made it very easy to do so. Not with powers obviously, just toe the door open a little bit, she had good eye sight. But she leaned there with her back against the wall beside the bathroom door listening to his question.

Right now? Or the ley line races? she asked and then decided to go ahead and answer anyway. Well, now, no. But then I don't have to tell him every time I leave the lab. Besides, office hours are closed anyway, it's just me and the people they pay enough to work the evening and night shifts. But as for the trip to the races, yes, I put in for the time, and I did record his reaction. I'll show you some time, but you may have to earn it. the grin in her voice was obvious.

She looked around his place again. She didn't see a bed or a bedroom. Pity. Everyone deserved one, she even had one at the apartment she never slept at. She had a cot in her office but she was thinking that if anything ever did develop with Solomon and her she would like to get a bed, maybe even set up a make shift apartment area in the back. She could probably move some things. Or have New Dawn add a spot to the roof and then make a new roof top deck on top of that.

You are a hard man to track, Solomon Grendel. Where have you been these past few days? Up to your normal? Chasing shadows and stealing their things? she chuckled softly waiting for him still leaned up against the wall. Maybe he will forget to wear his shirt...
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PostSubject: Re: The Flip Side (Solomon)(COMPLETE)   Sat Apr 28, 2012 5:21 pm

Styx looked to the door as he finished wiping off the grime of his little chore and started changing his cloths. He smiled himself as she told him that she had recorded her boss' reaction and how he might have to earn a chance to see it. He finished changing before he opened up the door to the bathroom fully so he could see her as he answered. "Oh, and did you have something specific in mind for me to do to earn that little honor?" He teased lightly before picking up his dirty cloths and stuffing them in the hamper.

She mentioned that he was hard to track and he shook his head. "Well if I was easy to track I would have been caught long ago. And do you really want to know what I do when I'm out on the job? Not really as glamorous as I make it look." He grinned a little at his own joke and moved to lean against the wall next to her. "And do you look a little disappointing?" He continued to joked softly as he watched the young inventor.

"Anyways would you like the grand tour since I'm presentable now? Obviously we have the bathroom here. Small I know with only a shower instead of a full bath, but it does its job." He waved to the back of the apartment. "Back there is the kitchen obviously. And we're currently standing in the living and bedroom room. Usually I'll just crash out on the futon over there as it is, occasionally I'll bother actually folding it out into bed form. That corner is my reading corner as you can tell from the recliner and piles of books and that door over there is the closet. Not much of an apartment I know, but it is cozy enough for me."

With that much the tour was done and he slid a little closer to Blue. "So how are things going with you. The last I saw you were pretty busy with that car your bosses had you working on. Did you finish with that project or did your bosses realize they were wasting your amazing talent on the thing?"
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PostSubject: Re: The Flip Side (Solomon)(COMPLETE)   Sat Apr 28, 2012 10:31 pm

Blue grinned.

Well, if I told you that, then it would be much too easy for you to earn. she grinned. Though she was not the kind of girl that expected much, in fact she was kind of more hoping for a couple kisses or something, real kisses. But even still, she just hoped that he liked her like that. Because she was most certainly liking him like that. And it was growing more so every time. She grinned when he asked her if she looked disappointed. Maybe, maybe not.

He gave her the tour. Bathroom, bedroom, living room, kitchen, and closet. It was all thrilling, really. She looked over at him, she could tell that he liked his home. It was just what he needed. And to be honest she had no real room to talk. AFterall she lived in a warehouse that had a small cot, blanket, and a pillow on it. She wasn't much for the finer and more fancy things in life.

Work. Well it is work. My bosses still want me to work on the car. I'm working on about sixteen things at once. The outter parts of the car are done, I'm working on the more indepth work on the inside of the car. The offenseive measures.

She pushed off the wall and headed back to the kitchen. We should eat before it gets too cold. Not that cold pizza is bad, I just figure that it's better warm the first time around. she stopped inside the kitchen and she opened the bottle of wine. She poured them both a nice hefty glass of the eleven wine and opened the pizza boxes that she had brought. She had forgotten to bring plates, but then pizza wasn't really a fancy food anyway it was more of the kind you just ate because you were hungry and it was good.

She turned to hand him the glass of wine that she had poured and took a sip first. The heady thick flavor of the wine slid across her tongue and down her throat. This was one of her favorites. It wasn't really hard to find but it wasn't cheap either. Luckily, Blue barely ever spent money. She leaned against the counter. Okay, should we take this into your dining area, or eat here standing in the kitchen. she laughed softly. She was just happy being here. To be honest.
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PostSubject: Re: The Flip Side (Solomon)(COMPLETE)   Sat Apr 28, 2012 11:30 pm

Laughing softly, he shook his head softly. [color=red]"Fair enough, fair enough, I'll see what I can think up before the night is over. And then you can tell me if it is enough. And maybe when the evening is done you won't be disappointed." he chuckled a little more as Blue told him about her work. It seemed that they still had her plugging away at the car, along with more then a dozen other things. It was hard to believe she could keep up with them, though that is probably why she had the title Lead Inventor for her Corp. Probably paid well too, better then he earned. And more honestly as well. "You got talent Blue, though your probably sick to death of everyone telling you that I bet. Just don't let them work you too hard, though I'll see what I can do to distract you from time to time." He offered the Inventor a grin.

At the mention of pizza Solomon smiled widely. "Been a good while since I had pizza. The good thing about it is it is best shared with someone." He moved to the counter with Blue and took the wine glass with a nod of thanks. "And let us take the pizza to the table, then we can sit down and enjoy our meal with a little room to spread out." As he spoke he grabbed some paper towels and plates so they had something to put their pizza on.

As they move the stuff to the table he took a moment to sample the wine Blue had brought. It was stronger then the wine he was use too, but not as strong as the rotgut he got at a slum bar. Better tasting then the stuff he usually got though. She was right about that, he defiantly needed to get this more often. Pity he would have to swipe it probably, his budget didn't take wine into account usually.. "This is excellent wine Blue, thank you for bringing it."

He pulled up a chair for Blue, allowing his guest of honor the first seat. He then took a chair, actually on the same side as Blue. "So since we are sitting down to this meal together, why don't we have a toast. To unusual meetings and fortuitous encounters." He gave Blue a smile and offered up his glass for the toast.

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PostSubject: Re: The Flip Side (Solomon)(COMPLETE)   Sun Apr 29, 2012 11:32 am

Blue shrugged. She knew that she was talented, what she didn't understand was why most of the time that was all anyone talked about. She knew that it was a big part of who she was. Her talent. But she also had more than that. She liked to think she was beautiful, some told her that but then no one would tell her for months and months and she was certain it was all a lie in the first place. She knew full well there was a bet going around the corp about who could get in Blue's pants first. They all tried and failed, she had no time for none sense.

I would appreciate a distraction from time to time, that is for sure.

They took the pizza into the dining area and sat down. He had pulled a chair out for her, and that was refreshing. Though she was rarely ever treated like a 'girl' persay. Blue sat down in her seat and they enjoyed the wine. He remarked on it while she served herself a slice of each of the pizzas on her plate. Blue was not a dainty earter. Probably because she didn't eat frequently enough to have to worry. And as hard as she worked and pushed her body it was frequent that she found herself burning tons of callories. They had to come from some where.

He offered a toast and she smiled. Holding up her wine glass she wondered what she should say. She was enjoying her time, of course, with Solomon. She figured he enjoyed it too because he could easily tell her to bug off. She wasn't the kind that would go after some sort of revenge that would harm him or his family. He should know by now, that was not Blue's way.

To future distractions and more.

She let her glass meet his and then she took a long sip. There was nothing quite like the lovely heady taste of elven wine. It was great, the smooth texture and the thick quality of something that had been decades in the making. She bit into her pizza and enjoyed the flavor. Pizza was always good, except when they put fish on it, then it was just nasty. She didn't do seafood on her pizza. It was for meat, veggies, and cheese. That was it.

So what are your plans this evening, I hope I am not keeping you from anything. A date, some sort of job, or perhaps even a night of relaxing with your large pile of books over there.
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PostSubject: Re: The Flip Side (Solomon)(COMPLETE)   Sun Apr 29, 2012 2:24 pm

The toast was done and Solomon grabbed some pizza for himself. He preferred the meat lovers himself, but it was all good. He looked over at Blue and smiled as he watched her eating for a bit. It was kind of funny seeing her here eating pizza with him, but then again it always was the unexpected encounters that made things interesting. He thought for a moment as Blue asked him if he had any plans for the evening and eventually shook his head.

"Nah, didn't have anything specific planned. Well I was going to relax a little here, but that can be done just as well in your company. We could order a movie and take it easy this evening if you would like, or I could show you some of the clubs around here if you wanted to go out. Either way would be fine with me." Eating a little more pizza, he took a moment before he asked his next question.

"If you don't mind me asking, how did your parents meet? I noticed that you've got some elven heritage and you mentioned your father was a soldier and your mother was a healer. They would have had to have met when the war was still going and that would have to be a hard relationship to swing. Kind of curious how it happened in the first place." Styx didn't have any problems with the Others. Well no more problems then he had with anyone if they were on the side of the law. Still it had to be an interesting tale of how the two had met.

"Oh, and before I forget, some of the guys wanted to know if you wanted to come to a little pre-race party they were setting up. Basically the evening before we go to where the caravan picks up its passengers we get together at Jake's shop with our gear and hang out till the morning. Helps to make sure no one is left behind and that we have everything. It will basically be beer, hanging out and some dancing maybe if Jake's got his stereo fixed. Then we crash out on the floor in our sleeping bags and go in the morning." He didn't know if Blue wanted to come hang out with the guys, still it was her choice. She was welcome to come to be sure. But there might be a difference between hanging out with a lone thief and entering the criminal den.
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PostSubject: Re: The Flip Side (Solomon)(COMPLETE)   Sun Apr 29, 2012 5:01 pm

A movie or they could head out to a club. While a club could be fun, she kind of was looking forward to just some quiet time with Solomon. She wouldn't mind seeing his freak flag fly, but in the same breath she was just not in the partying mood tonight. Maybe another night when she had the anticipation of going out with him. When she could dress to impress and let her own fun side come out which rarely got a chance.

I think tonight, we'll stay in, but next time, we'll go out. I haven't partied in a while it could be fun. she chuckled.

They continued to eat when he asked her a question that she had most certainly not seen coming. Her brow rose as she looked over at him wondering about her parents and how they met. He had gathered a lot just from her telling him that her mother was a healer and her father a solider. He could tell that they had met through the war, of course that shouldn't be that hard to come up with. Considering the war had ended just ten short years before.

Blue put her pizza down on her plate before she answered. Well, my father was a solider, and had been for a long time. He was a lifer, as they put it sometimes. Anyway, he had been gravely wounded in a battle, and left out in the wilderness because they didn't have time to carry the wounded nor did they have a medic station close enough to get him to. There was no safe way to get in a chopper or anything, so he had been left behind. Among other wounded and dead in the aftermath of a large battle. Blue took a sip of her wine before she went on. She knew the story like the back of her hand. She and Neona had always liked listening to it, they had found it very romantic as young girls. Well, the band of elves my mother was traveling with had stumbled across him and some of the elves thought they should just put him out of his misery. Humans, were not really needed and they were the enemey anyway. But my mother said they were not so calous as to kill a man like that. Defensless and near death anyway. She fought to keep him and she carried him back to their camp. There she began to nurse him back to health. Healing the bulk of his wounds and then nursing him after. They slowly began to fall in love and by the time he was better, they both knew they could not live without one another.

She pursed her lips.

As you already imagined, it is, and was not, easy for my parents to get together. Many were against it. This happened well before Librium was the center of equality and where Others and Humans could co-exist. There are still so many pockets of haters. People that would rather kill someone different than realize that we all have positives. I've dealt with my own racism, being half. Even if I am more human than my siblings ever were, because of my powers and profession, I am still seen as an elf. I don't mind, really, I am what I am, and I am proud of that, you know. I just am. I am smart, talented, and half elven.

She shrugged and took another bite of her pizza which was now gone and so she grabbed another slice of the vegetable pizza. She looked over as he went and asked her if she was willing to go to an all night party before the races with him and his guy friends. She laughed.

Sure, so long as you protect me from wandering hands of your fellow racers. she teased but was partially serious. But I would like that actually, it seems like it would be fun. I haven't been to a party in a long while. So... what about you, tell me about how you ended up in Librium when your family you mentioned is in Bastion?
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PostSubject: Re: The Flip Side (Solomon)(COMPLETE)   Sun Apr 29, 2012 6:42 pm

So it would just be the two of them tonight. "Well then we could move to the futon, we order up a movie and finish eating there. Is there anything in particular you would like to see? I know they have just released a couple of new ones." He wasn't sure what kind of movie Blue would like to see, but he was pretty open to anything.

They then came to the story of how Blue's parents met and Solomon stopped eating for the length of it. It did sound like the sort of thing one would see in a movie or read in a story. The fact that it was a true story made it even more amazing in the thief's eyes. He offered Blue a little smirk. "Well now we know where you got your guts from Blue, takes a lot of courage to go against convention like that. Your mom is a brave woman. Your dad too I'm sure, and they are a lot more open minded then most to have made it work."

He waved his hand against the mention of racism. "Never gave much thought to the issue of race myself really. To me it was always about haves and have-nots. Growing up the government would dole out a few scraps to all of us not fighting in the war, except the haves would always have the better pick before it got down to us. But... bah, that ain't good dinner conversation. We got by, mainly thanks to dad in those early days."

He grinned a little as Blue mentioned she would be happy to come if he kept his friends honest. He lifted one hand and slowly clenched it into a fist, making the knuckles crack as he tightened his grip. "No worries, I'll give them a talking too if anyone gets too friendly." He then laughed, shaking his head. "But you honestly don't have to worry. They may be criminals, but they're alright guys. And they know your there with me. The most you'll have to worry about is old Gerald grumbling, though it will have less to do with any Other blood and more the fact that you'll be new to them. Oh and Klick gets friendly with everyone when he's had to much to drink, not just the girls. Same with Wendy, though you probably won't have to worry about her brother Mike jumping you because he feels your trying to take advantage of her when she's tipsy."

The topic of how he came to Librium came up, which was fair enough and he took a long swig of wine. "Well, I mentioned how I got into the business when dad got put away right? That was about two years before the Enlightenment. When that happened, well everything was a mess whatever side of the law or war you were on. For the first part of it the people I worked for then were just trying to scrap anything they could together for their own people. Eventually things were getting together enough that a convoy to Bastion was being set up because where we were had been thoroughly trashed. Originally I was going to go with my family up there, then the news of the new settlement they were planning to build filtered to where we were. The Syndicates were interested in getting in on the ground floor of this new settlement and had even gotten in contact with some of the... 'groups' on the Others side of things. The pay for those that helped out was high cause the risks of the potential new war zone was high and I signed up. Been in Librium since it was nothing more then the work camps and a lot of construction. Lived through the early years riots and unrest and eventually managed to earn enough of a rep to go solo. So here I am today, loveable thief and Black Market dealer." He offered Blue his cheekiest grin and raised his almost empty glass in a salute.

"Ah, need more wine. And so do you I see." Styx picked up the bottle and offered to fill up Blue's glass before filling his own.
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He told her about his story while they picked up their pizza and headed into the living room where the futon waited invitingly. Blue couldn't wait to get settled and snuggle into him again like she had the night under the stars. That next morning waking up with him beside her just as the sky began to turn grey. Had been one of the best moments of her life. It was simple, it hadn't been filled with anything but the honestly amazing feeling of not being alone in a dingy dirty cot for the first time in years. She remembered saying goodbye and somehow, that one time, it had hurt more than the previous. Because she felt that they had connected on a much deeper level.

He told her how he had ended up in Librium. She sat down on the futon and grabbed up what would probably be her last piece of pizza making it four in total. But she was glad that she could hear his story he didn't seem aprehensive to tell her anything and for that she was grateful.

I would like some more wine, thank you. I am amazed that you moved here, and live so far from your family. Do you send them money? Or are they able to make it on their own now?

She remembered what he had said. About his father being in the prisons and probably wasn't able to help out at all. She was certain they didn't get paid. Which left his mom taking care of the four other siblings, and while they were older now that didn't tend to make it all that much easier. When he topped off their glasses she leaned back and looked over at the TV set that he had sitting there waiting for them to order a movie.

I don't really mind whatever movie you pick. Just something. Nothing too gorey, they aren't something that I'm against but it really is hard to eat and watch something like that sometimes.

She finished off her last slice and picked up her full wine glass leaning into him. Not trying to be in the way incase he wanted more pizza and needed both hands. But she would eagerly let his arm go around her if he wanted it to. She was glad they had decided to stay in tonight. Any other night she might look for them to go out and have some fun but right now this just felt perfect to her. As he found them a movie she got up and killed the lights except the ones in the kitchen so they could see to move if they wanted to but it made the atmosphere for the movie that much better as she sunk back down on the futon beside him.

What did you find us? she asked him curiously.
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He finished his story as he set down their dinner and the bottle of wine before settling himself next to Blue. He listened to her questions as wine glasses were topped up and they made themselves comfortable. "I suppose, I was seventeen at the time and I thought I was ready to be on my own. Well maybe I wasn't quite ready, but when it came to jumping in over my head I managed to learn how to swim quick enough. Did almost get eaten by a vamp when I first got here though. And yeah I sent most of the money I earned home then. I still send about half home and Mom's got a pretty nice house now in Bastion. The family isn't in debt and even if something happened to me Faith and Willow are doing well enough they can watch after the family. Those two are the next oldest after me at 25 and 22."

After hearing that it was his choice for the movie he picked up the remote for his TV and scrolled through the latest releases. There was Whispers of the Fallen, a horror film, but that had been pretty bloody from what he had heard. Then there was Revenge part III: The end of Jack Guillemette, that action flick that was milking the Revenge franchise. And lastly was Not My Type, it was a romantic comedy about two people having to fake a relationship for... Actually he forgot what their reason was for, but the end was probably predictable. Still it was a more lighthearted comedy and guaranteed not to be bloody. After he selected that he set down the remote.

"I picked Not My Type, better then Revenge part III or Whispers probably." He said as Blue got up and dimmed the lights. When she came back he slipped an arm around her."So dimming the lights probably would work well with the movie." He teased her lightly.
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He started the movie a romantic comedy. She snuggled in and his arm was around her. Blue pulled her legs up on the couch and twisted them to the side so that she was fully up on the futon. She was feeling warm, and tingly. Some of it was probably due to the wine that was running through her system at the moment. Others could be from the fact that she was sitting next to a guy that she really liked. Or it could be that she was tired. But she had slept... at least a little in the last seventy two hours so it couldn't be that. Or it could, but she doubted it.

The movie started and Blue, like Solomon had her eyes on the TV. The movie started well enough. Two people that did not get along very well, they were aquaintences through work but not friends had decided to get together. Apparently, the woman could not show up at her familiy reunion without bringing the man she had been telling her mother about. Seriously dating or something. So she had enlisted her co-worker to be that man and was paying him well. Of course, now that they were starting to spend time together their fights were intersparsed with moments of sweet endearment before the fighting started up again.

The movie went on and Blue drained her glass, the now empty crystaline goblet sat on the table in front of the futon and she was much happier. She felt like she was in a haze. Warm, happy, and watching a movie that was actually a bit funny. Especially when she walked in on him taking a shower and she was already naked. That part was quite funny. Blue found herself laughing outloud and sometimes looking up over at Solomon to see his reactions to things.

It wasn't long before she caught herself just staring at him. It wasn't but a moment before he looked down at her, and their eyes met. She wondered if he was her special someone. They had shared exactly two kisses since meeting. One was stolen. That didn't count. And the other was a peck. That didn't tell her anything. Before she or he could turn back to the movie she moved. Before she could lose her nerve, she pressed her lips against his. This time taking charge, unlike the two surprise kisses he had thrust upon her before. Her lips were shy, and gentle, she had not done much kissing. But she hoped she was doing it right. could you do it wrong? She wasn't sure, but she was going to give it a shot anyway.
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Solomon settled in to watch the movie, enjoying the company of the soft woman snuggled up next to him. He was a little more use to the effects of alcohol in his system, but the strong wine had given him a faint pleasant buzz. The girl next to him was someone that was quite interesting and it was somewhat surprising she did seek him out. He wasn't sure if it had been just the passing interest in the bad boy that had come into her life or something else, but if there was one thing he had learned to do in life it was to enjoy the moment. And right now the moment was good.

The movie continued and it did have some pretty funny moments in it. The plot was predictable and the circumstances of the two could only happen in the movies, but all in all it was an enjoyable movie to share with another. He finished his own wine a little after Blue and left his goblet beside hers on the table. He could get a little more later if he got more pizza. He chuckled at the shower scene, thinking about how he would react if someone walked in on him. It had happened before and his reaction hadn't been nearly as bad as the lead guy did. But the hallmark of comedy everywhere seemed to be blowing things out of proportion.

He occasionally felt Blue's eyes on him as the movie went on and he had looked over to the woman in his arms. As his eyes met hers he wondered what was going through her head. He would soon learn to his surprise as she leaned in and kissed him. He hadn't expected it of the shy, easily teased girl. But he could feel her hesitation in the kiss. His shock lasted for a moment, and then he stepped between the seconds of time and everything froze.

As time stopped all he could see was Blue's face so close as her lips pressed into his. He could still feel the gentle hesitation of the captured moment as his mind whirled. She, she had kissed him. Sure he had been kissed by other women before, but usually they were a lot less shy then Blue was. Not only that she was a smart and beautiful woman with a hell of a career to look after and she was kissing him. Was it the wine, or was it something else. It reminded him of something that had happened to him a few years ago. A painful memory that stabbed at his soul, but at the same time a memory that he wouldn't trade for anything.

He, should stop this. Really he should before things went any further. It would hurt her, but it wouldn't be as bad as what would happen if he let this go on. But... did he want to. There was that selfish little whisper in the back of his skull telling him to just go on. Maybe this was the path he should follow and she was a grown woman that could make her own choices. His mind was still whirling as he lost his concentration and slipped back into time. He could feel his body heating up as he started to kiss Blue back, gently tugging the soft woman into his lap as he deepened the kiss.

{If she tries to go further then kissing, I have to stop it. There is a lot more to consider before it goes further then that.} He promised himself as he held Blue tightly in his arms. If he was honest with himself he knew he should stop. But then again he should also stop being a thief, should have stopped a lot of things in his life. But he had kept moving forward then and maybe that is why he continued now.
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It seemed that he wasn't at all prepped for her surprise kiss. Which was kind of the way that she wanted it. He hesitated as much as she did, and she hoped that he was just okay with this. Blue had never come right out and kissed anyone before. His hesitation lasted about a second, but that second seemed to drag on forever. Even though she knew it was fast it was different when you were waiting on someone to kiss you back.

But it wasn't long before she found bliss. He pulled her into his lap and his arms held her tightly against him while he kissed her back. She grew more confident in her kiss. Enjoying the feeling and now knowing he was kissing her back she was certain that he felt something for her. She was no where near ready to say anything like the L word. Blue had not been very good with her feelings when she was younger and started to repress them. But, she knew she felt something for Solomon. Attraction to say the least.

The kiss made her high. Her entire body tingled and was on fire. She felt good, and sexy for the first time in her life she felt like a woman that someone might actually want. She let the kissing go on for several minutes. She didn't want to have a full make out session during their first real kiss that seemed a bit extreme. But on the other hand she really wanted it to be good. Because this was their first real kiss.

Finally, softly, she pulled back, giving him one more soft kiss as she did so. Slowly, her eyes opened and she looked at him. Almost surprised to find herself in his lap. Surprised for sure that he had kissed her back and it had been so amazing. She was breathing heavily, just a little bit and her eyes had that heavy sexy look to them. That 'after sex' look but without the sex.

I uhm... I hope you don't mind. she whispered softly. She wouldn't appologize for kissing him because she didn't think it needed one. It had been heaven for her. And she had a feeling he didn't mind it too much either. She was excited, that she had the nerve to do it. Definatly, because of the wine. That wasn't the reason of the kiss, but it helped her have the courage to make the move instead of waiting on him.

She snuggled into him, and stayed in his lap. Feeling it would be awkward to suddenly be trying to get out of it and it was so comfortable. Besides, if he wanted to kiss her, she was much closer now. She turned her eyes back to the movie and let the sound of Solomon's heart beat pound in her ear as she rested her head gently on his chest by his shoulder. She was just as tall as he was, but, she felt so small in his lap.
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There was nothing quite like kissing a beautiful woman as she was pressed tightly against you. And Blue was a beautiful desirable woman. And she was here, with him, enjoying a movie and now this kiss. But still that nagging little voice in the back of Styx's head pointed out the little facts to him. Small things like the fact he was a criminal and she was a lead tech for a major corporation. If something happened because he screwed up and things were serious between them, what would Blue do? What had Jamie done? And look at what those choices had cost her.

The kiss ended almost as suddenly as it had begun in his mind, with one last light kiss that punctuated the restarting of time for the rest of the world. The movie continued to play in the background, now completely ignored by the thief as all his attention was on Blue. His own breathing was husky after the kiss, his eyes bright and locked onto the inventors multi-hued orbs. "No, I didn't mind. Just caught me a little off guard there. Wasn't expecting that at that moment, especially when you seemed so shy before."

He lightly squeezed Blue as she stayed on his lap. It felt good to have her there with him and he didn't really want to do anything to spoil the evening that they were having. But, was he being fair to Blue? She knew what he was, but did she really understand what that would mean if things did get to more then occasionally meet and hang out with a little cuddling and kissing. His life was a harsh one in a lot of ways and sometimes very violent people got involved in it. And then there was the fact that one of these days he would slip up and either the law would catch him or he would catch a bullet.

"Hey Blue..." Styx said softly, still holding the young inventor in his arms. "Just out of curiosity, what are you looking for now when we spend time together? You know what I am, what I do. I could end up bringing a lot of complications into your life you know. I step pretty fast and light, but I ain't immune to mistakes. And well, if that day came..." He didn't like talking about it much, but it was the truth. And it was only fair to both of them if he got that out on the table.
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Blue blushed. He seemed to think her shy, and she was, for the most part. But the thing was, she felt that she had a real connection to him. Maybe she was wrong. But she had wanted to kiss him, and it had been well worth it. But now she was afraid he didn't feel the same. He had kissed her like he did, but then, he could be just like another man that just wanted to get in her pants. Get his rocks off. And enjoy himself.

I just, I am not, well I am not sure. I just thought, and you were there, and it seemed like a good moment.

They fell quiet and her attention returned to the movie though she felt that she had missed something because it just seemed.. different. Suddenly, they were in love, and afraid to admit it. But were admitting it to their friends. People were stupid. Blue liked to think that if she loved someone she would have the guts to at least say it. No matter what they said, even if they didn't return her feelings.

Then he caught her attention with her name. Her multi-hued eyes looked up at him and he began to ask her what she wanted from him. And she knew then, then and there, that he did not feel the same attraction to her as she did for him. Must not. He was right. Dating him would not be a good idea. Not really. Her family would not approve, her friends would not approve, and her job would probably not approve. But the thing was, there was such a thing as her professional life and her personal life. no man ever seemed to be able to give Blue the time of day and yet here was a criminal that was able and willing to talk to her, bring her dinner, and enjoy her company.

Oh I... she shifted so that she could see him better. Blue chewed on her lower lip and stood up. She wasn't very good with this kind of stuff. She had never been very good with her feelings. And, she kind of thought a kiss kind of spoke for itself but then now she was finding out that was probably not the case. Blue shoved her hands in the pockets of her ripped jeans and paced the carpet for a moment. Look. I know what you are. I know a lot more about you thank you think. You broke into my lab. Held be a gun point, and I'm still here. It isn't some bad boy fix if that's what you think. I've actually never been into bad boys. They tend to be too cocky and self centered.

She paused and sighed. She knew it was a bad move, that kiss. Obviously, it was unwanted. It had to be, because he was obviously not looking for anything, and she wasn't sure what she was looking for.

To be honest. I don't know what I am looking for. I've not really ever had many guys give me good attention, if you know what I mean. I just. I like what we have. This... I don't know.. chemistry or... connection? I .. I suppose I hope for something. I just... I don't know, I've made a fool of myself, I should probably go. I ... I would still like to go to the races, if you want to.. she picked up her coat from the back of the recliner and began pulling it on, she didn't want to make him uncomfortable and she feared she had done just that.
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Solomon watched as Blue got up and began to pace. He felt bad for doing that to her and for ruining the mood. But they need to be honest about the situation before things went one way or the other. He stood slowly, still listening to everything that Blue was saying. He nodded slowly as she told him she hadn't been interested in him because of some Bad Boy fascination, and he believed her for the most part. But it could still be a part of it, there was a thin line between cocky and confidence. Solomon did have confidence in himself, he had to to do what he did.

When Blue moved to get her coat Styx crossed the room quickly and stopped her as she was putting it on. "Blue, that isn't why I asked you that." He carefully brushed a small bit of hair away from her face from where it had fallen out of place. "I really don't think you realize how beautiful you are. If you went out onto the street you could probably crook your finger to any man out there and he would bow at your feet. Your beautiful, kind, intelligent, you have a large amount of influence in a major Corp, and I could keep listing the reason why men would love a chance to be by your side."

He placed a hand on the side of her face. "But I can tell you haven't had much experience with guys, so I had to be sure that if you want to stay that you stay with your eyes open. If it is just friendship you want you already have it, if you ever need my help don't hesitate to ask. But if your looking for more then friendship you have to know that it won't be easy. And it would be even harder if you get into that with eyes closed. I don't want to end up hurting you, even if it me just being me. But there is a good chance that eventually the choices I've made will catch up to me and I could end up in jail or dead somewhere. And I just needed to know that you understand that now. It wouldn't be fair to you if I didn't."

He let his hand drop at that point and took a step back. He would let Blue make her choice on her own, it was her life. She would still be welcome here of course, his door was always open for her. But if she left now, he would let her go as well. He knew that this was a possibility when he spoke up. And if it came to that, then the clean cut would hurt both of them less now then later.
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He crossed the room and stopped her from leaving. She had hoped he would, if he had let her walk out the door then she knew for sure that she had read wrong into everything that had happened between them since that first night. Maybe it had something to do with the stolen kiss, she wasn't sure, but the thing was, she just wanted someone. Solomon seemed to really be into her, not to mention they seemed to get along so well. She had no real experience but she knew he was into that kiss they had shared on the couch.

He brushed some of her stray curls out of her face, and her eyes slid up and then back down as she stopped getting ready to go. She was torn. Part of her wanted to cry, which was rare, she could only remember crying last when she was at her brother's funeral and then later again when she found out Neona had run. After that, Blue had begun locking her feelings away. Finding other things to do that kept her going day in and day out.

Solomon told her that she didn't realize how beautiful she was. A blush warmed her cheeks as he went on about how she was talented and smart. How if she came out more she could probably have any guy that she wanted. Not many guys wanted a girl that was more at home in grease and spare parts than a skirt, she snorted.

His hand shifted to her cheek, and caused her eyes to look up at him. She felt small in that moment. She was just as tall as he was. They were eye to eye, but she felt small with his hand there on her cheek. She wanted to snuggle into him. Solomon told her about how she knew what he did for a living. How it could really effect her and her job, how at some point he might get caught. Be in jail, or dead. He didn't want her to get hurt, and part of her appreciated him looking out for her feelings. Blue had never had a relationshipo, and that was probably one of the reasons that she was falling so hard for him. She had friends, she had a lot of guy friends, but it was different to gave guy friends and to have a guy that would be more than a friend.

I... I've never... had.. like.. a guy. You know. I have friends a few, I guess. Or something. So I.. am not really sure. But I think.. I think that we could be more. I.. I know what you do. Who you are. I .. I know the risks involved. I know that.. people won't like it. I know that.. you could get hurt. But it would hurt if you got hurt or caught while I was just your friend. I don't want to run from whatever this might become.. just because.. it may not end perfectly. Sure, that would be great. You and me. Or .. something. Forever. But, it may not be. But I don't want to lose what .. what we may have. I want to stay. At least figure out what this is, where it might go.. what.. is in store for us. I'm willing to at least try. I mean, if you are that is.

Her eyes shifted up to look at him gently. the blue and green hues mixing perfectly. She had not met many people that had any sort of eyes like hers. Not even other half breeds. She was.. something unique with her eyes, with other things too sometimes. But standing before him was a woman, unsure of herself and their situation here, but with hope in those multi-hued eyes of hers. She wanted to at least give it a try. She wanted to at least.. see where it could go, what it could be.
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Styx moved forward and took Blue into his arms, hugging her tightly to him as he listened to her tell him about what she wanted. His hand came up and gently stroked the back of her head as she finished. "Then stay as long as you like Blue. I do like you a lot, your easy to get along with and honestly its been nice having you around. But there are two things I want to make clear before we continue."

Solomon pulled back a little so he could see Blue's face. He left his hands around her waist though. "First off I'm not going to tell you much about the jobs I pull. It will make it easier for you if you can honestly deny knowing about what I get up to and to distance yourself if something does go wrong on a job. If something does happen I want you to worry about yourself, not me. Like I said before I don't want you hurt for the choices I've made in my life."

He brought up one hand and gently brushed a finger under Blue's eye. "The second, if you feel like you want to cry then cry. If your angry with me then tell me so and why. Be honest with me and I will try my best to be honest with you unless it is related to work. Don't hold it in, because I can't help if I don't know what the problem is. So even if it only when your with me, please share what you're feeling good or bad."

Leaning in, Styx gave Blue a slow, soft kiss and then pulled back with a smile. And lastly, please forgive this humble thief for almost spoiling an otherwise great evening. I just... wanted to try and do right by you. I honestly don't know where this is leading, but I enjoy your company and can't wait to spend more time in it. Looking over his shoulder as he heard music playing, Styx added softly. "And I think our movie ended without us..."

He started gently pulling Blue back to the futon where they could sit, helping her to remove her coat and throwing it toward the chair in the corner. "And since I was the one to mess things up, how about you decide what we should do next. I will endeavor to do my best to make your wish come true and make it up to you."
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He told her that she could stay as long as she wanted. That he enjoyed her company and Blue could only smile at that. She loved the way that he was comfortable enough to just stroke her hair and hold her. He was a good guy, inside. He might not have the best job, and he might not always be an honest worker, but that didn't mean he was a bad guy all around. He pulled her back and told her there were two things that he wanted from her if they were going to make it work.

She had to be okay with not knowing about his jobs. No details, it would keep her safer in the long run. Blue nodded, agreeing. It would keep her safer, and she would be beefing up her security even more too if they stayed together she was certain someone was going to figure out that Solomon had a woman. She could keep her computers scanning for any such information that could get deleted before anyone but her bots saw it. But you never knew and protection was key.

The next one was that if she ever felt that she needed him. Needed to cry, get her emotions and feelings out, that even if it was just to him he wanted her to do it. Blue gave a soft smile. She wasn't sure how well she would be able to promise that but she would try at least. She had gotten so good at just repressing or working through the need for feelings until she was numb that she was just good with that. But she would try, for him.

Solomon kissed her, and Blue eagerly kissed him back. Letting her hands slide up his chest and over his broad shoulders to hook around his neck. She kissed him until he ended the kiss and appologized for ruining the evening with such important talk.

Well, I forgive you, but our night is not ruined yet. Solomon lead her back to the futon and sat down with her on it. Removing her jacket he tossed it back on the chair she had taken it off of when she was dead set on leaving. Their movie was over, and she wasn't quite sure what to do. Something, but not another movie. They had a little bit of wine left, but her head was clear right now and she kind of wanted to keep it that way. Blue thought for a moment and then got an idea. She looked at the TV and her powers took over as she began tossing screens up and down until she found the one that she wanted.

A music station. Playing some soft rock.

Dance with me. she got up off the futon and held her hand out for him. She moved them around the table and to the open area of his apartment where she slid her arms gently around his neck so they could do a little swaying dance. She could dance, if she wanted to, she was elven afterall, but she really wanted this.

Tell me something, about yourself. A dream? A wish? A hope? Something about Solomon.
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Solomon smiled softly at Blue's words, glad she was alright. He hadn't been trying to upset her, but he had felt they needed to talk about those things and it was better to get them out of the way now. She was looking around at the TV for a moment as he waited for what she would like to do next for the evening and then it flickered to life. Screens flashed faster then he could process, but it finally settled on one playing slow, soft music. He chuckled softly and stood as he spoke. "You know, I never get tired of seeing that. Its a pretty cool ability you have there Blue. And I would be happy to dance with you."

He placed his arms around her waist as hers encircled his neck. He held her close as the two of them started to slowly circle on the floor of his apartment. He stole a quick kiss before she asked her question. And after Blue asked him about some distant hope or dream of his he spent a few moments in thought. "Well when I was really young, I wanted to be an astronaut. Thought it would be cool to go out and see other worlds, other places. But that one was a bit unrealistic."

He thought for a while longer as the song continued to play. He, had given up on dreaming a lot when he had started his career in crime. He had family to look after and he honestly saw where his trail was probably going to end. Even after that time when he had tried to go strait had been short lived. He lived for the moment, day to day, because he honestly didn't know if tomorrow would be the day it all ended. There was the racing he did with his friends, but he didn't practice nearly enough to go pro and he wasn't sure he would want to do that as a job. He enjoyed the racing when it was about him, the racer, and just doing his best to get to the finish line first. If he went pro, well there would be a lot more to worry about then just that to be sure.

"You know I honestly am having a hard time with that question Blue. Dreams and Hopes, well they didn't fill bellies when I was younger and had to look after my family. As for wishes, well I do want to learn more about my magic. I don't know what it is or what it is really capable of. But the few times I've talked to 'Magical Experts' they scratch their heads and tell me that things don't work that way. Course I can't ask to openly since I try to keep as much about my magic quiet as I can, but I'm sure most know I can do magic even if they don't know what I can do." He gave Blue a smile. "Course if you want to know I'll tell you what I can. Not much I can tell though."
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It was cute, his dream, of being an astronaut. She could picture that. A young hopeful Solomon with dreams of reaching the stars. In a way he had. He had just reached the stars of the black market and the darker part of life. More of the blackness between the stars she guessed but the truth was, he was someone. He might not head up to the stars, but she didn't think anyone really did anymore. Not since Enlightenment. But she could be wrong, she did not pretend to know everything. He seemed to think her trick with the TV was cute, and she was glad that he liked it because she tended to do it a lot.

As they danced he admited that he had a hard time answering her question. She chewed on her lower lip for a moment as he described his world to her. She felt sad for him. A loss in the fact that, he, had never really had dreams and hopes. He had never lived that life. Life for him was doing what it took to put food on the table, and make sure that the kids didn't starve. To make sure that his mom was taken care of and the clothes were not rags.

I will let you tell me and show me your magic in time. I do not want to ask. When you are ready to share that part of yourself with me then I would be eager to hear it. My own is such a part of me, I use it constantly, it is hard to hide.

She bit her lower lip for a moment, thinking about what to tell him. What to say. But she wanted him to realize that hopes, dreams, and those wishes... they didn't have to be huge. He didn't have to be an astronaut, he could still have a good time being himself.

Do you know, that one of my dreams has always been to dance in the rain. Outside, with a man I care for. It's stupid I know, but when I went through my highly romantice phase as a teenager, I read this story in a book. The two main characters danced out in the rain, spontaneously, and then they kissed in the rain and went inside soaked, and.. well.. I just always saw that as one of the most romantic things in the world. I'm sure it's cold, and wet, and sometimes rain stings the skin.. but.. I dont know. she laughed.

She snuggled in close. Putting her head on his shoulder, her face a bit against his neck. Inhaling his scent. Enjoying the feel of their bodies together, and the way he was holding her close but gently. It was.. so comfortable. She thought about seeing if she could stay for the night. But she wasn't sure if that would be too much to ask for.

Suddenly, an idea bloomed in her mind. The creator's mind was never slow. She smiled knowingly.

After the races. When we get together again, I am going to take you somewhere. Special. A place, that, you will never forget. I am going to make a dream come true for you.

Blue looked up at him with a coy smile on her face as the song shifted to another. This was nice. Him and her together. Dancing in the middle of his living room and it felt just perfect. They knew exactly where they stood, they knew that this could go anywhere and both were willing to see just where.

So why do you not have a real bed. You cannot possibly get real sleep on that poor excuse for a couch.
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The Flip Side (Solomon)(COMPLETE)
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