A world of magic and technology at war until mutually assured destruction forced an uneasy peace.
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 Andromeda Parker

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PostSubject: Andromeda Parker   Fri Apr 20, 2012 11:41 pm

• Andromeda • Parker •
Robotic Android Experiment: version 7.308c

Name: Andromeda Parker
Nickname: Andi
Age: [i]In Creation: 8
Awake: 17 Hours for testing

Weight: Three hundred and seventeen pounds when fully activated.
Almost half a ton inactivated.

Height: Five feet six inches.

Eye color: Silver
Hair color: Red
Race: Android
Residence: Nomadic
Nationality: Underground lab located in the Wastelands
Affiliation: Unaffiliated
Occupation:Survivalist and Mercenary

Play By: Nephania

• all in the details •
Andi’s most striking feature is her shock of bright red hair. It is not a natural color by any means and therefore catches the eye. Along with her bright red hair are her silver colored eyes and her pale smoothe skin. She is slight in her weight, and her bust is average size for her build. Her nose is slender and her lips are sculpted and soft. She feels real at first glance. The softness and gentle warmth of the pseudo-flesh that covers the metallic body underneath. However, if you press a little harder you will realize that there is no real give to the skin. It is as if you are pushing into a wall.

Andi is a very business oriented person. She is not out to make friends and does not truly understand some of the emotions that the humans around her have. She is incapable of feeling said emotions. Often referred to as cold and callous, she is more logically minded than most as her brain is infact a computer. She strives in her own way to understand the world around her but so much of it does not make sense because no human is at their core, logical.

Autonomous Core: The Core central processing unit, though an integrated part of the androids body, is capable of detaching and functioning independently. Because of an androids ability to be designed any way, the CPU can be housed anywhere and its location changes from one build to the next to prevent the weakness of a 'known kill point'. In the event that a 'body' is in danger of being destroyed the CPU can detach and move about freely to preserve itself. When detached it has an insectoid appearance.

Hack: Due to the fact that she herself is essentially a super computer. Andi can hack into most normal computers and some more advanced computers. She is not capable of hacking into anything depending on the encryption and firewalls placed in her path. But she has good moderate hacking skills. She is able to hack her way into most security systems.

Cipher: Able to encrypt and decrypt many things depending on how advanced the encryption is. Allowing her to read some secret documents to attain knowledge.

Nails: From underneath her nails a long six inch spike of sharpened steel will come out of her hands and can be used as claws. They are steel, hard, and virtually unbreakable. But not impossible to break. Both hands.

Universal Power Siphoning: While the Core CPU has solar power capabilities to fuel its low consumption needs, the Android is capable of building in to its bodies, the ability to siphon off power from nearly any electrical source to recharge its power stores. Whether it be a wall outlet, touching the contact terminals on another machines power source and draining it, or grabbing hold of a live electrical wire.

Contortionism: Because of the way that her body was built she is able to rotate her joints 360 degrees. Allowing her to move in all kinds of unexpected directions without the fear of hurting herself. All her joints have full range of motion and she can even swivel her head completely around should she wish to. She would be able to fit her body in very tight spaces by using this, or dodge attacks that others could not while attacking in ways that humans would never be able to understand.

Self Destruct Failsafe: If she is in peril and needs to eject herself from her body she is able to set a bomb that is hidden within her chest to go off. It cannot go off if any external trama were to happen to it, such as a bullet. Only she can set it off from the CPU unit.

More Than Human: Because she is created she is able to do things that humans cannot. She is stronger, faster, and has agility that does not stop. She is able to jump higher and farther, run faster, and push her body to limits that no human could ever hope to reach. Example: Able to lift up to 1000 lbs with both arms working together. Able to run about 5x as fast as the average human. In a sprint she could run 80 miles an hour sustained. And 10x faster reflexes than a human. She can punch through a cinder block without breaking a sweat and dent thin sheet metal and steel.

Full Spectrum Vibrational Sensors: Using full spectrum sensors the unit is capable of processing data from all directions around her and running it through various filters to read and interpret any data that a computer could analyze and measure (Visual spectrum, Thermal, Electromagnetic, and other such types). The Android body is also equipped with vibrational sensors that allow it to detect and interpret nearby vibrations in a manner similar to sonar.

Imaging: The ability for her CPU to record everything that happens, is heard, or is seen by her sensors.

(Any skills your character has whether they are from the race they are, or perhaps from something they have studied and learned.)

• the tale of a lifetime•

14 years ago, Creator and Si-fi enthusiast, Harold Cartwright began to create his android. It was not easy, and there were many times that he wanted to give up. The war was raging and he was certain that if he could get a functioning robot out there, he could change the tide of the war. Humans could win. It was not as though he was some sort of Other Hater, but it was more that he was rooting for his own kind. Humans had populated the Earth for so long, they deserved to keep it.

What he didn’t realize, was how long it would take to work out exactly what he wanted. The intelligence, the ability to learn, the CPU unit alone took a decade of hard labor and foregoing everything else in life. Dedicated to his cause. Of course, the war was nearly over by then, but he did not give up. Fashioning the body was a whole different challenge for him, and it took him several tries.

There were models incompatible with the CPU unit, there were others that didn’t move human like enough. For his idea to work, he wanted her to be able to assimilate into the humans without being a stand out person. More so than anyone with a shock of red hair. When the war ended, and the process of making something like Rae was suddenly illegal, he moved his lab outside of the city of Bastion and into the Wildlands where he would be less likely to be found.

His lab is underground from a old rickety shack that serves as a fur tanners hut. Or at least disguises as one. Doctor Cartwright, has since been protecting, building, and working away to make Rae the perfect android. She is programmed to learn, to adapt, to survive, and above all else, to be a lean mean fighting machine.

This character will evolve as her body changes, is destroyed, and the needs alter. Powers and things will become available over and over again. I will, every time that I change her powers and abilities, get another approval so that it is nothing too bad.

I have Kimber and Blue

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PostSubject: Re: Andromeda Parker   Wed Apr 25, 2012 3:54 am

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PostSubject: Re: Andromeda Parker   Thu Apr 26, 2012 3:22 am

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Andromeda Parker
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