A world of magic and technology at war until mutually assured destruction forced an uneasy peace.
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 Rayon Steel

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PostSubject: Rayon Steel   Fri Apr 20, 2012 12:11 am

• Rayon • Steel •

Name: Rayon Steel
Nickname: Ray or Steel
Age: 20
Weight: 110
Height: 5’2”

Eye color: While in his mortal seeming dark brown and neon blue when showing his true-self.
Hair color: Brown while human and copper in his true form
Race: Impkind
Residence: The Imp district of the slums in Librium
Nationality: American
Affiliation: Only a loose association with the corperations working in espionage when they have a job that needs doing.
Occupation: Spying, confidence man and pickpocket if work is slow.

Face Claim: Taylor Kitsch

• all in the details •

Generally wearing his chocolate hair shaggy to the chin Ray almost perpetually has a 5 o’clock shadow. Described as short and athletic with a tight build of wiry muscle his human form is not hard on the eyes. When he sheds his seeming Ray grows a pair of dark stocky leather wings tipped with claws a set of inch long fangs and bone horns grow from his brow. His pharamones give off the scent of sugar cookies. His neon blue eyes also have a tendency to glow when he’s angery or frightened.

Normaly calm and collected, Ray has a tendency toward snarky coments and sarcasm when faced with anyone who he thinks might disapprove of his actions. Not one to rush towards violence he thinks physical confrontation is the last response of the wise and first reaction of the foolish. It is a fairly regular effort on his part not to lash out vocally at non-Imps as he has something of a chip on his shoulder due to his peoples treatment by the other races. The only exception to the above is with children who he seems to have nearly infinite patience with as he has a real soft spot for kids regardless of race. The elderly he is respectful towards and keeps a civil tounge in his head while he is around them because his mother raied him right. He prefers girls but he has flirted with guys in the past and doesn’t see anything wrong with homosexuality. Ray feels uncomfortable around magic users and tends to avoid active magic as best he can a common trait among his kind.

Gifted with the wings that some Imps have Ray isn’t capable of sustained flight, however he can perform a kind of powered glide if he jumps off of something tall and has been known to travel several miles if the air currents are good. A strong set of one inch retractable fangs have proved useful in past fights when things went south as has a good head-butt backed by his hard horn nubs. When his eyes glow he develops night vision however his eyes are visible in the dark and could give him away if someone is looking for him. When concentrating Ray can become transparent to avoid detection but he is still partially visible and if someone is actively looking for him its likely he will be seen through this camouflage. Lastly Ray can release pheromones either at will or when “interested” in someone while it doesn’t mean that they will always be interested more than one person has scooted closer when he began smelling of sugar cookies

While skilled at being a snoop Ray is only able to carry out basic functions on computers and has very little patience for them. His deft fingers can lift most things off a mark that could be held easily in a hand but he isn’t the king of thieves and he has his limits just like anyone else. Though not very good in a knock down drag out fight Ray has no problems fighting dirty and using every advantage he has to survive his luck in this capacity is bordering on the impossible. Only moderately skilled with firearms throwing weapons are deadly in his hands be they knives darts or hatchets.

• the tale of a lifetime•

Born in the Imp district of the Boston slums, Ray has rarely known anything above the poverty line like so many of his kind. One of several dozen Imps his own age, Ray was rarely without a playmate and he was never without Brother. Brother was Ray’s best friend and constant companion. Brother was not his real name of course, that name was a secret known only to a few adults, his parents, and two family friends sworn to tell no one, not even him, until he reached his maturity and then he would learn it in secret. Ray, whose name at that time hadn’t become Rayon Steel yet, had sworn with Brother that they would trade names when they learned them and become bound for life, but life has a way of not going as planned.

Ray will never forget the night they came into the district. Tall men with raised voices and crude weapons, the Pogrom. They started with those few shops along the main street owned by Imps, tossing Molotov Cocktails through the broken store fronts burning them to the ground. Next they moved onto the family houses, breaking down doors and beating on the men, some raping the women. It was not until the attack moved toward the children’s houses that the Imps rose up together and attacked, defending their young who now hid inside having woken from the sleeping piles that they generally lay in to stay warm. To this day Ray does not know where the guns came from or who fired first, the humans or the Imps, but he knows it was a human who threw a Molotov into the window of the children’s house catching it on fire and adding it to the conflagration that the neighborhood he knew as home had become. In their terror at the rapidly spreading fire the children retreated up the stairs and into the upper floors realizing only too late that they were now trapped. As the smoke built, the children born with wings ran for the windows leaping into the night to glide to safety. Ray was one of these lucky few but, unwilling to leave Brother, he stayed in a mad attempt to get them both to safety. It was in the last minutes as the smoke grew thick that Brother acted shoving Ray out one of the windows and free of the hell on earth. The hot wind off the inferno picked him up and sent him floating high into the air where, weeping, Ray watched his world and innocence burn.

They did not bury Brother, there was nothing left to bury. The fire had killed dozens, the mob more, and in the resulting wasteland of Ray’s childhood, the living were left with little but grief. Both of Brothers’ parents were dead, as were those two friends entrusted with Brothers’ true name. Everything about him was gone except Ray. The Imp’s moved out than in mass fearing that the next time the pogrom came it might leave none alive. They wandered the country then never staying anywhere long a few years passed before word of Librium reached them and its relative safety. It was not long after this that Ray started stealing for a living, becoming a career thief to help support the family. His peers naming him Rayon Steel (a living commentary on being both soft and hard). Had nothing changed at this point Ray would have become like so many others his age hating the other races and feeling like there was nothing he could do to better his kind, but then he met Iris.

She was little more then a child living alone in the city something in her thawed him enough to allow her a place in his life she could never take Brother’s place but she eased the pain of losing him. After a time Iris was changed joining the ranks of the undead and for the first time in his adult Ray knew rage. He was furious freezing her for all time stealing any chance that they might one day be more than companions… After a time Ray forgave the vampires for what he viewed as a transgression though he stills finds Iris’ new eating habits disgusting to say the least though that hasn’t stopped him from helping to dispose of a body or two. He still wishes there could be more between them but knows that she is to unstable for anything like that. They now work either together or alone as spies with Ray specializing in corporate espionage.

Ray has a fairly extensive list of misdemeanors but nothing big has ever stuck and more than anything else he wants to keep it that way.

Is this a Canon?: no

Is this your second character, and if so, who is your first?: Nope.

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Rayon Steel
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