A world of magic and technology at war until mutually assured destruction forced an uneasy peace.
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 The Impkind

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PostSubject: The Impkind   Sun Apr 15, 2012 12:54 am

During the war, there were many experiments, both scientific and magical, many of them shattering any pretense of ethical practice. One of those experiments, a particularly dangerous one, came to be known as the Imps. In essence, they were an attempt to combine two practices, science’s precision and magic’s chaos. The result was, to say the least, a catastrophic failure. Rude, irreverent and hopelessly despised by the world, they can now be found in nearly every major city.

The Imps were originally devised by the elven Shaman Tarc-coton the mad, who thought to combine the arts of Elves and Men to create the perfect spies and saboteurs. Looking for all the world like Humans, these creatures were only meant to unsheathe their seemingly demonic appendages when they had completed their work, they however had other plans. When sent on missions they would bug out at the first sign of trouble, abandon their mission or even turn traitor and sell out their masters. Deemed a complete failure they were slated for destruction, however they rebelled and killed Tarc-Coton, then destroyed his lab and fled into the wide world.

Imps have in fact two forms, one their so called “Seeming” a Human disguise that even medical examination cannot pierce and a more demonic looking “True-self”. As Humans, Imps are generally dark haired and eyed though red hair and green eyes are not uncommon. However, after changing shape, hair and eye colors vary wildly, with no color or hue being outside the realm of possibility, though they are often neon or metallic in nature. In addition, their bodies often have any combination of claws, fangs, horns, tails and even diminutive wings which, while not allowing true flight, are fully capable to allow them to glide or propel themselves forward while running. While it is unknown precisely what was done by Tarc-coton to create the Imps, it is unlikely that they are actually related to true Fiends as their dispositions seem far too mild for that. Though not magical in nature, Imps have the innate abilities to become semi-transparent and to emit wonderful smelling pheromones (often smelling of baked goods notably fresh chocolate chip cookies), both of which they use defensively (though many use their scent while courting). As to magic, Imps maintain a balance between distrust and respect and rarely use it themselves, viewing it at dangerous in even skilled hands.

Several attempts have been made at programs to destroy the Imps, but the race has proved to be quite erasable. Hated by many, respected by few, they have become a living reminder of the madness of the war. Living now in small communities or isolated family groups, the Imps are highly clannish and resistant to outsiders. Often led by a matriarch and patriarch, who go by Grandma and Grandpa, the Imps are highly respectful of the elderly (of any race) viewing them as wise for having the knowledge to live so long. Though seemingly incongruous with their open views on sex, both in and outside of a relationship, they hold love as sacred, regardless of gender or race, homosexuality being seen as a natural extension of both lust and love. Many Imp paramours (non-imp mate) have been surprised by the warm reception they received upon introduction to the family. While it is a lie to say that all Imps are untrustworthy (though it is a fairly common belief) but it is undeniable that many of them show a natural affinity towards picking pockets, opening locks and spying. Using these talents an Imp is rarely without a way to make money if need be.

Even their very genes seem to prefer isolation, as any attempts at mixed breeding results in a common Imp. This fact has led to a new and disturbingly common practice among Imps, seducing males and females of other species, they will conceive a child under the pretense of being human. After the baby comes, they vanish into the night, taking the baby with them and earning themselves the nickname incubus and succubus for males and females respectively. Children are brought up with a natural distrust of the other races, knowing that their species is viewed by many as little more than a mistake in a lab. Raised in a communal environment, it is not uncommon for an Imp child to be slightly unsure of who their mother and father are as they consider any adult to be a caretaker, the babies even being wet nursed communally. All adult females can produce milk at will shortly after reaching full maturity, it being a signal that they have stopped growing around age 17. As the children grow into maturity, they adopt a name given to them by their peers or a beloved adult, until this time they are called by names of endearment such as child, sweet-one, or kiddo. This is not to say that they have no names until now, only that they are secret within the family and very close friends, as a stranger knowing your true name is seen as dangerous. Their new adopted names are often taken from non-organic materials such as steel, nylon or silicon. After reaching adulthood, many Imps take a few years to travel and see the world while trying to find their true callings and prospective mates, these will either join an Imp settlement or pretend to be human. Imps of this age often assume one of two postures, either they will allow their demonic attributes to remain visible at all times and to hell with what the rest of the world thinks, or they will slip quietly into the sea of humanity and assume no knowledge of their upbringing and a new human identity. After a few years of either life, the Imp returns almost without fail to his original group often bringing children, and rarely non-imp spouses, with them as well as a new skill set to live in the commune where they will live out the remainder of their lives.
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The Impkind
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