A world of magic and technology at war until mutually assured destruction forced an uneasy peace.
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 The Courts of Light and Shadow

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PostSubject: The Courts of Light and Shadow   Sat Mar 03, 2012 2:02 am

The Courts of Light and Shadow

The Courts of Light and Shadow are the ruling bodies of the Others. These courts operate in tandem with one another. While the forces of Light and Shadow will always oppose each other, one cannot exist without the other. The Courts were fashioned after the Races they govern. No Race falls completely under the govern of either court, but always both. Just as life must be balanced by death, and good balanced by malice, each Race of Others will find it's members on both sides.

The Court of Light is led by a King or Queen, the title passed down through the royal families. While the Light rarely has to worry about feuds of succession, the Shadow rarely has a ruler last more then a few decades. The Court of Shadow is led by an Emperor or Empress, the title passed down through the royal families...if the families survive that long. Even throughout the War, the Court of Shadow still fought over their ruling title. There have been so many ruling families there is almost always a member of the Court claiming they are the true Emperor.

The Court of Light and Shadow combined their magics to form the nation of Elyria, the heart of which resides over a powerful knot of Ley lines that fuel the Crown City with mana. They use this veritable well of magic as their energy source, lighting the city and powering the spells needed to try and regrow the land they have claimed as their own. Having kept the seeds of the great trees that protected the Sanctuary destroyed by the humans two centuries before, the Courts have worked tirelessly to regrow those ancient trees to house the Crown City.

The Court of Light:

Queen Ald-dra Aleyryn the Just
King Cha-en Aleyryn the Couragous

The Court of Shadow:

Emperor Darnorn Axecaster the Brutal
Empress Yili Axecaster the Cruel
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The Courts of Light and Shadow
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